Coming and Going – the journey of souls

lot of babiesThe Mystery School meets to discuss learning and matters they have come across. Jalarm emphasises we are all children of the ONE, the Creative Source of All, and have come here to learn. How souls reincarnate and how many wait to reincarnate here on Earth is an important topic of conversation. Consider: the Tibetan teaching is that for each birth, there are 10,000 applicants. One divine teacher taught some time ago – perhaps 30 years ago – that there is a birth every second.

A life is lived; some lead mundane, ordinary lives; few live in monasteries and convents or ashrams. So when life finishes and we move on, to where do we go and how is it that we – or any other soul – reincarnate? How do starpeople take birth here on Earth? Some souls are young souls, some are here for their first human life. Others have been here many times and have returned to help those young souls progress and learn their lessons. These old souls are not anything special; they could be mothers, fathers, aunts, neighbours, who have a sense of themselves, a possession of mind-body-spirit that emanates as sagacity, wisdom, trust. Old souls might simply be souls that love whoever comes into their family, into their circle, or cross their paths.

What then, is the task of a soul when it incarnates? What has to be achieved in a human body before one may continue on and choose a new life – here on Earth or elsewhere? To what level must we progress in a body or as a consciousness in another dimension before progression and transmigration of the soul happens? These are the questions that the Mystery School explores. Is this is shown in the aura? Are there actually 27 levels – or dimensions – to which one or another may progress? And not as saints but simply as human beings carving out our place in the world, labouring for our daily bread, loving, rejoicing, cheering and hoping. Great souls do not always live sequestered from the world.


How do souls come into bodies, how do they progress, do they choose where they go afterward?

Questions about the Soul Blueprint come forth. Do some come here as murderers and kill others? Do some people plan to be murdered in a human form? What about deformed babies, is this planned on the so-called astral level before a baby – or more properly a soul – takes birth? Is it possible to progress to higher levels in the afterlife? What is the afterlife, anyway? Do souls get to choose where they will take birth, in this or any other Universe?

There is something unique about the human. There must be, for we insist it is so. Emotions. Something is set in motion, it is e-motion, feeling, energy, a force from the mind or heart; emotions and feelings are common to the human and to many in the animal kingdom here on Earth. What is the progression for starpeople? Many depictions of starpeople paint them as flat, emotionless, sans-feeling and apathetic beings who communicate with us by tone, note, music, thought, symbol and thought-forms that we might understand within.

Do starpeople need help to cope with a life filled with the five senses of knowing and perception operating here on Earth? Is it possible for a star-being to take birth as human? What help, what assistance do they need in order to experience the full range of human capacity for emotion and feeling? Do emotion and feeling help them – or humans – to progress toward their goals?

Do we have lucid dreams? Do we leave our bodies when we dream and enter other dimensions? Do other dimensional creatures visit us when we dream? Do we learn, do we return to Source, how can we know whether a dream is simply the contents of the unconscious presenting itself to us, and how can we know when our lucid dreams are real?

Is prayer important? Do we need a new word for prayer? For instance, “God” is a word with a lot of baggage. Being might be a neutral word, for we all have being, and there is “being” elsewhere on Earth, in our solar system, in our Universe, and there is a “being” that is immanent – fully within and fulfilling – and transcendent throughout all the worlds. How, then, do we as beings join minds and hearts and (pray) (have sacred intentions in common) (send thoughts of love and light) for our planet, for all the human beings and life-forms on our planet?

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How do souls come into bodies, how do they progress, do they choose where they go afterward?