Life before the Fall of Atlantis

The table with the Oracle of JalarmThere was life on Earth before the fall of Atlantis. Information about this is in the soul histories of many people, and it may also be accessed in the etheric records surrounding this planet. Atlantis fell in a day and a night, 10,500 years ago by our current reckoning of time. (Time on Earth has been reckoned differently in different ages, for there were additional dimensions here on earth. Carbon dating cannot accurately give dates to the 4th dimension and its constructs.)

At the time of the Fall of Atlantis, there were many races. Much of the records were lost. There was an ice age (which had begun just before the Fall).

The purpose of those who work together with the spirit named Yalarm and with the Oracle is to release information about Atlantis before it Fell. And as to how the civilizations were on this Earth and the abilities they had. And who they were – not just one race – but many. They were very advanced when Atlantis Fell; much of the records were lost.

Star people would come and go; interstellar travel was easy in those times, before the Fall of Atlantis.

The population on Earth before the Fall of Atlantis was not static, it varied. Many beings from the different stars came and went.

Humans came from the hairy up-standing ape; there was genetic manipulation which evolved the human race nearly a million years ago. There was an edict that star beings were not to mate with the humans, for humans had a lower energy. When the star-races did mate with the humans, they reduced the amount of light within them.

The populations of the Earth were humans who had inherited the hairy ape-like genes, star races, and those who intermingled and produced children with heightened psychic abilities who could do things the humans could not do; they had advanced abilities.

The star peoples taught many things to the Earthlings, there were interactions and they were taught to conduct ceremonies to balance the energies on the Earth. In those days, before the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth was in the 4th dimension; it fell from that dimension to the 3rd dimension with the fall of Atlantis. The Earth is now on its way back to the 4th dimension, which will allow the Star Peoples to return.

At that time, different starpeople lived in different places on the Earth.

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