Honouring the Earth by Archangel Mikael

mikaelThere are many spirit beings and mystery schools on Earth in these times assisting the human race into Ascension, and reviving the memories of the presence of star peoples here on Earth. Much has happened, from the 11-11 through the Lion Gate and on to the end of the Mayan Calendar and the precession of the Equinox, 21 December 2012. Messages have been given from many sources in the Angelic Realms. Here, we turn our attention to a recent message from Archangel Mikael, at the bequest of the Cosmic Sai Baba. We also give excerpts from transmissions of the Cosmic Sai Baba where the Earth as a conscious being is highlighted and the Journey of Mother Earth through these times has been told. Man has done much on Earth to cause greenhouse gasses, and we must keep in mind the admonitions about digging holes in the Earth. This not only harms the Earth our Mother, but harms other places in the Universe as well, due the butterfly effect. We are all called to honour the Earth our Mother.


Many will know that Valerie Barrow has been serving “Upstairs” as a medium and channel for many years. Valerie’s journey began with Sanat Kumara (one of the four sons of the creator, Brahma), and the Spirit Being Alcheringa has been speaking through her in the travels to uncover the story of the origins of man. The Mother Goddess, Goolagaia, has also spoken through Valerie Barrow. On the Cosmic Sai Baba website, you will find 8 years work of transmissions by the Cosmic Sai Baba. Archangel Mikael has come through Valerie several times, and the most recent occasion was on 7th June 2016, wherein a message about caring for the Earth was given. This took place during the monthly transmission by Cosmic Sai Baba, when He asked Valerie to allow another to come through. This message is given below.

Message of Archangel Mikael



Reflections by Valerie Barrow

I believe the message is meant to go out to as many people as possible. Not necessarily as a ‘Warning’ but a message of ‘Earth-man get your act together‘ – if you clean up the Earth’s atmosphere and look after Mother Earth all the changes that are happening on your planet will FLOW MUCH EASIER into the change that is happening and meant to be. The Change that is written to happen – but we can make it easier for ourselves – such as less drastic climate activity if the changes can happen without hindrance from man’s neglect of care on the planet.

It is said by some ‘Climate change experts’ that Earth has experienced these major changes before during Earth’s evolution. And that is true, but the difference is that man had not in the past damaged the Earth and neglected to clean up our atmosphere – as has happened now – this time around.

You can read the transcript of Archangel Mikael’s message here.

The Cosmic Sai Baba

Cosmic Sai Baba has given many messages on the Internet about the forthcoming changes associated with the precession of the equinox and the end of the Mayan Long Calendar, 21 December 2012. More messages were give due the influx of light energy from the Central Sun of the Universe actually affecting the Earth itself. There are transmissions wherein we are told that digging holes in the Earth harms the Earth our Motherh. Cosmic Sai Baba also makes reference the meetings of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC. We share selections from the transmissions of Cosmic Sai Baba below.

The Cosmic Sai Baba – Transcript 05.02.2013

Listen to this transmission:

Now that the Earth has gone through its transition into the New Age, the Earth people need to work at – just releasing – everything that has gone in the past and move forward. And move forward, as I have said, with thoughts that will bring change and growth to everyone and everything upon this Earth. Because thought forms have energy… and even the energy of a thought will reflect and even affect a plant or a tree. And so even that can change for better. And the same goes for the climate.

The climate that is in your Earth atmosphere … can be changed by your thoughts and your ceremony and song, which helps to change the energy so that the Earth’s energy or the Earth’s climate is not so severe. You can actually make it so that it is more gentle. And with rain it can nourish the Earth; and with the Sun it cannot necessarily be too hot … all this can be changed … by the measure of your thoughts upon this Earth. The consciousness of the thought … which exists here on your Earth planet.

The Cosmic Sai Baba – 7 October 2014

Listen to this transmission:

I have come … to reassure people that – although what is happening around your Earth is of concern, of course. And prayers are needed; prayers are very much needed, to help … to calm … the energies that are around the Earth at this time.

You do not have to focus on any particular area; just send out the prayers – and pray for world peace. And the Angels – or our assistants – will take that energy – as I have said once before, it is ‘a little like fairy floss’ – and take it around to disperse the energy, the heavy, dark, energy. I hope that I am explaining that well and you understand what I am saying; for everything is energy.

And, energy is thought. So there are forms of thought that are quite dark and heavy, and need to be lightened – literally. I hope that makes some sense.

And so your prayers are very much needed at this time.

I haven’t come to speak (or preach) for very long; I have come to encourage you all to continue with your light-work, which you do so well. And I want it to go out on the website – that I, and my co-workers, are very, very happy, about – what is happening with light workers as they work – and follow direction from their soul-consciousness. Even though they may not realise or know where or why things are asked of them, they still do it! And this, I am very happy about. Because it shows faith; it shows love for humanity … … and the energy of Universal Love goes out with those prayers, so, thank you, thank you!, thank you!

The Cosmic Sai Baba – 3 November 2015

Listen to this transmission:

This is important message, because today … is a time on this Earth of yours … when there is great worry and concerns about a lot of movement of people around the Earth. And the Earth itself is trying to help these people.

The Earth herself has a form – an energy – it is a being and it has a consciousness. And this is exactly as it is with people, or any living thing upon this Earth. It has light. Now, the light can be measured in many different ways – but again – it has a frequency and it has a consciousness. And we can learn to live with one another.

I am thinking of plants, for instance. Or anything that is created from the Earth. Mother Earth has learned to live with everything, and she responds to everything. She is part of your creation here upon this planet. And if you think about it – the way SHE handles things … it is ALWAYS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL.

And this – of course – is interrupted sometimes by man’s activities upon her. Such as digging unnecessarily into the Earth herself. If she wants to change the energy fields, she creates volcanic disruptions; or tsunamis, or events that will move things around. And that is always done with the consciousness of all living things.

So if you think about this, there might be quite a lot of lives lost – but these agreed to this at another level – at a Soul level. This might be a little hard to understand. But then, all beings – all living humans upon this Earth – live a very short time indeed – when you think about it; and I have spoken about this before.

I have asked you also, to realise the life you have upon this planet is really only a very tiny little bit of what you are and who you are. Your Soul has been at other times – your soul has a story – an infinite story. It has been to many places, many worlds, many different races – races that look very different from what you do here as a human. But you have been there.

And so those influences come with you through your soul and are influencing what takes place upon this Earth. I’d like you to think about that – because nothing on this Earth has not come from somewhere else. Even the way the culture operates in different races. It has come from somewhere else.