The Origin of the Chinese – Asiatic races

arctic manThere were some observations about the differences between the Chinese and races from the “west” (for want of a better word). The Chinese appear to be of a racially different origin and the Oracle was asked if they were from a separate evolutionary path. After the Oracle answers, Yalarm tells that sometime around the time of ancient Lemuria, a separate race settled in areas we now call Asia. Some went North and others went South; they had interactions with other starpeoples and developed differently from the Chinese and Japanese races.

This race came from a planet which no longer exists; possibly it came from the asteroid belts. They were of Angelic origin and had strong beliefs and practices and were very much a people of ceremonies. They understood about the Creative Source of All. There were some breakaways from this, and some influences from Arcturus and so forth. They were inclined to use their Warrior spirit in a healing way.

There was some discussion on different uses of energy; Tai Chi is used to bring up energies and align energies to the Source of All Creation. The Chinese know of the light body and continue their natural medicines with or without acupuncture for healing. They have practically hairless bodies (except for the top of the head), a different skin, slanted eyes and are somewhat enigmatic in nature. It is not their custom to display emotion in public. There is the euphemism saving face, which originates from this race.

The Oracle responds that this race came from the star worlds – somewhere in our constellation, some 6 million years ago, and their home world has since been lost.

Yalarm enters and advises that the source of the Chinese starpeople is a lost planet – which no longer exists – and they came to help to evolve this planet. They were light beings and helped the human to evolve, not the upstanding ape-like creature. They had none of this DNA, none of the Barbarian characteristics were in them; this was not in their DNA. Yalarm confirms the earlier conversations about the Chinese being practically hairless, lighter skin or yellow skin, which changed colour when they became what we now call the Tibetan or the American Red Indians. This was when they were beginning to get involved with different races from other star-worlds. The Hu was never an ape; it was a light-man, they were enchristed with the Christ-light within.


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