Narayana Meeting 17th May 2019

3 Oms and a Blessing for our Circles

Valerie calls on Cosmic Sai Baba, Andromeda Val, Andromeda Daina, Andromeda Anna, and asks for our Oracle to be blessed.

Then we meditate – asking to be shown any messages for today’s Oracle.

Jill sees many colours – “not quite the rainbow” but beautiful and peaceful, great feeling of calm.

In the meditation Jacqui has an image of “wormholes” (throughout our Universe), and there is a drawing together of thoughts and sharing information and of travel through these wormholes for the higher good. She also sees someone bending over and on the back of this person is a very long scroll covered with writing (that she couldn’t read) that flows to the floor.

Valerie explains that the work we do in our channelling (and we have been reminded many times) is shared by many in other dimensions, not just those on our planet and Andromeda. She goes on to speak of the many “visitors” that come and go from our Planet Earth and our lack of technology in comparison to other interplanetary races, and also how the star people are still interacting with our planet. There is so much on our website over the years in regard to this subject.
We reminded ourselves that we are in service to God – even though we don’t always understand (from our limited “human” perspective). We have been told that the work that we do is shared with many other races.

We ask for our Oracle to be blessed by Sai Baba and to guide us to be of service.

We start our chanelling. GOD tells us he is present. Wishes to speak through Valerie.

Valerie channels GOD: I am very pleased to be here. I understand where you are coming from, and I want you to just relax and not worry about the work you do. If you are in service, do not worry, it is up to us to use it in the way we would like to. We welcome that opportunity. There are many many races that gain from your work, I can assure you. We appreciate the work you do and the connection to Andromeda, because at this time for the planet to be moving into the Golden Age that of course is your galaxy and your solar system and so this is happening now. There are many people upon your planet Earth that do not have to be there, but they are there holding the energy to have, shall we say, the ride of a lifetime, in holding the energy to come into alignment with the sun, that is reaching back to the core of all, which you know as God. So if you will flow from your inner advice from your soul, that comes into your heart, you will know how to continue with this meeting today.

Our friends from Andromeda would also like to speak with us. Valerie once again tries to (lovingly and gently) coerce Jill or myself to be the channel. Encouraging us. Reminding us that intuition comes through our heart and into our solar plexus (gut feeling), which Valerie describes as our inner sun, which actually beams into our heart and keeps the heart ticking, which is the way the earth body continues to function.

Jill and I see/feel/hear and know, wheras Valerie Barrow is a clear channel and medium. I personally don’t feel ready (yet) to take on that role.

Andromeda Val takes over Valerie’s voice: Our light body is the main one we are here in. It is everlasting. It is part of your oversoul, which is family. There are souls that are exactly the same as you, infact if you look at your oversoul it is an expression of consciousness and it is held in a form that is of sacred geometry, and the sacred geometry is what you would call the Angelic Realm, because when it takes form it can then present in a form that people can relate to depending on what they believe and what they know. It helps them to understand. It helps them to connect. It is the energy that is the main thing. It is the energy that connects to your feelings, your nervous system which is in your body and that reacts to emotion. Emotions take action. That is what shall I say “take the dance of Life upon your planet”. It also can happen in other worlds, and so the vision that Anna (Jacqui) saw as the wormhole, that is the way that transition can take place. In the technology of races that are still travelling around in vehicles made from some sort of substance, if you understand what I am saying. All the answers are in your heart or your solar plexus. It is meant to be that way. If you think of a chakra as being a small place within your being, it is much bigger, it flows out and interacts with the different chakras within your body, and the auric field that goes out a much further distance than you can imagine. That is why when you visit something that you would call “sacred” you are aware of that sacredness. You feel it, more than anything else. Some can see images and that is good but you don’t have to feel or see others you do not have to see the images. There is no right or wrong in anything. The feeling comes with everyone on earth naturally. If they relate to their feeling that is in their heart or their solar plexus they connect to their “inner sun” that has a force that receives directly from the Creative Source of All. Some have talked about God. They have different names for God, the point is, it is your Creative Source and it is from there that the consciousness flows from the Light Body and is able to reach past the brain and CREATE many things. Many things. Including art and dance, writing, music. Creation of shapes and forms. There are many things that you have that is within your Creative Source. When you connect to that, you are totally overwhelmed with it and want to follow it. Because it is connected to your Creative Self, your God Self. Your God Being.
Your Oversoul. Please think about this – it is very real. There are other souls that share you. Share that energy with you. That is why sometimes you may need someone upon Earth and you feel you “know” them. Absolutely connect to them, so close, it is almost like another you. They still may have a different personality or a different way of talking or expressing but there is that “connectedness” that is coming from your oversoul.
The family of your oversoul. God Bless you. Thankyou.

Val Barrow now channels “Anna” – One of our 3 friends from Andromeda: In Andromeda we actually have a circle as you are here and there is also communication taking place between us as it is here. So It is like a mirror of what is happening in the Planet Andromeda from where we all come. I would like to say yes, I would like to speak through Anna (Jacqui??) and Daina (Jill??) would like to speak also. So it is up to you girls if you want it, we would work with you and help you. The whole idea of coming together as three is for you to communicate, Andromeda Val is very willing to help us. It is up to you. There is a need for you to work from your intuition and to follow from that place. Rather than using the brain, I suggest that you close the brain as if it’s a lid on a computer closing, allow your eyes to raise so that you are connecting to your soul consciousness and from there you will be able to operate and understand more of where Daina and Anna are coming from and also so willing to speak to both of you. When I say “speak” – it is consciousness, so its not necessarily in words, but just a knowing and a feeling. Thankyou.

We give thanks to Sai Baba, to our friends Val, Daina and Anna from Andromeda.

3 Oms and close our meeting.

Shanti Shanti Shanti

We record our meetings in total, contact me if you would like to listen to these voice memos.