Narayana Oracle Meeting 8/7/18 (as requested by God and our friends from Andromeda)

3 Oms

We call upon Cosmic Sai Baba and ask him to bless this Oracle that we have, with guidance for the best way to conduct the meeting in the most focused way that you would like us to do. We are sorry about the last meeting.

The candle flame is very tall and very straight.

We ask who is present? G O D

Jacqui Johnston:

We are guessing you heard our conversation about our confusion?



Jacqui Johnston:

We really need some direction, and we are looking to you for that – Is that OK with you?



Jacqui Johnston:

Do you need to speak through Valerie?



The energy feels very heavy and grounded.

Valerie Barrow channels Cosmic Sai Baba:

I am here to offer in service to the Oracle.

Valerie Barrow channels God – Cosmic Sai Baba:

I am here and I am very pleased to be here and want to introduce Andromeda Val, Anna and Daina are waiting also and so I will hand over the meeting to Andromeda Val.

Andromeda Val:

I thank you for inviting me to this meeting. We have pre-empted the meeting and are waiting now. You are concerned as to how the meeting should actually flow and we have suggested that you meditate and receive a message from that meditation. Sometimes promptings can come from different ways – not always by sounds, sometimes images, or even thoughts. Trust that. If something jumps into your mind, we are hoping that is what you will run with. So if you can follow from that. You have been doing this in the past, and this is the way we would like this Oracle to run. And of course, the fact that it has this information that we can spell out to you, we would like you to actually do that as well.

JJ thinks – free will!

Then we meditate.

JD Has been thinking about the significance of the three volcanoes that are really active at the moment. (Hawaii, Guatamala and Indonesia also we think Japan?). Is it part of a shake up (for the World, to look after Mother Earth).
G O D came forward, FIX – Yes

VB Channels God:

With all the changes that are happening upon this Planet’s happening in different ways, but its all to improve the consciousness in every action that takes place from that upon your Planet Earth. The volcanoes that are coming into action now are helping to clear energies that are no longer needed within your planet Earth. It’s helping to release that and find balance within her so that the planet can move freely with the movement of the solar system and your galaxy and in connection to your other galaxies around you. It is time that mankind comes to wake up and comes to understand that there is a great need to look after Mother Earth and not pull things from her inner self, but rather to protect her and care for her. If you take pieces from her, it is causing imbalance within her and she is finding it difficult to rotate in equilibrium with the rest of the planets that operate within your solar system. So it is important that the balance must remain, for it is adjusting in any case to another equilibrium that existed before Atlantis fell.

Atlantis fell and caused a lot of imbalance and disruptions connecting to the core of suns that lead back to the Source of all Creation. This is an edict that will happen of course regardless of mankind upon this Earth. Mankind himself needs to adjust and find the equilibrium within himself or herself, as well, so the balance can be within the consciousness of all that are on the Planet Earth. This is happening but there is a need to put a place of importance, extreme importance to your planet itself, for this is the place that you live at this time and you need to nurture her and maintain the balance of the atmosphere surrounding the Earth. This is very important. So the fact that the volcanoes are discharging unwanted energy and not remaining calm and at peace is because of the changes that are taking place upon the planet itself.

Prayer can help with these changes but also the need to not take anything from the Planet Earth, there would be no need for Earth to find a balance any longer. She would just roll with the changes, the same as everything else within the Universe. Please think about this. Please think about this. This is your future, Thankyou Thankyou, Thankyou. I God bless you.

Andromeda Val comes through and says to publish the article from our last meeting in June. And to leave it as Nibaru. AV confirms a very strong YES. To be published.

AV speaks through VB:

Yes, I wish to speak. I am happy that you have asked these questions for there is a misunderstanding about Nibaru itself. It has been given a history about many different things and its role and there is a lot on the internet that is mis-information and I would like to re-assure everybody that Nibaru is not going to crash into the planet Earth. It never has and it never will. So there is contrariness there, and I would like to re-assure people.

I have used the word “Nibaru” on purpose because in some ways the planet Earth before the Angelic Realms have created was referred to as Nibaru, only from its magnetised connection to its cycle that did come over thousands of years, and then returned to another cycle. A little hard to explain, but I hope that you will accept what I am saying. Some people have connected a planet named Malbec in the asteroid belt and it exists also. Last meeting we had on the 3rd July, information was given about many planets that existed in your solar system. More than what exists now. In appearance, because of star war activity the asteroid belt remained and therefore the image of the planets that did exist before they were blown up. So you can ask more questions about this if you like, but this is really what I want to clarify. Thankyou.

We close the meeting with a prayer of thanks and gratitude to all that came to us.

3 Oms. Close.