Narayana Oracle Meeting Wednesday 8th August 2021

We open with 3 Oms.

We call upon Cosmic Sai Baba to make his presence, and we are here to serve, we offer ourselves in service to the Mystery School, and we are connecting to Andromeda. We surrender our ego so we can pass on messages from Andromeda, if they so choose.

GOD lets us know he is present and that he has a message for us.

Cosmic Sai Baba as channelled by Valérie: I am here, I am very pleased to be here. You were wondering about balance and different energies which flow clockwise and anti-clockwise, both work together, and interact and integrate. There is a lot of change happening upon your planet Earth, and for this reason the energies are changing on the planet itself. It is .. er .. something that happens with the raising of consciousness and raising of energy upon the planet, and I would remind you that it is 8th of the 8th, 2021. This day, and eight of course, is infinity and two circles joined together, and that is exactly what we are experiencing right now. And when I say “we”, I mean me, through Valerie’s body and the differences where you girls from Andromeda as well. We are all coming from Andromeda this morning and I would like to make it clear that er the energy and the capabilities and the ability of technology is not limited at all. We are far advanced of any scientists that are upon your planet Earth at this time. So this will be a little hard for scientists to accept but it is real and we are willing to come and talk, because it is time that everyone upon this planet Earth knows that Star-people exist, they have always existed and in actual fact, everyone upon this Earth has part of the star worlds in them. You could say that the stars are their mother, for that is the influence that has happened, it has always happened. In many ways, it’s a long story, but it’s part of the evolvement of your planet Earth. So I want to re-assure you that a balance is taking place and it is quite strong this day. I will take my leave but I am here. Thankyou.

Valerie goes on to say:

With the earth, nothing is standing still, nothing, what we were 2 minutes ago is gone and although everything is happening at the same time, there is no division with time or distance. This is to do with consciousness. So depending on the different layers of consciousness that exist and where we are tapping into to, and there are only certain layers of consciousness that can exist on this planet in communication with other worlds because there are limitations with the people on the earth because they come from so many different places its not a level playing field which is the crystal consciousness.

She goes on to ask at what level of consciousness or dimension we are operating (as a group doing the channelling?) … they tell yes, we are operating in the eighth dimension.

Separation is all in our minds – what level does that operate at? Focus and Intention – that simple.

We went on to speak about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the Philadelphia experiment. Moving through different dimensions and yet the focus wasn’t fully understood or held.

We need to break away from our consciousness that’s there with our brain all the time, not going against our brain but our consciousness that comes from the Source of Creation, our Over Soul (or higher self) consciousness. That is where we need to be – to focus with intent. We need to practice and aim, so that nothing distracts us…and we can create. However on the opposite side, we can create with our mind jumping all over the place, that’s why the world’s in a bit of a mess, because we’re not focusing together and achieving, which we can do, we could fix this planet quickly and easily because we are all from the Source. Some get a bit lost and do bad things but we can’t judge them, they are just lost, they’ve forgotten who they really are.

Jacqui had heard on a quiz program that the Earth originally had twenty moons and they 19 of those were absorbed into the one moon. She asked for some clarity of this (we had previously been told the Earth had originally two moons – all a matter of when.. I suppose)

Sai Baba wants to speak

CSB as channelled by Valérie: I am here and there’s a bit of confusion and understanding about the moons and the Earth planet. It is true that the heirachy from Andromeda first arranged to have the planet Earth created and so they drew from other asteroids that were broken up within the asteroid belt and started to bring those together and also within the solar system that needed a moon to help the magnification of energy so they would interact with and should we say capture the sun’s rays and influence Earth. Everything is energy remember. Everything is energy. It might be a little hard to accept that but what I am saying is true. It was created because the planet that was in the same place in the cosmic order of the solar system was a planet called Maldec and that was destroyed, there were star wars before upon your universe and Maldec was destroyed. And so there needed to be a planet to replace that evolvement of planets that were within your solar system and so to say that the moon was made up of 20 moons, which of course in a way it was, but not quite the way you would perceive. It came from other stars, it came from different elements that were in the universe. Hard for me to explain totally but it did come together and what was created was a moon with the magnification that was able to hold the balance between the moon and the earth, and they have interacted ever since it was created which was billions of years ago.
Is there a question you want to ask about that?

Jacqui asks – it was our understanding there were two moons around the Earth – can you tell us about that?

Sai Baba responds

Well the second moon that you speak of was not all that long ago. It was say 200,000 years ago – it was the time of Atlantis. There were scientists that felt they would actually like another moon to act as a sort of jumping off point from earth to that moon and then out to other worlds. Scientists from the Pleiades did try to warn them and said it would be dangerous because it would have interfered with the magnification that I am speaking about, and that it could break away and come into the earth and destroy the earth and unfortunately it was allowed to happen and it did break away and almost destroy the planet Earth. That was the fall of Atlantis which is described in many different ways and created a very different Earth in the way it was structured, changes took place all over the planet. It almost died. It had to be contained it was disrupted in so many ways. It has been given in the book Valerie was given when holding the sacred Alcheringa stone, which had come from the stars – to talk about that – that memory which was only about 12,000 years ago actually, which is not very long in evolutionary time. And so it fell and the earth fell in dimensions, so much so that it has been climbing out, back up and repairing itself ever since. That is what it’s all about, bringing new energy onto the planet earth to allow it to heal. Unfortunately that has been interfered with because man still does not honour the planet and the earth and the energy that exists within it to hold it in one place and to actually assist its evolutionary climb back into where it was before.
Before this happened, before this second moon crashed into the planet Earth, that was around the plateau, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. ??…It has been found now by scientists. Any questions?

The Starlady book by Valerie Barrow, Part 2 and Part 3 gives understanding to the information Sai Baba gave regarding the Fall of Atlantis.
And the Alcheringa Book is the memory of many humans remembering being “star People” (hundreds of the,) talking about the same event when the Australian Indigenous people remember being the first humans and how that happened nearly 1 million years ago.

We start to speak of Edgar Cayce and Atlantis and Valerie interjects:

There is a bit of confusion because Atlantis is often referred to as a place of time in a static system?… it was just a disruptive, destructive time that happened on our planet that the angelic realms had to move in and contain it. It had an unseen net around it to hold the atmosphere and so they had to tighten that, to stop it going out and influencing the rest of ??? – it was contained and the earth was left to its own devices, and all people on it, as I said there were star people travelling back and forth on this planet for millions of years before that, not necessarily the earth humans or the earth animal. They were actually just visitors or they even created civilisations here , we have been told that before Atlantis fell, the earth was so busy and so civilised, shall we say, that it was very much like it is now… you could call that the time of Atlantis. There is disagreement as to where Atlantis itself was, but there are/were many places all around the planet. When it was destroyed (even though they had been warned by scientists from other planets) they ignored that and it was allowed to take place, so the heirachy from the angelic realm – it was allowed to evolve so that they could learn from it. 12,000 years is not very long in evolutionary terms but it did fall at that time – it actually split tectonic plates, earth was drawn together more. The earth and the sea were in different places. Volcanoes were going off, earthquakes were moving – all that disruption within the heart of the planet itself and also the balance was off, now its trying to come back into balance because originally it was aligned with the core of suns that lead back to the Source of all Creation.

WE went on to ask if our planet was aligned with the core of suns …. We’re not quite there yet was the answer from Sai Baba. We were also told very strongly that something would bring us back into line soon. (what is “soon” in evolutionary terms?) We go on talking about how the Earth is trying to re-calibrate – A big YES!

Just as a by the by… Valerie was talking about the Adonis race and how they came here to use human DNA in their foetuses to provide people that come to Earth to help this planet. In the way that that they could merge with our society and be of service, with advanced technology and disease control. Will have to investigate more.

Valerie Barrow is so full of interesting information – Look up her website I would like to upload the videos of our sessions… so much information that is not a part of channelling.

There is nothing to fear. Love and help are at hand. There are many hands holding the light, even though we are struggling on the planet at the moment.

You may also be interested in the work Valérie does over on her website

Narayana Oracle Meeting Wednesday 26th May 2021


We open with 3 Oms
We call on Lord Satya Sai Baba (Swami) to be with us for guidance and direction, we call on our friends in Andromeda to join us, as well as St Germaine of the Violet Flame.

God tells us he is present.

Swami tells us “BE AWARE OF GOD”.

Once again, I ask Swami should we continue with the Oracle (is it my lack of ability to channel clearly? Are the messages just beyond our comprehension in this dimension??). He tells us to keep going. YES.

Jac: Is there something I can do to improve the situation?
Sai: Yes… Be Aware of God
Sai: Why are you worried?? (have no fear – I am here)

Jac: I’m not worried, just that the universe is so multilayered, so complex. Hard to understand. I need some clarity.

Swami connects us with Andromeda. We meditate.
I feel like there are five people today with us from Andromeda – as though they are leaning over a balcony, greeting us warmly.

Jac: Do you have a message for us, for the Oracle?

Andromeda: Love all – serve all. Help others. Everything will be ok.

And they tell us they like the white rose bud that we have on the table! I felt very guided to pick that particular rose this morning.

They are letting us know we are being helped and watched over with love.

(I feel like they’re getting closer, the light is getting brighter, both Jill and I enjoy the warmth of the light) I get the feeling that there are seven of us sitting in a circle – 5 (including Adam, Andromeda Val, Anna and Daina, plus someone I can’t quite make out, a male) from Andromeda and Jill and I. Seven in total.

I feel the message is about working together, spreading the Love and spreading the Light. There is only LOVE.

The light in this world (Earth) is becoming more intense.

I ask will I ever see the woman “Andromeda” again in this life time – they say Yes. This time I will be prepared.

Don’t worry – be happy. It will all unfold in its own time. Trust in God. There is a plan. The master plan is in place, we just have to go through the darkness to get to the other side.

Is there anything we can do to help? No
What about prayer – Yes – it is helpful to pray.
What about meditation? Yes


We close our circle, with thanks to Satya Sai Baba, our friends in Andromeda, St Germaine and all other beings that joined with us today. 3 Oms.

This all sounds so simple, just think of God, meditate, Trust. Serve others. It would be simple in a simple world. We live in this Earth world full of media, hype, persuasion, demands, restrictions, lack, glut, all of it is illusion. And that is the challenge. Swami is letting us know, believe in yourself, you planned this life to learn certain lessons for your soul’s growth and to help others. You have all the help in the Universe available to you if you seek it out and ask. Free Will. Trust in God, it is simple if you let it be. Surrender. Love all (put judgement away) and by helping someone else, you help yourself. Everyone in the world needs love and kindness, it will come back to you tenfold, in unseen ways.

Narayana Oracle Meeting Tuesday 9th March 2021

3 Oms
We call on Lord Satya Sai Baba to be present, to guide us.
We call on our friends in Andromeda, our Guides, and the Brotherhood of Light.
We ask to be of service, please expand our awareness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We had been asked by “upstairs” to start at 11. They made sure we were right on time! My ipad wouldn’t record when I tried to start it earlier than the time nominateded. At 11 everything started working.
Strange, because there is “no time”! Maybe trying to teach us patience and reliability.

GOD lets us know he is present (as always, above, below, behind and in front).

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Narayana Oracle Meeting Monday 23rd January 2021

The light between worlds

We align with the Highest of the High, we call on Sathya Sai Baba, the Brotherhood of Light, Jesus and Mary and our friends in Andromeda. Please guide us today.

We ask who is present? GOD

We meditate and are surrounded by huge beams of Love and happiness and of peace. A warm greeting and we are also advised the pathway to Andromeda is open to us. Our Andromedan friends let us know they are ready to speak with us today.

Message from Andromeda:

“So much love and light. Have no fear. You are loved and supported. It is just an illusion. A learning”.

In my head I am asking should we discontinue (the Oracle), I am feeling a little disheartened – It has been very different since Valérie left our group. I also have been neglecting my daily meditation due to other commitments.
The response is immediate – YESCONTINUE ON. YOU WILL BE GUIDED

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Narayana Oracle 22nd October 2020


I just want to preface this session’s report by saying that on 8/10/20 I was finishing up in my studio, tired and relaxed, when I saw a beautiful woman (in her light body – she seemed to be a vision in white) coming towards me, and somehow through my third eye, through communication of thought, she asked me to draw her. As luck would have it, I was kneeling on the floor right next to pastels and paper.

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Narayana Meeting 25th June 2020


LIVE IN LOVE (Don’t be drawn into fear)

3 Oms and we call on Sri Satya Sai Baba to be present, and to bless our session. We also call on our friends from Andromeda, our Guides and the Brotherhood of Light. We ask for everything we do, to be of the highest good for all. In Love and Light.

We ask who is present – Thankyou! GOD makes himself known.

He asks to speak through Jacqui. We laugh, he will have to help me (a lot!) this is my first time channelling (out loud)!

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Narayana Oracle – Our Last Meeting with Valerie Barrow

It’s been a long time since our last session in November, 2019. Bushfires, floods, Corona Virus!! 6 months.

VB: With great love and respect we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to be with us and God the Creator of all, which we understand are the same, to be here to guide us. We are here to serve and we welcome their presence.

Who is present? GOD. [Very strong today!]

We joke between ourselves – It’s been a long time! Yes! (they “upstairs” say) Much laughter. Our unseen friends are here already.

God asks to speak through Valerie.

Valerie Barrow channels GOD: I am God, and I am everything and everywhere. There are words to describe that but that’s basically what it is. It is creation. Creation can come in many ways. It can come from thought, it can come from energies that are attracted to one another and change form. That is creation. It is love for that can also be created upon your planet Earth. Just by being a light being and from your heart, the energy coming from that can attract another and another, and another and very quickly spread around your planet Earth and so .…. there is the opposite as well and that is to help with understanding, to lead away from old ways and open a door to new ways, and that is what is happening upon your planet at this time.

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Narayana Meeting 13th November 2019

We haven’t been together for quite a while. Good to be back. Jill had the flu very badly, Jacqui travelling and Valerie always busy.

3 Oms, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, and we ask for a blessing for our Oracle today. We call upon God to be present (as he/she always is). Valerie offers her body and voice box to be used as an instrument in service.

We ask who is present – GOD a gentle and beautiful energy comes forward. We ask is there something he (I’m saying “he” because it was a strong and masculine type of energy) would like to talk about today. A very strong “YES” is the response and he asks to speak through Valerie (Barrow).

Valerie Barrow channels GOD: I am God. People sometimes wonder, who and what God is. I would like to explain. It is a force. It is a place, but there is no limits, which means it could be anywhere and everywhere. The indigenous people and the ancient teachings did speak of that in that way, that God is everything. It is in you, it is in every human, it is in every animal, bird, insect and every life form. It is life. It is a layer of consciousness that dwells within all and every thing. And it is LOVE.

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Narayana Meeting 17th July 2019

3 Oms and we invite Lord Satya Sai Baba, we welcome and thank him. We also ask our friends from Andromeda to be with us.

We all feel very empty and yet calm and peaceful today.

When Jacqui was setting up Sai Baba’s chair this morning, she had a request from Him for a “cushion” for the chair, which she went and found and put on his chair. Then he asked for a “cloth”! Off she went and found a napkin.

The play had begun!!

He stayed with us for the whole session today, it was very special. Even though we know he is always with us, in our hearts. I don’t know if it had anything to do with it being Guru Purnima.

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Narayana Meeting 11th June 2019

3 Oms and we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba, we ask to connect to our friends Andromeda and we meditate.

We felt an ocean of peace and of harmony… they were waiting for us to ask a question. Meditate again. Eagles seem strong today!!

We feel a huge light – brilliant white light in the room. We also talk about black holes as we have been shown these before many times.

We ask who is present – GOD.

We ask are the thoughts about black holes being put into our minds – Not our thoughts – thoughts are being given to us – Yes Yes.

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