The Soul is the Missing Link

Scientists, anthropologists, historians and archaeologists search man’s history and place among the stars, forever seeking answers to the mystery of human life and consciousness. What is our origin, how do we get to man from the hairy, upstanding ape, is there life out there in the stars? What form of life is it? Is it intelligent? These and many other questions are pursued while quietly, in the background, the process of Ascension and the expansion of the soul continues. We will not stay forever in Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin; the soul will take its place as the missing link to the past, the present and the future.


When we were very young, we were taught well by our parents and taught good manners in public and to mind our p’s and q’s. Many of us were also taught to say our prayers before bedtime. We learned very young that we had an inner guide, a friend who would help us navigate the waters of life. In these darkening days of Kali Yuga and the transformation to the higher dimensions, there will be much inner darkness for the masses, and this can spill over into our own minds, unless we have shored up defences against psychic intrusion and mass hysteria; we may have also shored up a living and loving relationship with The Master, the Source of All Creation.

Part of this time of growth is the expansion of soul consciousness, the awareness of vast inner realms within, and a cornucopia of unanswered questions surges forth and spills over into a marvellous expanse stretching to infinity. The alchemical work of the soul unfolds before our inner eyes. Of course, there are those who are ignorant of the inner sky of the heart, and are frightened by what is unfolding. They will need your companionship on the journey.

We each have a hidden sensor within. This is like an invisible searchlight pointing the way home to the residence of The Master, the Source of All Creation. This homing beacon, as it were, picks up the path to the light even as we are unaware that this is our true home and we are blindly seeking the way, like the blind naked mole rats in the humus of Earth. That homing beacon, that inner searchlight, is also a Truth Vane, like the wind vane on the building spires. We also have an inner pointer to the Universal Truth as we experience it day by day. We are on the path home.


We all have an inner weathervane that always points to the Truth

Many of us spend our days managing the mind with inner discipline. The mind takes the energy of the Soul and creates all this glamour without, and reaches out to the next big thing to amuse us, satisfy us and gratify our senses. For some, it is a treadmill and we feel like Sisyphus, forever pushing the rock uphill. With all this mind discipline, something else is going on in the background. The energy of the Soul returns to the Soul, unspent, and innate soul-talents begin to expand. Consciousness expands within and awareness of the 5th Dimension and interplanetary awareness and being begins to reach out, reach inwards. The soul moves from the microcosmic to the macro-cosmic.

We began saying “When we were very young”, reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh and the world of a young child, Christopher Robin. When we look to the stars, we encounter humanoid species with a history spanning hundreds of thousands of years: millennia. When we look to our own earthly lives, we have little recorded history that is more than 10,000 years old, indicating that much of our history and story was swept under in a great deluge recorded in our oral history and legends. It is due our history and subsequent restoration that we emerged with hagiography of a punitive God. This is not the truth, and has naught to do with true humanness.

Like the child that has been isolated from its planetary and galaxy neighbours, we struggle with forms of life that do not mimic our own, and have engendered fear, xenophobia of odd vessels in the skies, and even odder humanoid and insectoid forms. We have little grasp of forms of consciousness and intelligence more highly evolved than that of humans on this planet. However, the gift of human life is emotion, feeling and love.

There are many reasons for the isolation for the Earthling, and loss of history with the fall of Atlantis. With that fall, the Stargates closed and Earth was closed to the stars and the galaxies. The stargates now open, light filters in, and this light also elevates the soul and enables the return of the Christ Consciousness, – or the Crystal Consciousness – to all forms of life on our planet. While some search for the missing link with the hairy upstanding ape and modern homo sapiens sapiens, the soul and its latent skills and capabilities is the missing link to our neighbours in the stars and the Universes. Love is the gift we may give to all that take birth as human, and take birth again in their own galaxies and stars.


On April 10, a Full Moon and Jupiter shared this telephoto field of view. Both were near opposition, opposite the Sun in Earth’s night sky. Captured when a passing cloud bank dimmmed the bright moonlight slightly, the single exposure reveals the familiar face of our fair planet’s own large natural satellite, along with a line up of the ruling gas giant’s four Galilean moons. Labeled top to bottom, the tiny pinpricks of light above bright Jupiter are Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, and Io. Closer and brighter, our own natural satellite appears to loom large. But Callisto, Ganymede, and Io are physically larger than Earth’s Moon, while water world Europa is only slightly smaller. In fact, of the Solar System’s six largest planetary satellites, only Saturn’s moon Titan is missing from the scene. Copyright: Göran Strand