Narayana Meeting 11th June 2019

3 Oms and we call upon Cosmic Sai Baba, we ask to connect to our friends Andromeda and we meditate.

We felt an ocean of peace and of harmony… they were waiting for us to ask a question. Meditate again. Eagles seem strong today!!

We feel a huge light – brilliant white light in the room. We also talk about black holes as we have been shown these before many times.

We ask who is present – GOD.

We ask are the thoughts about black holes being put into our minds – Not our thoughts – thoughts are being given to us – Yes Yes.

Valerie Barrow calls on Andromeda Val for a message: I am very pleased to be here. We are observing what is taking place with you on Planet Earth. We know that an image of black holes is being given to you and we would like you think about that. It is a way of travel. If you could think of, shall we say, the Universe that has no boundaries at all. Think of it as a sponge – (I have spoken of this before) it has black holes in it. You can travel quickly from one place to another, going through these black holes. They are like tunnels. They are also linked with wormholes, which are another way of expressing by-ways. All safe travel if you understand the technology that the star people have used and do use.

The number of other planets that exist is mind boggling and I would not even try to say the number. There are different levels of consciousness, which take you into different universes and from there it climbs like a ladder, up and down, closer to you as you are on this planet at this time. It is easy to immediately travel just in areas around you in your universe, to travel to other levels you need to raise in consciousness and enter into that frequency and you will then be able to operate and travel at that level. There are many levels going up and down, many universes going up and down, and there is all those different frequencies, energies and vibration. That is a way of measuring the different universes. Does that make sense?

It’s a bit like an ocean, the way waves come and go, some are large, some are small, some are whirlpools, and that is what I feel they are relating to as an image of a black hole in the Universe. A bit like riding an ocean, sometimes having to wait, a starship may have to wait until conditions settle a bit or grow stronger and sometimes its not a good idea to travel that way, and they relocate and travel a different way. It’s a very simple way of explaining, but the actual universe is shown to me at this moment. The technology of star people is far advanced to what we have here on Earth.

Speaking to God…

We ask “Are there star world wars going on at this time – in this Earth world? Yes

In the 3rd and 4th dimension? Yes

What about between the 4th and 5th dimension? Yes

What about the 5th and 6th dimension? No

There is a new energy in the room…

Jill and Jacqui feel strongly there is a message that is of service that needs to come through…

Jacqui asks are we speaking to the same God? Nothing

Are we speaking to Sai Baba? No

Someone from Andromeda? No

Have we spoken to you before? Nothing

Do you come in Love? Yes

Have you ever watched us having our circle before? No

Are you from the planet Earth? No

Do you understand what we’re speaking about? Yes

Through our minds? No

Can you see we’re a bit off track with what we normally do? Yes

We feel a little uncomfortable and have a chat amongst ourselves.

Do you have a message for us? Yes

Are you here to challenge us/to test us? No

OK – so you’re going to give us a message.

So he/she comes in LOVE, not from Andromeda, not from Earth, but they have a message for us.

Valerie had been keeping herself blank, and to only channel today.

Both Valerie and our new entity are happy to give us a message.

Well at least you seem very honest. Yes

Is there a reason you wanted to speak to us, can we help you? Yes

How could we help you?

Jacqui and Jill have a persistent feeling that there is a significant question we need to ask and so we meditate again… something feels important to us… Yes!!! Comes the answer. In Service, we feel there is something new that needs to be raised.

We have a new entity, without a name, it comes in Love, not from Earth or Andromeda but they have a message for us. It’s not about black holes!! We ask Valerie Barrow to be the channel, she checks in with Sai Baba as we are working with a completely new energy and are slightly confused. Sai Baba says, yes this is a message for us, No – it is an Announcement! We are not sure who is making the announcement… but it has the blessing of Cosmic Sai Baba.

Valerie Barrow channels this new entity: Aaaaaa – It’s a long time since I’ve been in an Earth body. I am here and I want to say that there is nothing to worry about upon your planet Earth for you are protected. PROTECTED!! Do you hear me? I am here and I speak. I am the love being one that comes and represents all humanity and everything that is happening upon this planet Earth. The announcement that I am making is … From this day forth in your world, your 3rd / 4th dimension, is, there will be no harm that comes to your Earth despite what might seem to be happening around you. Please have faith and know nothing will be allowed to destroy this planet – nothing. It will move forward as is the great plan. Thank you my children, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Val felt this was where the energy was coming from; the Monad.

No name – No number. Jacqui was seeing an intense brilliant huge white light.

Us: It was a force of the Light – Humanity… Yes he says!!!

How will we recognise you? Nothing

Valerie says – the Life Force of Man? He says YES

It came with Swami’s blessing.

Valerie says “using the human voice box was really just to try to show that it was actually the force of all command. Sounds like its something ruling us and we don’t really have any choice but it’s like contracts we’ve already (before this birth) made and the choice has already been made so nothing is forcing us.”

She goes on to say “what we need to get past is the limitations that we have with a voice box because they were playing the announcement through that but it is actually (if you could allow yourself) to hear into other worlds it would have been the carillion of bells. Many bells sounding. It did suggest to me that there could be a rough time coming?

We realise our new friend the Force of Light is still with us…

Jacqui asks “is the Earth planet made to be NOT in harmony?” YES

So we’re here to learn? YES

(Jacqui is reminded that two or so years ago God told us he was the good and he was the bad. That he is everything)

Valerie says as far as the sound goes, it could have been a Carillion of sound… (look up) – Yes again he says!!

Valerie says it’s not the first time she’s heard the bells – when the bell sounds – it’s in The Book of Love by a Medium (Valerie Barrow).

Page 7 the first message given on the 22nd/8/1994 while sitting with the Sacred Alcheringa Stone that gave us the information of the first humans. Then on Page 33on the 7th sitting speaks about the major bell sound made by thousands at Wembley Stadium and further around the earth organised by Sandy Stevenson.

Valerie also says it has been ten years since she has had an “announcement”. Being the talk about two Earths. It was an important one, because it explains about the raising of consciousness, if you like. We know we’ve got the 3rd and the 4th dimension, but now we have the moving from the 4th to the 5th dimension. 4th will still exist and the 5th will take us into the Golden Age.

The 4th are the ones that are sorted out (they say like the wheat from the chaff) and its not from anyone choosing it, but the person themselves.

But the important thing is that its all in the same place, just as it is here now. Everything is here is the same place. Hard for our Earth brains to get around.

See here -> on Valerie’s website.

Jacqui had a very strong dream where Anna (Andromeda) said very clearly

And Valerie added “There is no limit to consciousness”

We close our meeting with 3 Oms. Shanti Shanti Shanti.

The Source of All Creation is Love
Help Ever, Hurt Never
Love All, Serve All
Sai Baba