Every Day, Feed the Soul

Every Day, Feed the Soul

We join here together today and ask to be aligned with Lord Satya Sai Baba and all the Angelic Kingdom and the Brotherhood of Light, and all of our many Guides and Helpers. We are so grateful for all your Love and support. We also ask to align with our friends in Andromeda and for our circle to be blessed with pure, divine white light and gold light for protection. Please keep us on track and keep us aligned with the Divine, without ego and to be clear channels of love and light for the highest good of all.

3 Oms

GOD tells us he is present.

Is his first message to us.

We ask about the transition to the Golden Age, because the vibration is changing so quickly. Every day people are becoming more in tune to the higher vibration. We ask how long till we are “in it”? GOD tells us 7 of our years. I am a little (a lot) stunned, I was expecting him to say maybe at least 50 of our years.

7 Years!! He tells us that entities from all Galaxies will make themselves known to us. And that it WILL DO GOOD. Because GOD has willed it.

I also ask does he control the grid which is around the Earth, which seemed to me to be made of a light blue vibrating light, (I was taken up and shown the grid for some reason many years ago). He tells us yes, the grid is controlled with love. Love is the Answer.

And then he is gone. It has been a very strong connection today.