Narayana Meeting 18th February 2019

We called upon Sai Baba to be with us today for our meeting and we call upon Anna, Daina and Val from Andromeda. We ask for their blessings. We are here to serve for the good of all.

We discussed how Andromeda is moving much closer to the Earth and one day we will be part of that Galaxy.

We ask who is present, There is no name, it is of God. We asked was he/she Eoch (as a form of identity) that had spoken with us previously. YES. Very strong. It is a continuation of our last meeting in January. He/She asks to speak through Valerie.

Valerie Barrow channels Eoch: I am Eiok. (It is very loud and very strong) I do not want you to be afraid, but I come with an energy that is overpowering, so I will lessen it a little. I want you to realise that I come with Love. I come from a place where everything is much larger than that which exists upon your planet Earth. That is why my voice is so much louder. I am whispering. If I were on my place, my place is not on a planet. My place is in consciousness. You could explain it like a black hole, if you think of the universe being like a sponge with holes all over it. It is the way the star people, the advanced star people, can move around, from one place to another, and it is possible for them to do that. Your … scientists here see them travelling around the outside, shall we say of the globe, or thinking of the Universe as a circle, it would take thousands of your years to go from one place to another, but it is not difficult to travel from place to place when you have the understanding that light can bend, and bend it does. So it is just a jump from one place to another. Do you understand. Eoch as I am, is the one that oversees the planetary movements within your Universe. And so I am sure there are some questions you would like to ask. I am open. Do you have a question?

Jacqui: Maybe about the Universe expanding? Can you tell us anything about this?

Eoch (through Valerie): In a way, from the scientist’s point of view, it is expanding, because you can see more than you could see at another time. But of course, the Universe has no beginning or end. It is eternal. It is in a rotation that comes upon itself and comes out in another movement, so there is really no end. It is a little hard for the human brain to accept and understand exactly what I am saying. There is no beginning or end. There is a raising or a lowering energy, or a more advanced energy. Does that help you my dear?

Jacqui: I think so, I will have to digest that. The other question I had was, I hear that you’re an advanced energy, and I’m just thinking and wondering what is it like to be in that sea of consciousness? Have you ever incarnated as a human or on some other planet in a body?

Eoch (through Valerie): No, No, No. That is not my role. My consciousness covers much more than that. There are beings that do incarnate, of course, but that is not my role. My role is overseeing the intelligence of movements within your Universe. So astro-physicists look out to the Universe and see much movement, and from a limited point of view it looks like chaotic happenings, but it moves out further and it is actually in total order but it goes on forever. Does that explain it my dear?

Jacqui: It does. Can I ask you another question? I have been doing a painting, and that is so much what the painting is about.

Eoch (through Valerie): That is no coincidence. You do know that you are being influenced by the Andromedan’s understanding of life and how planets can be created, and you are coming from that place. As you are my dear, that is Valerie also. There are many in Andromeda that understand that. That is not the end of course, or the beginning, it has always been. Just the same as there are other conscious levels that are beyond human understanding. Even with raised consciousness, they would not be able to handle or comprehend. Does that give you some understanding my dear?

Jacqui: Yes, thankyou so much. The question I have is, Why do you come to us today? Is there a special message ? Is there something else?

Eoch (through Valerie): It is to help those that read and listen to your work, to help them to realise that dimensions are always expanding. I use the word “dimensions”, perhaps I could say, different levels of frequency, that would be more accepted in your scientific language. Do you understand? I say again, there is no beginning or no end.

Jacqui: It is very hard (for me) to understand that. Where did it come from and where is it going?

Jill: Yes it is difficult.

Eoch (through Valerie): As I have said, the human brain would not be able to understand. So I request that you do not try. However, when you are leaving your brain and moving to your higher consciousness (your oversoul), you will have more understanding, but even then, it can be limited. Trust me, Trust me my dears, I come merely to explain the wholeness and the smallness of what exists in your Universe, and other Universes and other dimensions of consciousness. There is no limit whatever. Thank you.

Valerie now reflects everything on this Earth is an illusion and that it has a beginning, a middle and an end, and that all humans and all life forms on the planet are aspects of something else. And from that she feels Eoch is trying to get people to understand and expand their thinking, so that they are not limited to a beginning, middle and end.

We ask if Eoch is still with us. “I am”

Jacqui asks about how she sees energy bodies around people …

When Valerie was speaking about expanded consciousness, the thing I would love to ask you, is that when I see someone’s aura, I see it in layers like a layer cake, some people may have 14, some may have 20 or more, and in each layer there is a light (a part of that person’s soul consciousness in different dimensions) – so that person is having an experience they are physically unaware of. Can you explain this to me please?

Eoch (through Valerie): In a small way everything is played out as it is in the expanded view, so what you would be seeing in one little soul is a very small part of what is an expanded view. It is played out in that same way, if you like, although it is not the same story. In other words, the light that you see is limited because you are not seeing and it is not growing any further than the limited view of a soul. So of course there are different levels of consciousness within a soul and an oversoul which is expanded and within the Universe, the Creation of all – does that make sense.

Jacqui: I would have to digest this – but I can see that, I can see that on each level they could expand in so many ways.

Eoch (through Valerie): That is quite right. To enable yourself to understand it might just be best to let a few things go and accept that from you are here on this planet Earth there is limit. However if you …? into your soul you can get a broader view and from your soul consciousness you can get an expanded view, within your oversoul, and from your oversoul, which connects to the angelic realms, you get another expanded view, and it keeps growing that way. Does that help you.

Yes Thank you it does.

Jill feels someone else is waiting to speak with us. We ask ???

Yes there is.. No name –
Will you tell us your name?

He/she would like to speak through Valerie.

Andromeda Val (through Valerie): I am very pleased to be here. I always feel like a little child when I’m with you, because I’m excited and happy to make the connection always. In your time I come from the future, but in actual fact you exist here where I am coming from – the same as you exist where I am now. And even though it is a long distance from where I come from, it is in your future and yet I can sit here and speak through Valerie and I am from my past and Val is from her future, so that’s a bit interesting isn’t it? Maybe this will help you to understand when Eoch was trying to explain about the planets and the Universe. We did have different names that we could present to you, because you each of you, each of you are like a pod within the creative source of all. Which by the way is not the only creative source but it is the one that is being focused upon for all light workers and for the volunteers that have come from Andromeda to Planet Earth to speak of change and the lifting of the consciousness of the Planet Earth to a place where it is free of all negative fear and bad behaviour. I say bad behaviour, you can put your own idea about that.
There is no judgement from where we come. However there are a lot of people on this planet that are not happy and we would like to help you to find peace within you. Within each and every human upon this Earth, and this can happen, because as the frequency raises it comes to place where you understand more and you are influenced in a magnetic way with Andromeda, and where we come from in Andromeda and how we think and how we, shall I say, would never raise a weapon to sort out a problem, but we would speak with others to give and receive and find understanding. To respect the differences and to be able to move forward and live each life, for there is certainly enough room for all on this planet to survive and to live well and to share. There is no need for anyone to suffer or want for anything. What is needed of course which has been said by many coming from other planets, there is a very very serious need for you to honour the Planet you live on and look after it.
Those that would think that there is a cycle being repeated like the ice age, in a way it is being played out but there is influence from man made influence that is not making it easy to traverse that change that is leading into to what has been prophesised as the Golden Age. This is an important, important, action that people must take upon your planet before you lose it. And that is possible. Star people could tell you many stories of where they have neglected looking after their planet. It is like a Mother that gives them a place to live and that exactly how your planet Earth is. It gives you a place to live. There is a great need to take care of it and not to take things from it because it has its own balance. Scientists will begin to understand that more and more, all they need to do is ask the Hierarchy from Andromeda to help them, to give them ideas and thoughts on how to make it right on how this Earth is losing its balance. I do not wish to talk in a way that will frighten you because life exists always regardless of what body you are or what pod of consciousness you live in. Please do give it some thought and share it with others to help make it right. Thankyou.

We ask is there another message before we close? No.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

Valerie asks that everyday we focus on a prayer for the world, for human race.
Asking for the right decisions to be made for the good of all.

Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

The Sanskrit prayer –

May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love and light.