The Mystery Schools gives information about the future of mankind – at times – and also prayers. It ideas and assistance to a new way of viewing things from a different perspective – all these things are behind what “upstairs” is trying to present. We will be offering a choice of material – on this site and linked website so that visitors may have a variety of offerings for their enlightenment and assistance.

Narayana means inside and out. Narayana is pervaded throughout the universe – both spiritual and material universes.

Narayana also means “the abode of beings”. So we may understand that Narayana pervades everywhere – within and without, in the visible worlds, inner space and outer space. All space is pervaded by Narayana, which has another meaning: the abode of beings. So it is the container of the All.

An Oracle is a means of communication; it may be conveyed by the spoken word, or the inner word, perceived within. An Oracle may communicate by non-verbal means, by way of automatic writing, use of sacred boards, channelling (via a medium), and internally, via the voice of wisdom (or conscience) within. So there are many ways in which an oracle may communicate, and we will be bringing you many different Oracles in this website.

There is a whole lot of new people coming into understanding – or wanting to understand what it is they are about as human beings … also what is happening to them … for they are experiencing psychic events in their life, they may be confused and seek answers and self-understanding. This website offers an opportunity for them to awaken through learning, understanding and integrating the higher energies that are here, now.

These experiences are the signs of an awakening consciousness; awakening to mysteries, knowing, intuition and information not gleaned from our normal ways of perception or knowing. These are the signs of consciousness rising to a higher level, and this is what Ascension means: a physical body and spiritual body come together and join in harmony leading to a raised consciousness. Ascension is just that: a raised consciousness.

We offer information from various sources in several sections of this website. We offer information in a gentle manner – for spirituality is in its very essence, the gentle life – and we offer this information in the various parts of this website in a slow, steady manner that enables integration and the harmonious joining of the physical and spiritual bodies. It is not a race to the goal, rather, steadiness in progressing to that raised consciousness.

May the essence of Narayana – Love – be within you, above you, below you, before you and behind you, all the days of your life.




Your Soul Contract

“Your great work of your Soul has begun. Those are the words of the Source of the Creation of the ALL to you! Each of you has a unique soul contract to fulfil in this lifetime.

“The Ascension to the higher dimensions which began on 21/12/2012 has now reached that point in time when each of you now has work to do. This planet, in this small corner of a Universe that supports life as we know it, has a purpose for other races in all the Worlds. That purpose is now unfolding before your eyes. You are called to clothe yourself with selfless love daily so that its unseen power will envelop all who come into your orbit, those whom you see and those whom you cannot see. Remain centred on selfless love for all and you will be successful in your work.

“Allow yourself to impart that purity of heart within you towards all human beings and all living creatures – seen and unseen – and leave the outcome to the Creative Source of the ALL to use as it will.

“This part of your soul contract is performed in silence. You are the instruments of the Creative Source of the ALL from whom this purity of heart, this selfless love will pour. There may be moments when you feel weak and nothing is happening. There may be moments of when you are surrounded by negative people, events, vibrations. Always recall your soul contract and your inner connection with the Creative Source of the ALL, and you will again become the instrument of the Source.

“The multiplication of purity of heart and selfless love will be felt throughout the worlds, the higher dimensions and the multiple Universes that are created, and the new stars which are born every day. You have been prepared for this work over the many chapters of the book of the Soul when you have taken birth. You have drawn closer to the Creative Source of the ALL. The universes are expanding in a ceaseless symphony of love; so also, your selfless love, too, is without end.

“The Creative Source of the ALL is within and without you. Your soul is but a spark of that Source; there is no difference. Leave aside the day to day perturbations of your life. You are in God, the Creative Source of the ALL and God, the Creative Source of the ALL is always within you. There is no difference. As you perform your soul contract, the Love and Grace of the Creative Source of the ALL will pour forth from you. You will not be aware of this. Maintain purity of thought, word and action in your soul, and all life forms, seen and unseen, will benefit from your unique qualities.

“Others from the stars and the unseen universes will join in this work of Love as the stargates open and the higher dimensions unfold. The time is approaching when all life forms – on Earth and in the galaxies – will live in harmony.

This time will be recognised as coming unexpectedly. Let your soul contract unfold and do whatever is needed to reveal to every life form the true purpose of existence. It is not what anyone alive can imagine.

“You have a view of life which seems to go forever when you are young; you are born, you live, and you pass back to your Source, to see the new chapter in the many lives of your Soul. Your Soul Essence is glory beyond compare, self-Effulgent, and cannot be described. Be about your life’s work in companionship with the Creative Source of the ALL. Ask for Help whenever it is needed. Remember, every request is responded to from the Angelic Realms. Your Soul’s Essence is a spark of the endless unfolding creations of the Creative Source of the ALL. You are One.