The ‘almost-eclipse’ and Earth Honouring

almostLooking to the trio of eclipses during August-September of 2016, we note several important issues having some impact during this period. Saturn will station and turn direct on the day of the August eclipse. The Sun will also change signs and move into Leo on the day before the August eclipse and will be at strength. Jupiter has moved into Virgo and Mercury gets ready to change signs. The stage is set for the “non-visible” eclipse of August 18.

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Honouring the Earth 3

betio The record-breaking heat of the first six months of 2016 has turned to severe seasonal flooding across Asia in one of the strongest monsoon seasons in many years. The Archangel Mikael urges us to nourish Mother Earth, to love Mother Earth and to care for Mother Earth. We should do so, for where would we all be living if we did not have the Earth our Mother? In this article we will look at what the World Meteorological Organisation says about current events and what spiritual options – as well as practical options – are available to us to Honour the Earth our Mother.

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Honouring the Earth by Archangel Mikael

mikaelThere are many spirit beings and mystery schools on Earth in these times assisting the human race into Ascension, and reviving the memories of the presence of star peoples here on Earth. Much has happened, from the 11-11 through the Lion Gate and on to the end of the Mayan Calendar and the precession of the Equinox, 21 December 2012. Messages have been given from many sources in the Angelic Realms. Here, we turn our attention to a recent message from Archangel Mikael, at the bequest of the Cosmic Sai Baba. We also give excerpts from transmissions of the Cosmic Sai Baba where the Earth as a conscious being is highlighted and the Journey of Mother Earth through these times has been told. Man has done much on Earth to cause greenhouse gasses, and we must keep in mind the admonitions about digging holes in the Earth. This not only harms the Earth our Mother, but harms other places in the Universe as well, due the butterfly effect. We are all called to honour the Earth our Mother.

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Archangel Mikael and Sacred Earth

sacred earthRecently, Archangel Mikael gave a message that the Earth our Mother is in need of support, nourishment and love. Last December, representatives of 196 nations gathered in Paris, and they reached an international agreement on climate change. Many, many faith communities were at the heart of making this happen. But there is still more to do. Sacred Earth is a worldwide spiritual event taking place on June 12, 2016. This event spans many faith traditions.

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Alcheringa Speaks – 6.1 magnitude quake shakes Uluru

fingerA earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1, unusually powerful for Australia, struck the country’s desert centre early on Saturday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties from the 10km (6 miles) deep quake. It was centred 460km west-southwest of the outback town of Alice Springs and close to Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock. The quake, which hit just before 4am local time in the sparsely populated area of the Northern Territory, was initially recorded at a magnitude of 6.2 before being revised down by USGS. The over-sighting spirit of Uluru, Alcheringa, has responded to Valerie’s queries about this earthquake, Uluru and has also responded to thoughts about the Centre of All Creation.

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Earth Honouring: The Mother’s Story

motherHave you heard the story being told?
How a young mother enclosed
The Divine within Her womb?
She gave birth to the light.
The light that lights up the world!
Since time before time
This sacred story has been told.
How upon this star-told arrival
The earth breathed a sigh of relief.
How this gushing brought forth
The medicine of forgiveness
In a time when the burdens
Were too great to lay down on our own.
A day not unlike today.
The light that lights up the world!

There is another story being told.
It is our own. How we too
Can allow She who gave birth to light
To scoop us up in Her loving arms
And rock us there with Her child of light.
All we need is to invite and allow,
And we will find their love is
Already reaching for us.

Ascension is an inner process

Just as the sunflowers always turn to receive the light, so do we in heart and mind receive the streams of light of the 5th Dimension from the Creative Source of All. And through discarding limited beliefs and choosing to live from the heart, so also, we may spread this light and love to all who exist, making a chain reaction of enlightened beings all living and creating life on the Earth consciously, for the Good of All. We look to exploring further the nature of Ascension and how the energy of the 5th Dimension may be utilised to transform the Earth.

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Looking at Climate Change

global warmingMany are aware of the climatic changes that are taking place upon the Earth. For, if you look around – and listen to your scientists that study the Earth and its climate – you will find there are many places on this Earth where it is far too hot. Other places, there is drought, excessive monsoon rain, and in other places, volcanic activity and earthquakes. In this article we will look at possible astrological relations of climate change.

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Renewable Energy, Mining, the higher cosmic beings and the Pope

strip mining
The Earth faces many problems from many causes, and nearly all of our climate problems are human induced. Higher cosmic beings – such as Cosmic Sai Baba and other members of the Hierarchy – are guiding the leaders of our planets and the scientists. In this message, we reveal how scientists and the Pope have been guided from a higher source.

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Honouring the Earth 2

In this article we continue the Earth Honouring series, where we take a look at the challenges facing all those who call Earth their home. There are massive challenges to all who live on Earth: religious fanaticism presents unwelcome images of our future; corporate greed and manipulation operate silently, off-the-radar, so to speak, and both climate change and the collapse of eco-system diversity (along with loss of species) presents an outer biodiversity effect, and we must look to the inner biological effect of all these challenges on the being we call human: homo sapiens sapiens…

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