June 2016: The Human Journey to Peace

buddhaWe normally do not speak of new moons, for the moon is the presiding deity of the mind and malefic whilst it is within 60° of the Sun. At this time, we are advised that there are significant challenges facing all on Earth, and as we journey from what the new moon offers to the full moon, we look to what solutions are possible and how we might utilise the planets. So the human journey to peace moves from new moon to full moon, wherein we may take up the stronger lunar energies for the good of the all.

Mars and Saturn

Many are experiencing life’s situations and finding it can be quite challenging. There is quite a lot of challenge taking place, around the world, these days. It will not last for too long, but it will continue for some time. There is a new energy coming on to this planet and it is causing disruptions – but at the same time it is lifting the energy upon this planet. It is lifting it to a point that has been called ‘an ascended state.’ The whole of the planet will raise in consciousness and that is what is happening.

During this time of challenge, the World Health Organisation announced an outbreak of the Zika virus, terrorism rears its ugly head in Turkey with car bombs killing 32 humans. More coordinated bombings in Belgium kill 32 and injure at least 250 persons. A suicide blast in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan, claims over 70 lives and leaves almost 300 injured. This bombing targets Christians celebrating Easter.

On April 3, The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung publishes a set of 11.5 million confidential documents from the Panamanian corporate Mossack Fonseca that provides detailed information on more than 214,000 offshore companies, including the identities of shareholders and directors including noted personalities and heads of state.

On May 19, Egypt Air flight 804 crashes in flight over the Mediterranean with 66 people on board.

In this time of Mars-Saturn transit in Scorpio, we recommend cautionary view regarding one’s choices during this period as Mars and Saturn in the months to come promotes or accelerates conflict in one’s relationships and dealings in general. On an inter-personal level one should try to avoid conflicts, postpone confrontations, and tread lightly as much as possible.

These days are very much coloured by major malefics, Saturn and Mars both retrograde and in conjunction. It bears repeating as the influence is there until mid-September and it is significant, wreaking havoc on a global level and within the sphere of our personal affairs as well. Saturn and Mars in this set-up attracts conflicts, war-like aggression, disputes amongst countries, fire, accidents, floods or even earthquakes; the influence lasting until mid-September.

Outer Planets:

Outer planets are thought to have little influence on public and personal affairs, except for when they are changing signs. During this month, Uranus will transit from Pisces to Aries. Uranus is currently in gandanta location, that is, in the sandi period of transit between fire and water signs. This gandanta transit represents specific challenges.

Uranus signals unpredictable, sudden occurrences. This planet rules electricity, shock, the nervous system (sometimes heart attacks) computers, inventiveness, social activism, revolt, friendship, humanitarian motives, and eccentric behaviour, alertness, genius and divergent thinking, gentle kindness and dictatorial tyranny. The last time Uranus entered Aries was 1933.

Aries rules war, assertiveness, new growth, exploration, armies, fire, explosions, machinery/engines. The transit of Uranus through Aries coincides with the given teaching of the Angelic Realms that we will experience world peace at the end of seven years; the eighth year will be a year of peace. It may be that the developments in Norway to go entirely green with energy (and its cars) and the car that drives itself, that is currently going through massive testing, will become a part of all our lives at the end of this transit.

Jupiter and Rahu

Jupiter has ceased retrograde motion. Jupiter moving toward Rahu which is exact into June 20th but they maintain a 3 degree orb for quite a while into July 5th. This is the last climax of a long transit and this time its impact will be over by July 5th when it separates by 5 degrees. This conjunction also creates a Guru Chandala yoga and it may explode your world view. It may be that fundamentalist religions may be in for a number of scandals or eruptions but we hope that it does not incite terrorists and their fundamentalist views. It also may create scandals around Gurus, teachers, priests or sow doubts about your relationships with them.

There are those who teach that this time of Guru Chandala Yoga, and the direct conjunction of Rahu-Jupiter blocks access to the divine. Access to the Divine is always present, as the Divine lives through us, breathes through us, loves through us, speaks through us, day by day. We are inseparable from the Divine and we are one and the same with the Divine.




It may be that there are clouds between our customary experience of the divine and that the “challenges” of this time also confront our connection to the Divine. We may meet with other urgent tasks, we may forget, we may be fatigued, we may simply overlook our daily time with the Divine. Our daily sacred space falls by the wayside, Our balance goes out of balance. That quadrant of balance: work, exercise, relaxation and daily time with the divine be it meditation, prayer or simply silent sitting. This balance is necessary in our life.

One simple solution. Chant your prayer, your mantra, whilst washing the body, bathing, showering, cleansing. Cleanse the inside with mantram, chanting just as you cleanse the outside with soap and sponge.

The Angelic Realms:

Cosmic Sai Baba tells,

My message today is not that much different from the messages I have been giving very recently. It is a time of challenge; it is a time to think about who you are and why you here and how you can change that. So my message is not very long today, but rather, to encourage you to continue to work within yourself, and look within rather than outside, for any reactions you have – and then think about the (negative) emotions – and ask for that to be taken away.

We can also ask for negative emotions to be taken away from those who are suffering, and those who are broadcasting much negativity. This kind of negativity creates an envelope of negative vibes, “airs”, moods and energy-fields that harm others who come into their ambit. We can do such prayer during a full moon.

The next full moon will be on 20 June; this full moon will have an opposition from Venus and a trine aspect from Jupiter.

Full Moon

Full Moons are times when strong and plentiful energy floods the Earth. This energy, directed by the Full Moon – may be taken and used for benefit. Hence, the Angelic Realms offer us the choice to harness energies for planetary benefit by doing group meditation and directing energy in the form of love, light or healing, wherever there is a need. As there are a plenitude of places where people are hurting, entire nations are in the vice of conflict and millions are in refugee camps … all these places, all these people and more … benefit from Full Moon Meditation, healing and love.

The Hierarchy have advised us that the times of the Full Moon are times when energy is magnified, and multiplied. Groups sitting together in meditation on peace, harmony, goodwill towards all have a manifold affect on the energies surrounding our planet when they do this on the Full Moon day. If it is not possible to do so on the actual day, then, we have been told, the day before or the day after will also serve as days of excellence in sending out positive harmony, peace and helpful energies to all places on our Earth.

Meditating on light can raise the level of light within the individual. Meditating on light for our home, Planet Earth, can raise the level of light in places where this is needed. For LIGHT can be, as you know when you turn on a light in a room it has different voltages in different countries – in some countries it is brighter – sometimes it is darker. In a way, the Light in each individual on this Earth is the same. Sometimes it is brighter and sometimes it is darker. Such meditation is always of help to others.

Another helpful form of group activity on Full Moon days is calling on the Angels, the Spirit Guides, the Star Beings of the Hierarchy, and the different Divinities – for all are but different forms of the one substance we may call GOD – and calling upon them for help. All prayers are answered; all prayers for the Good of All are responded to. It is well known that Divinity in its different names and forms takes the energies of devotion to God, the prayers, the offerings of Love, Harmony, Peace, Light and distribute this to places where it is needed around the Earth. Such meditations and prayers can also be offered on Full Moon days. Many prayers hail the Lord – or God – as a God of Mercy and Compassion. Compassion makes no difference between those who suffer and those who cause that suffering. Compassion is for all and such mercy offered in our prayers and meditation goes out for the Good of the All.