Archangel Mikael and Sacred Earth

sacred earthRecently, Archangel Mikael gave a message that the Earth our Mother is in need of support, nourishment and love. Last December, representatives of 196 nations gathered in Paris, and they reached an international agreement on climate change. Many, many faith communities were at the heart of making this happen. But there is still more to do. Sacred Earth is a worldwide spiritual event taking place on June 12, 2016. This event spans many faith traditions.

Archangel Mikael Message, 7 June 2016

In place of the customary monthly transmission, Cosmic Sai Baba gave over the transmission to Archangel Mikael, of the Angelic Realms. Archangel Mikael gave one message of the Earth’s need. Some felt it was a warning. You may read Archangel Mikael’s message here.

Due the urging of Archangel Mikael, we alert you to an event occurring on the weekend of 12 June:

Sacred Earth 2016


Last December, representatives of 196 nations did something they’d never before been able to accomplish before. Gathered in Paris, they reached an international agreement on climate change.

Together our faith communities were at the heart of making this happen – we built a moral call of action that leaders couldn’t ignore. But there is still more to do.

We need to shepherd in this new hope – we can’t let politicians leave it at ambitious speeches. It’s on us to make it real.


The adopted Paris Agreement is an incredible first step, but much of what we have achieved hangs in balance.

The current commitments to reduce emissions condemn us to an extremely dangerous 2.7°C increase. And the goal governments gave themselves is still fixed around 2°C. But experts & activists are arguing for a vital push for 1.5°C as a true upper limit.

This seemingly small difference would prevent well over 100 million people from losing their homes due to droughts, floods, sea level rise and devastating storms.

In the face of this sobering reality, we need to continue the push for 1.5°C to keep hope alive.




A Day of Prayer & Action for People & Planet



Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust is a worldwide, multi-faith day of prayer & action for the planet and a call for world leaders to commit to a 1.5 degree limit on global temperature rise.

Six months after world leaders reached the Paris Agreement, communities around the world will come together in a day of beautiful commitment and blessing for the earth.

We Will Celebrate The earth as sacred; worthy of our respect, awe and veneration.

We Will Reaffirm That ultimately, we aren’t earth’s owners, but rather her caretakers.

We will Reassert Our moral responsibility for the well-being, interdependence of all life and show our solidarity with the most vulnerable.


Around the world communities will be joining in an incredible variety of ways. Our diversity is our strongest power.

Here are just a couple of the ways communities are joining in:

  1. Say a prayer, make a blessing, sing a song or meditate – on your own, with your family or bring your community together.
  2. Stage a sit in meditation outside a place that’s important locally – a new fracking site, your town hall, a coal mine, or a place that’s at risk.
  3. Hold your service outdoors, to reconnect the community to nature.
  4. Organise a community project – paint a mural, banners or build a sculpture.
  5. A march through your town, bring together people from your community and beyond around protecting our planet for the vulnerable.

Then, we share our celebrations and actions with the world using #SacredEarth2016!

Find out more. Go to Sacred Earth 2016

Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust
has a repository of prayers and chants from the world’s religions, including Interfaith Chants.