Message from Lord Satya Sai Baba

By His Grace

Satya Sai Baba

I wish you to say the following words silently, inwardly every day as many times as you can remember to:

I am God, I am God, I am not different from God
I am the infinite Supreme, the One Reality, I am Sath Chit Ananda Swaroopa.
I am Love, I am Truth, I am Peace eternally,
I am ever pure delight, I am always full and free
Fear and Grief can never touch me.
I am Aum, Tat Sath Aum, I am Aum Tat Sath Aum

Jill and I have been having regular meetings with GOD and our friends in Andromeda, but I haven’t reported them in the Narayana Oracle. Today we felt maybe we should start up again and share some off the insights that we receive. Not to mention the absolute outpouring of love. We feel we are truly blessed.

Normally when we begin our session, we ask who is present, and GOD comes in and opens the session. Not today. Today I didn’t ask. As soon as we started “Each one of us is God for ever” came from nowhere. A continuation of the above message I had been asked to share with you today.

Valerie (our third channeler who left the Earth a year ago) came through again today, helping me to be a clear channel and “testing” me. Seemed I did OK!
She is also in Andromeda, she tells us she is “working” on AI. She didn’t feel the AI being used on Earth is a good thing, a lot of negative aspects. Too much manipulation and brain washing. They, in Andromeda work only in Love and for the highest good of all. Working with pure thought to change consciousness. We were surprised when another entity told us in our previous session that they use AI and crystals in Andromeda.

We also asked D if he had a message for us from Andromeda, we laughed when he responded “Eat, be happy and Love.”

Previously Val has come through with simple messages – “SMILE”, “BE KIND”, simple but powerful helpers on this journey/incarnation.

Simplicity and Love and Pure Consciousness seem to be the messages today.