3 Oms Shanti Shanti Shanti #2

Valerie opened the meeting by calling on Cosmic Sai Baba to be with us, to bless this Oracle and we offer ourselves in service and look forward to working with Andromeda.

We meditate

We ask for acknowledgement of God being present, and it is confirmed.
A very peaceful energy surrounds us. We get a YES from the Oracle.
And a request to speak through Valerie.

Valerie Barrow channels Cosmic Sai Baba:

It is I, Cosmic Sai Baba, and I am very pleased to be with you this day. The platform has been set up and we are ready to connect to the Oracle in Andromeda, where the girls there are working diligently with you three.

Andromeda Val also makes herself known to be present, and asks did we have any questions?

Jacqui had a question. She had read in a magazine that an ancient civilisation had informed American researchers (as a way of giving proof that they had been visiting the Earth for many many years) that they had built huge concrete-like landing mounds /towers/platforms in New Caledonia and no one had been able to identify what these structures were or what they were used for. They had been carbon dated as up to around 12,000 of our years. So my question is, “do you know anything of these ancient people that came here in their (space)crafts? And my question is, where these people from an advanced civilisation from Andromeda?”

Andromeda Val:

If I can take the question as a general question, because we have touched on this before, when you were speaking to Jalum, (and that was no coincidence, and all the information that he gave you). There were many civilisations that came from other planets to visit this Earth, your Earth, and they were not in a human body, however they did have bodies of their own, more like a light body, not as heavy as a human body. And so yes, there were many places that were dedicated for landing platforms. The people that came brought much technology, information and knowledge. They taught and shared their information with different peoples that had visited this Earth, there was quite a lot actually. That is why there are many places on this planet that show there have been advanced civilisations at another time. Mostly the dating seems to always go back to when the Earth was going through an evolvement that was referred to as the fall of Atlantis. There were many little Atlantises all around the Earth at the time, because the change and the fall into the third dimension was very great for this planet. It almost died. However, it was protected by the Angelic realms in Andromeda who had first created this planet and so it was cast into a, should I say, a net of protection, not only for energies that were destructive that could have gone out and affected the solar system and elsewhere, but it also held the energy within and around the atmosphere of your Earth until all time it settled, because there was volcanic action. There was earthquakes, there was water moving very strongly from one place to another, and there was Earth that was rising above water and going under the water in various places. All this has been found, little by little, by your scientists. They have not quite put it together, that is just a general happening upon your planet. But it was.

Now, that protection that went around your atmosphere, was like a net. It was an energetic net, but it did hold the atmosphere in place. Which is what the Andromedans and the Angelic realms had worked so hard to create in the first place. After that, the Earth was left to recover and also to heal. Those left on the Earth remained in a human body. All other civilisations had left and returned to their other planets, or wherever they had come from.

I am talking in a larger picture than the question you have asked but yes, there are places in New Caledonia, in Peru, places all around the world. It is not hard to find where there has been evidence of advanced civilisations that existed a long time before scientists have thought or accepted totally, because they have always looked at the human race and seen them as cave-dwellers. That is not exactly how it evolved. Does that answer your question, my dear?

Jacqui Johnston:

Yes – it was such a good answer. Thankyou. I really appreciate that, thankyou. I could also see Valerie was so calm when she was doing the channelling, she was very calm. It was very different today. What do you think about that?

Andromeda Val:

Yes, Valerie and I have been working closer a number of times, and it is making it easier for me to communicate through her. She is integrating my energy and she mentions that she feels more sensitive and gets upset a little more easily. That is understandable because from where I come from there is not the emotion and the actions that do take place upon your Earth, that we find so upsetting actually. I hope you will allow that in her, she is beginning to remember and see from that point of view. For the consciousness to grow and to become aware in all humans exactly where they come from and while so many do harm each other and harm living life on the planet. For it is not meant to be that way. It never was meant to be that way. There are many others from Andromeda that are very upset about this and we try to help. We try to lift the consciousness by our presence and by working through many upon this planet Earth, in an Earth body, which helps to enhance and to integrate and earth the energy that is flowing from Andromeda and the Source of All Creation, to heal and to assist the Earthlings to know and understand who they really are.

We all meditate again.

Jill had a question – her grandson wanted to know more about Nibaru, from the asteroid belt. Valerie suggested we could ask what destroyed that planet that existed before Earth.
The Oracle asks to speak through Valerie –

Andromeda Val:

You are asking if Nibaru is the planet that existed before the Earth was created by the Angelic Realm from Andromeda. And I would say Yes – it is part of that, but it is not the whole part of Planet Earth. Portions of it were used to help create the Planet Earth. The asteroid belt still exists and it is part of the interaction and overlaying, interfacing of the planets with solar systems. This needed to be corrected, so at the time Nibaru was exploded and broken up. That happened from a game of wars, if you like, by other beings but were having a busy time destroying a lot of things that were created. I’d rather not go into that, but Nibaru is the name that has been given to the one that was destroyed. There are other names also, which could cause confusion, because it is the same planet. As you can see with the asteroid belt that was seen to be much bigger than the Earth itself and that is true, however, with the energy and the balance in sacred geometry if you like, in energy,, is the same and so it was not put in to a place where there was an imbalance of the circular planets of your solar system. So it was not out of balance after the Earth was created. Part of the asteroid belt was used in the creation of the Earth planet. Which means that part of Nibaru still exists within your Earth planet. When I say that, I mean the consciousness – that is all – the consciousness (of Nibaru). I feel that is why some people who worry about Nibaru still have that consciousness that is within them. They have memories of what happened before the Earth was created. Does that make sense? I hope so.

Jacqui Johnston:

All I can think about is the oceans, how dirty and polluted they are. Cleaning them up – Is it going to happen? Such a huge job. All the sea creatures dying from ingesting plastic. It doesn’t break down.

Valerie Barrow:

If the Andromedans created the planet – the oceans – they must know how to clear it.

(Jill also reminded me that we had been speaking about the many ancient Egyptian coins found in Queensland and the Northern Territory during road building along the old Aboriginal trails. Many of these coins were handed to the Australian Government.
We were very interested because of our work several years ago, (with Jalum) where we were shown psychically that Egyptian and Phoenician vessels had come across the top of Australia and down the East Coast keeping close to land all the way down to the Caves at Kariong, where a large group of Egyptians had come to recover the body of a prince who had died here. So the news of the coins was a confirmation for us personally.)

Valerie’s question was about the highest order of consciousness that we can cope with – because there are probably others that we couldn’t cope with at all. I think Andromeda goes up to about the 10th.

So her question was – what’s the level of consciousness that exists on Andromeda? Including the Wise Ones and the Angelic Realms? We have been told that the Angelic Realms are actually sacred geometry.

We just wanted to confirm that our friends from Andromeda wanted to talk about the oceans, because I didn’t know if it was just in my own mind! The answer was a YES – they wanted to speak about the oceans. They want to speak –
By now we are all feeling comatose. We all felt like we could slide off the table and go to sleep. Even the dog was asleep. Valerie keeps pushing JJ to do the channelling.

Andromeda Val – thru Valerie

Indeed the oceans do need clearing, they are sick and all the life in it is suffering. There is a great need for humanity to be aware and to be careful about what they put into the oceans and there is nothing more I can say about this except that something does have to be done about it.

(Valerie stops here – saying having trouble connecting with AV but in her mind is seeing water flow – like the currents carrying the rubbish. Val wants to leave the question – says this has never happened before. It upsets her. She feels really tired, hard to get a focus – all of us do.

Valerie asked why she had become lost for words, which was unusual for her. This has never happened before.

We reconfirmed that our friends, Val, Anna and Daina from Andromeda and Cosmic Sai Baba were still present. They confirmed they were.

Andromeda Val then DID come back through Valerie:

I am asking Valerie not to be upset – it was done on purpose and was done on purpose because we wanted you all to rethink exactly your roles upon this Oracle and your role in participating in the Oracle and the action of comparing with the Oracle in Andromeda and yourselves here on your planet Earth. There is a great difference in time and distance but with this platform being set up you can communicate and interact directly, the same as if there was no time or distance. It is NOW. Everything is Now. Everything is happening at once. It is to do with relativity when there seems to be a separation. That is not so once you enter into, shall I say, the cycle of consciousness and the consciousness that exists in various places around the Universe are all open to communicating with each other. If that makes sense. Do you want to ask a question about that?

Jacqui Johnston:

No, I thinks that’s clear.

Andromeda Val:

So I am asking on behalf of Daina and Anna that you think of yourselves as communicating with them as if they are in the room, because they are. There is no reason to doubt it or to be fearful of not receiving the correct information, because if you are not happy with an answer, or if you feel that there is a misunderstanding, all you need to do is discuss it and talk it through. So they are hoping that you girls will involve yourselves more and not just depend on one, but rather the three (Val, Daina and Anna) coming together. Which is what the ultimate goal is about.

Jacqui Johnston:

I can’t speak for Jill, but I don’t feel as clear about these things as Valerie does. Valerie is very open and I just get (ie see, know, hear) things now and then. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m here, (holding the space, typing the transcripts – I feel driven and guided by upstairs to do it – as a service of some sort – even though I don’t understand why sometimes).

Valerie Barrow:

I’ve been there. I have been doing this a lot longer. At first it came in dribs and drabs. Infact I started out with writing, and if I got a message I would write it down, because I would lose it if I didn’t do it. It’s a matter of discipline.

For 35 years I have kept dated notes. Could I suggest, when you get a thought, write it down. Like a journal. Straight away. We are in 2018 – an 11 – a doorway – things are changing – opening. I always look for a sign or symbol or ask for one (a sign). It helps me to accept the way things are, rather than have to doubt. Also I would suggest listen to your heart and look for a sign. As Sai Baba says, look for our God within. Our Creator within.

Valerie still hadn’t asked her question in regard to the Wise Ones and Consciousness in the Angelic Realms.

We ask the Oracle is there a message. It gives a different sign for someone to speak. Was like an inverted D – a half moon. Did they want someone else beside Valerie to speak . Jill –
Should Jacqui speak? YES

Jacqui Johnston:

You want me to try and channel you – Ill do my best,

Valerie Barrow:

Don’t think about anything

Just repeat what you hear

Jacqui Johnston:

I AM seeing a beautiful blue light bombarding all of us – the whole room and a happiness, a very big happiness, and a huge flash of blue light. The feeling that I’m getting and the words that I need to say, are that they’re happy. Whatever happened today, is not a waste, and that they’re (Val, Daina and Anna) always in constant contact, and aligned with us. The beauty of it makes me want to cry. And they’re just sending us lots of love, I don’t so much hear words, I see pictures.

Valerie Barrow:

Can you describe the pictures?

Jacqui Johnston:

I’m seeing a tunnel, a communication tunnel, I’m also seeing other energy coming across (like a gatekeeper) like Sai Baba – he does open the channel – he’s part of that allowing, that allows us to talk clearly through this channel. We do need him to communicate (BIG FLASH OF LIGHT AND LOST A SECTION OF SOUND ON OUR RECORDING – Proof ? A sign?) – Its like he’s in the seat that holds the energy. As I was saying that, everything just changed to pink and gold light, like a blessing to all of us. Thankyou Thankyou – I feel like they’ve gone.

We close the meeting. Valerie gives thanks to all. We look forward to meeting again on the 8th of July (as requested by Andromeda), We’re here to serve.

3 Oms.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

A Sanskrit prayer chanted at the conclusion of a spiritual practice.
(Meaning “May all beings everywhere be joyful and free from suffering in the state of union with the Divine”)

Peace Peace Peace on Earth for all the Universe