Gayatri Jayanti

maaWith Mars sandhi (on the borders between signs), creativity seems to be on rise and we are free to be efficient, available and effective; carpe diem (seize the day) seems to be the motto, and so we do look into the charts. This day being Gayatri Jayanti (celebration of the birth of Gayatri), we bring you some reflections on Gayatri Ma, the mother of the Gods.

On this day of Gayatri Jayanti we find that Mars – who has been in conflict with Saturn in Scorpio, is sandhi, on the end (or borders) between Scorpio and Libra. In this situation, until a planet is farther than 3° from the borders of signs, it is regarded as depleted of energy and not directing any strength into either of the signs it straddles. Mars will be Sandhi in Libra until July 2, when it will go direct and re-enter Scorpio on July 14. Mars will then transit Scorpio until 19 September when it will enter Scorpio.

So in the absence of direct conflict between Mars and Saturn, we may see creativity prevail until Mars re-enters Scorpio.

We draw your attention to Jupiter and the north node of the Moon (Rahu) in Leo. Rahu is perpetually retrograde, and Jupiter at present is moving direct, and you may see this in the chart below. On Saturday 18 June, these planets will be within degree conjunction, whereupon the influence of Rahu on Jupiter will be strongest.

This is called Guru-Chandala Yoga, and it is suggested that this relates to corruption of the guru, the one from whom one takes guidance. A true guru removes darkness; Rahu, all smoke and mirrors, sends smoke signals across the drishti (vision) of the guru. Keep in mind that this refers to the external world, maya, and not the inner world of satyam, truth. Rahu cannot cloud the truth, nor the guru, interiorly.

There is, however, a common situation wherein we are driven by desire to have this or that object, this station in life, these achievements, all this property and a bevy of buxom blondes (or ripped males)(whichever you fancy, Rahu is not particular) … all these things are objects of desire. Rahu is desire. Rahu causes reincarnation due unfulfilled desires. While Rahu cannot corrupt the guru, the teacher, the one who removes the darkness, Rahu may well put smoke and mirrors between your good self and your guardian and guide in life and thus, one may follow desires instead of tested truths and values within.

This is common, human life is a school wherein we learn not to allow the tyranny of the ego ((I, Me, Mine)) to rule our lives. Instead, we elicit values to guide us, we test these values and use the principles and inner guidance which works for us and brings us peace. This is called spirituality.

We note that Rahu and Jupiter will be within degree conjunction on Saturday 18 June and will be until June 25. One may need protection from desires over-running the intellect and common sense at this time. This is the place for Mother Gayatri, who protects. Protection of the devotee of the Lord – any deity – is one of the principal functions of Mother Gayatri.

Gayatri Maa


Now, what is the particular function which the deity Gayatri performs? The liberating function of Easwara (God) which frees souls from the bondage in which the power of MAYA involves them. Here we invoke the power of Gayatri which gradually disperses the clouds of ignorance and lets the aspirant see the spiritual sun, which shines eternally behind those clouds and his oneness with that sun. Now how this goal is achieved from the worship of Gayatri FORM?

Let us see the Gayatri Idol now. She is having FIVE faces of different colours, ten hands carrying different things, and ten graceful eyes, She is sitting on a red Lotus.


  1. Pearl Colour: Pearls are collected from sea from the bosom of snails. Snails come to the surface of the sea with their eyes and mouth open. When it rains, the rain drops fall into their mouth and if at the time the rain drops fall into their mouth, the snails see SWATI NAKSHATRA (star) in the sky and absorb its radiation into them, then the rain drops are converted into original pearls (as distinct from cultured Pearls). These original Pearls are divine in Nature. Thus the first face of Gayatri is of Pearl colour, giving out the lustre of Pearls (representing BRILLIANCE).
  2. Coral Colour: (ie. bright red) (one of the nine gems). The second face develops the principle of nitchala Tattwa in the aspirants mind (still mind).
  3. Gold Colour: Very bright both in colour and quality. Mere seeing the gold and exposing ourselves into its lustre promote good quality and external charm in the aspirant.
  4. Blue colour representing the Sky: Sea is blue in colour. Sri Mahavishnu (Lord Narayana) is also blue in colour (Vishnu tattwa). This face fosters the aspirant with all wealth and also Divine Grace from Lord Narayana.
  5. White face: This face represents PURITY. It develops purity in the mind of the aspirant and also grants divine grace from SARASWATI (the goddess for WISDOM).

The significance behind these five faces:

A darshan (mere seeing) of these five faces of Gayatri idol is capable of removing FIVE GREAT SINS, we have committed if any, viz

(i) Brahmahatti (ii) Suraabaanam (iii) Stealing public properties/funds (iv) Misbehaviour with wives of gurus (spiritual teachers) and (v) friendship with bad people (bad company).

While this ‘darshan’ removes great sins committed by the aspirant, it grants at the same time, FIVE types of DIVINE GRACE from Lord SHIVA (Shiva tattwam) viz:

(1) Satyojaatam
(2) Vaamadevam
(3) Aghoram
(4) Tatpurusham
(5) Easaanam

The significance of TEN eyes:

The eyes of Gayatri are watching at the ten directions (8 directions + sky and earth) for performing DUSHTANIGRAHA (killing bad people) and Sishtaparipaalana (protecting the good).

This means that Gayatri is also watching at the FOUR directions viz., North, East, West and South. For each direction of the sight of Gayatri, we have separate prayer mantra:

Tat Savitur Varenyam Namaha – West
Tat Poorvajaaya Namaha – East
Tat Praathaha Aadityaya Namaha – South
Tat Praathaha Aadityaya Prathishtayai Namaha – North


The significance of TEN hands:

Broadly speaking, the first five hands signify five types of SUKHAS (comforts) obtainable from this earth and the other five hands signify five types of divine BLISS obtainable from the Divine and spiritual lokas.

The significance of the weapons carried by the ten hands:

Hand 1: Vara hastam (to grant boons to aspirants).

Hand 2: Abhaya hastam (to remove fear – “why fear when I am here/near”).

Hand 3: Angusam (a hard weapon to bring the elephant under control) (Principle: to bring under control bad elements in an aspirant).

Hand 4: Chattai (Whip) (to whip the bad elements internal and external).

Hand 5: White skull (signifies Shivatattva).

Hand 6: Gadai (a steel stick with a hard global head) (to treat the bad elements with club) (This siginifies Vishnu Tattva). Bhima and Anjaneya were carrying Gadai with them.

Hand 7: Shank (Conch Shell) The roaring sound from this shank will drive away ASURAS (ie. to drive away bad elements). It is identical with the Panchajhanya Shank in the hand of Lord Narayana.

“TVAM VAISHNAVI SHAKTI ANANTAVEERYAA” – grace emanates from Mahavishnu.

Hand 8: Chakra (Wheel-like Sudarshana Wheel). It rotates and the same is driven to frighten or kill the bad elements (enemies) (This equally signifies vishnu tattva, since this wheel is in one of the divine hands of Mahavishnu).

Hand 9 and Hand 10: Lotus. All the divine grace from Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati flows from these divine hands to reach the aspirant.