The Mystery and Significance of the Universal Number 13: An Exploration

The Number 13

The number 13 has been shrouded in mystery and superstition for centuries, being considered as one of the most powerful numbers globally. Despite its negative connotations, the number 13 continues to captivate our imagination. What makes it so universal and enduring? In this article, we delve deep into the history and significance of the number 13, exploring its universal appeal.

The Origins of the Number 13

The number 13 has a rich and complex history, with roots tracing back to ancient civilisations. Many cultures viewed the number 13 as a symbol of power and good fortune, linking it to gods and goddesses.

In Ancient Egypt, the number 13 symbolised resurrection and renewal, representing the cycles of life and death. It was also associated with the pharaohs and afterlife.

Babylonian mythology linked the number 13 to the god Marduk, who defeated the goddess Tiamat and created the world. In Ancient Greece, philosopher Pythagoras considered the number 13 the key to understanding the universe, symbolising perfection. It was also associated with the 12 gods of Olympus and the 12 labours of Hercules.

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Unleash the Beauty and Benefits of Shatkona: A Path to Inner Peace and Harmony


Shatkona, the ancient Indian symbol of balance and harmony, has been a significant aspect of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism for centuries. This sacred symbol in Indian architecture and geometry represents the cosmic balance of the universe and the unity of male and female energies. In this informative article, we’ll delve into the definition, significance, and practical ways of incorporating Shatkona into our daily lives for a path to inner peace and harmony.

What is Shatkona?

Shatkona, meaning “six-cornered” in Sanskrit, is a six-pointed star-shaped symbol that is created by overlapping two equilateral triangles. The upward triangle represents heaven, while the downward triangle signifies earth. The overlapping of these two triangles symbolises the balance between heaven and earth, and the unity of opposing energies. In Hinduism, Shatkona is believed to be a symbol of the divine essence and the ultimate reality of the universe.

The Power of Shatkona

Shatkona holds a significant place in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism as a representation of balance and harmony. It’s believed that incorporating Shatkona into our lives can help us achieve balance and harmony in all aspects, including relationships, work, and spiritual practices. The unity of the two triangles in Shatkona signifies the coming together of male and female energies, which is believed to bring balance and harmony to the individual and the universe.

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The Great Loss of Our Friend

It is with tremendous sadness that we inform you of the passing of our much loved sister Valérie Judith Barrow. Valérie passed away on Thursday the 30th of June, 2022 at the age of 89.

Valerie, we will miss your sparkling light and joy. We are so very lucky to have known you all of these years. You were an amazing friend and teacher.





You may view the work that Valérie did over on her website

Narayana Oracle Friday 18th March 2022

GOD lets us know he is present. We feel very strongly that we have been brought together today for a special reason. “Yes”, we are told. GOD wants to speak through Valerie.

I am here, sorry if I have startled you. The energies are beautiful and melded. You girls are so willing, and we are so pleased to be able to connect to you.

I am GOD, I could have a name, I could be without a name. I am from the source of all Creation. I would like people to remember that when they read messages that are coming through the mystery school, we are here to help and to answer questions. So, without ado, I would like to ask, is there a question today? Sometimes we prompt questions with a dream or a thought. An unexpected thought, out of the blue, if you like. That is how we work, not exactly manipulate but an opportunity for a thought to be picked up by someone and if they feel it floating around, they pick it up and it becomes their thought. We are not breaking any Universal law at all. We are not here to tell you what to do. We make suggestions and I will stop talking now. Just go into your thoughts within your heart and connect. Move up into that world of Light and of Love and they are always ready to help. We are here, the Light beings, the Star people, that you really are. We are working in a way, similar to what you are. We are mirroring what is taking place this day.

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