The Chinese and Asiatic Races

studentsThe Mystery School continues to work with The Oracle as guided by Jalarm (pronounced ‘Yalum’). The question is about the Chinese – and other Asiatic races – and their origins. Their skin colour and body hair is different to the other races of humanity. As we have been told, everything was brought here from other places in the universes (there are many universes) and Jalarm the Atlantean has shared that there were many civilisations started by starpeoples from other stars.

Some starpeoples had to come here, for their homes were deleted through planetary conflicts; others came to assist the development and the knowledge of the hairy upstanding ape, who, through genetic manipulation and implanting of the Crystal Light within. The hairy upstanding ape had separated from servitude to their reptilian masters and needed to learn many skills in order to evolve and transform this planet to its original purpose of A-din (the starpeoples word-with-energy-vibration) which we call Edena beautiful place, a garden world filled with peace and harmony.

We return to Jalarm and the discussion about the Origin of the Chinese Peoples:

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The Origin of the Chinese – Asiatic races

arctic manThere were some observations about the differences between the Chinese and races from the “west” (for want of a better word). The Chinese appear to be of a racially different origin and the Oracle was asked if they were from a separate evolutionary path. After the Oracle answers, Yalarm tells that sometime around the time of ancient Lemuria, a separate race settled in areas we now call Asia. Some went North and others went South; they had interactions with other starpeoples and developed differently from the Chinese and Japanese races.

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