Parallel Lives

3 Oms and we ask for the blessing of Cosmic Sai Baba, to guide us and set up the platform that connects us to Andromeda. We thank him for his assistance.

We ask who is present as there is a very, very strong vibration in the room.

EIOK – ?? No!! ENOC(h?). He says we all know him.

He, Enoc/Eiok (He tells us his name is not a written name – it is a sound)

He wants to speak through Valerie.

(God is a forcefield that has different levels of consciousness but the name at conscious level is the Creator of All.)

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Coming and Going – the journey of souls

lot of babiesThe Mystery School meets to discuss learning and matters they have come across. Jalarm emphasises we are all children of the ONE, the Creative Source of All, and have come here to learn. How souls reincarnate and how many wait to reincarnate here on Earth is an important topic of conversation. Consider: the Tibetan teaching is that for each birth, there are 10,000 applicants. One divine teacher taught some time ago – perhaps 30 years ago – that there is a birth every second.

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