The Original University

earthlightThe ladies of The Mystery School commence working with The Oracle and uncover their roles as teachers in a Universal school, perhaps like an Original University. Where the experience and feeling in this universe becomes our teacher. The ladies of the Mystery School are given tasks to reflect upon and discuss in common. The Source (God) gives a teaching that each and every explanation has to be given, for people think differently, listen differently and imagine differently. Light is reflected in a different manner in all minds. Hence, the need for multiple points of view when teaching and understanding of the life on Earth. You can visit The Mystery School website and read about the work of the Mystery School and the teachers learning. (opens in new window)

Intent: Living in the Now

intentThe ladies of The Mystery School take up their task as teachers in The Universal School, where all mystery schools lead to. In this universe, all life is offered whatever it seeks on the journey home to the source of their being, that original mystery from which we all emerge: source energy itself. Intent is very important – as we ascend to the world of light, our intent creates in the light NOW. The Source (God) takes up the narrative and explains how living in the now, even the nano second, is the way home. (And it can be a way of fun and laughter, the Source suggests.) You may read about this work on The Mystery School website: Intent and Living in the Now. (opens in new window)

The ‘almost-eclipse’ and Earth Honouring

almostLooking to the trio of eclipses during August-September of 2016, we note several important issues having some impact during this period. Saturn will station and turn direct on the day of the August eclipse. The Sun will also change signs and move into Leo on the day before the August eclipse and will be at strength. Jupiter has moved into Virgo and Mercury gets ready to change signs. The stage is set for the “non-visible” eclipse of August 18.

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Honouring the Earth 3

betio The record-breaking heat of the first six months of 2016 has turned to severe seasonal flooding across Asia in one of the strongest monsoon seasons in many years. The Archangel Mikael urges us to nourish Mother Earth, to love Mother Earth and to care for Mother Earth. We should do so, for where would we all be living if we did not have the Earth our Mother? In this article we will look at what the World Meteorological Organisation says about current events and what spiritual options – as well as practical options – are available to us to Honour the Earth our Mother.

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