Honouring the Earth 3

betio The record-breaking heat of the first six months of 2016 has turned to severe seasonal flooding across Asia in one of the strongest monsoon seasons in many years. The Archangel Mikael urges us to nourish Mother Earth, to love Mother Earth and to care for Mother Earth. We should do so, for where would we all be living if we did not have the Earth our Mother? In this article we will look at what the World Meteorological Organisation says about current events and what spiritual options – as well as practical options – are available to us to Honour the Earth our Mother.

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Scandinavia and Skanda


There have been many questions about the origin of the name Scandinavia, and how these peoples became white skinned. It is thought that Bharath (original name of those who lived in India) once extended to here, and the peoples here were the ancestors of those now living in India, a land called Bharath in their own words. Scandinavia comes from the name of the Indian God Skanda. Skanda (who has many other names – Murugan, Karthik, Subramaniam – and is honoured and worshipped extensively in the south of India) was in fact an historical person, who walked the Earth and gave the teachings of the Source of All Creation.

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