Narayana Meeting 18th March 2019

3 Oms

With great respect and love we are connecting to Sai Baba and we are connecting to Andromeda and our future selves, Anna, Daina and Val.

We ask who is present – G O D – Very gentle

We ask is there a message?

Wants to speak through Valerie

Valerie Barrow: Sai Baba is here and is connecting us to the Galaxy Andromeda – M31 – and to the Angelic Realms, which we have been told is the Ongelic Realm which is Sacred Geometry, and that takes all form in the world of light. If we understand that it does not delete the images of the angels, far from it, the angels are a form to show symbolically of a raising of wings and flying, as what’s suggested with the ascension of consciousness upon this Earth that is taking place right now.

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Balance: The Moon, and demise of the Dinosaurs

moon and earthYalarm tells that the material given in these transmissions is important for it corrects misrepresentations and misunderstandings about the pre-history of the Earth before Man walked on Earth. There are many miscalculations. Yalarm goes on to give an account of the changes to the atmosphere, which are due the altered placement of the Earth in our solar system. The influence of the Moon and its origin are also mentioned.

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