Return of the Oracle of Delphi

votivesThe ladies of The Mystery School join together once again to bring forth messages in service of humanity. In this session, The Source (God) advises them that they were together before as four women at the Oracle of Delphi. Some back history and activity of the Oracle of Delphi is explained with understanding of the present day task. There is an uncovering of the new CURRICULUM, along with references to work done in other bodies – as STAR PEOPLE – as The Source (God) explains. You can read more of this session of The Mystery School here (opens in new window).

Reincarnation, Star Peoples and the Journey of the Foetus

foetusThe ladies that make up the Mystery School often share that it is nearly impossible to think or to delve within themselves to find questions to ask; this is attributed to the high levels of energy present in The Oracle itself and the extra-ordinary high levels of energy that Jalarm gives out with his presence. We may vouch for this phenomenon ourself.

Yet, this phenomenon aside, a most important part of the Mystery School is the discussions the ladies have once the session has commenced; the raised levels of energy present, many spirit beings from other worlds attend (we have been told several times – and we have their gratitude for these sessions) and thoughts are floated around them by members of the Hierarchy in order that the ladies pick them up, make them their own, and then begin to develop the material presented.

Collaboration and teamwork – in harmony, cooperation and understanding – is a most valuable component of the workings of the Mystery School. Often, common-sense is blended with spiritual-sense as the participants delve deeper into the work of the School. This provides a most important foundation as we do this day explore about Reincarnation, the Zeta Greys and the journey of the human foetus.

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Coming and Going – the journey of souls

lot of babiesThe Mystery School meets to discuss learning and matters they have come across. Jalarm emphasises we are all children of the ONE, the Creative Source of All, and have come here to learn. How souls reincarnate and how many wait to reincarnate here on Earth is an important topic of conversation. Consider: the Tibetan teaching is that for each birth, there are 10,000 applicants. One divine teacher taught some time ago – perhaps 30 years ago – that there is a birth every second.

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