Narayana Meeting 18th March 2019

3 Oms

With great respect and love we are connecting to Sai Baba and we are connecting to Andromeda and our future selves, Anna, Daina and Val.

We ask who is present – G O D – Very gentle

We ask is there a message?

Wants to speak through Valerie

Valerie Barrow: Sai Baba is here and is connecting us to the Galaxy Andromeda – M31 – and to the Angelic Realms, which we have been told is the Ongelic Realm which is Sacred Geometry, and that takes all form in the world of light. If we understand that it does not delete the images of the angels, far from it, the angels are a form to show symbolically of a raising of wings and flying, as what’s suggested with the ascension of consciousness upon this Earth that is taking place right now. It started a long time ago but it keeps moving forward in the synchronicity and also the energy itself, the vibration of the energies that are coming on this Earth. Many people are starting to change, and are being open to new ideas and new thoughts that will help them to raise their consciousness. Nothing to do with flying off from the planet, far from it, it is just a raising of the energy, the consciousness of the humans and other living beings upon this Earth. There are many people who are starting to think anew about things, about things they would have rejected say 10 or so years ago and are now changing their views. Many people are re-thinking everything in their lives. The way they think, the way they eat, and the way they act.

(Valerie then goes on to say in her “normal” voice that Andromeda Val is prompting her, and that the sound Val hears constantly as the “angels singing” in her head. It is interesting that there have been reports that the scientists/astro-physicists that have been studying the Universe, the solar system and have been saying there are new sounds coming from outer space that they do not understand. This is what Valerie is experiencing and there will be others who will join her and also say they have been receiving similar sounds.)

Valerie Barrow: Are there any question that Daina or Anna would like to ask through you girls?

Jacqui: I was just getting an image of a chalice and I wondered if that was something you wanted to talk about?

Andromeda Val channelled by Valerie Barrow: A chalice of course, is a symbol holding the new energy upon the Earth, it has sometimes been described as holding the blood of Jesus, its real meaning is the energy that comes from the Star People and it is held in a chalice. Symbolically again, it is showing that everyone on Earth has this chalice within them and it holds the energy of the Star People and it is simply a message that you all on Earth have the Star People’s – can I say consciousness, within you and so as this energy is becoming stronger upon the Earth changes are happening rapidly and in more challenging ways, however, it is leading to raising in consciousness within the human and the DNA so that there is ready interaction with the Star People. There have been many introductions of the energy from the Star People onto the human. You have been given the understanding that Earth began with the most ancient race upon your Earth, which is the Australian Aboriginal people and from there they, along with everyone else upon this Earth, have had upraising (or interjection) with star people’s genetic involvement with them to help them to understand who they really are. They also receive promptings, or ideas or intuitive feelings that are given to them from time to time. Even those who do not yet understand still receive the upliftments. (Refer to the story of Alcheringa, where the first ancestors were created).

People will slowly wake up to the existence of the star people from the Source of All, which is God, which is Love. Love alone, no judgement, only compassion and understanding. The understanding is very important, that’s why people need to respect one another, no matter how different they are in ideas and thinking, they will all find they go back to the Source and they have come from the same place. In other words, God is in all of the humans upon this Earth. And from God they are returning to that same consciousness.

Is there another question?

Jacqui: The question I have been wondering about is about the land called “Beyul” which is in Sikkim, which is now part of India. On the border of Nepal, India and Tibet – I’m not too sure, but it’s a place where they say the original people of the Earth (in the Tibetan texts), and have everlasting life. It is a different dimension, a vibrational place, the being that live there are “human” and physical in form. Like Heaven on Earth. Could you tell us anything about that?

Andromeda Val channelled by Valerie Barrow: It does exist, it is sometimes known as Shangri-La, there are other names for it also, depending upon different cultures and customs. The source itself and the beings that live there are of total divine light and they are here also within your atmosphere of the planet Earth. The Planet Earth has been described as the 3rd dimension with a certain vibration and synchronicity that evolves in that particular world it is also the next world which is sometimes described as the 4th dimension. From the raised consciousness of the beings of light both are no different to them. These beings of light do not carry earth bodies, but they are very much a physical being and so they exist and they help with the consciousness upon this Earth and they help the humans in every way they can.

Jacqui: I read that within the end times – which I guess we’re in now (end of the Kali Yuga) that these are the people that will come to help with the transition of the Earth energy.

Andromeda Val channelled by Valerie Barrow: This is what’s happening now my dear, but the end times are not exactly the end of all, it is the end of old time and moving onto the new time. That simple. It is upraising of consciousness. It is simple, very simple, people will need to let go of any anger they have and re-think, ask God, their Source, to take the anger from them so they can think more clearly and with more understanding and readiness to listen to others and how they think. If they all ask for the anger to be released, it will be the dark force that exists within your Earth body shall we say, or the Earth consciousness, that can be released. Then people will then lift in consciousness, so that the 3rd and 4th dimensions meld together. They become one with connection to the light beings that are here to help all. That goes on to the Source of all Creation, which is where they have come from. Does that give you some understanding?

Thankyou. It is Andromeda Val who is speaking through Valerie – she and I are becoming much closer, we are one, I would like people to know and understand that.

Valerie (Barrow) says Andromeda Val wants to continue…

Andromeda Val channelled by Valerie Barrow: She sends her love to us all, and welcomes the opportunity to be of assistance in every way.

You asked about Venus (Valeries question). Venus is part of your solar system, a sister planet to your Earth and we Star People worked from that place at another time. The beings on the planet at the time were different, the atmosphere was different but not unlike what was here or has been created on Earth, but not anywhere near the same as Planet Earth because of the inference and interaction between man as it was before the DNA was transferred from the Star People to the man and uplifted the consciousness into the hu-man, the light man and the first humans which were the Australian aboriginal people.

Venus still exists with people living upon it, but it is coming from a different world not really seen with Earth man’s eyes. It is different. You might say you could see the inside of what Venus is but it does exist and it does have a life with many beings upon it that were trying to raise consciousness too. Of this corner of your galaxy. Much the same as the plan that exists to help raise consciousness of your planet Earth. It had a life of many many thousands of years, but it was attacked, it was a time of war that existed in the star worlds. Not unlike what has been presented and written in films and books. It is very true, it did happen like that. However, the raised consciousness and very real existence of the planet Venus, it does have a place where light beings of raised consciousness live and exist. It is advanced technology that in a sense is not what exists on planet Earth – far advanced, but it does exist. Easier travel exists. Travel that your earth scientists seem to feel that you have to travel around but in actual fact the universe is like a sponge – it is full of holes the same as a sponge. It has water, it does have different contents of a breathing possibility. By travelling through the holes, it can make travel easier and quicker. If you can visualise a sponge you can see you can travel through the sponge and travel in different directions, in relation to your travel you could come to different places within the universe. This is what happens from Venus. It is very real.

Sometimes it is said that your Earth is just an illusion, in a way it is. It will soon be added closer to the Star World and what exists in other worlds with many variations of light, of culture, of ways of living and technology. And of course the big picture is you can erase and create above technology into action by thought alone. Any thoughts you may have are real in a place somewhere for nothing has not already been created elsewhere and now it’s upon your planet Earth,a vision of everything that has been created elsewhere. It is moving forward and is being seen more easily by your scientists and the people upon it. It is coming into alignment with the core of suns and that takes you to the creative source of all. Nothings stands still. Imagery is everything in the world of light. When it is a dark night you feel there also you can almost walk through the night without any light at all and exist and feel and know, you can disappear, and appear, there is no limit and that is what is referred to as the humans on earth as an “illusion of light”. Life exists in many many places around your universe, other universes, other worlds. There is no limit.

Your Avatar (Sai Baba) that came, came to help you to understand that, he said “my life is my message” and if you think about the things he said and what he did and what he was capable of doing, you will begin to understand the words of no illusion and eternity or infinity.

It is everything, it is absolute.

3 Oms

Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life
contribute in some way to the happiness and freedom of all

Peace, Peace, Peace on Earth

For All the Universe