The Roles of Hanuman

On this occasion of Hanuman Jayanthi (birth of Hanuman) it is recalled that Hanuman played an important role in the story of Lord Rama and the destruction of evil represented by the demon king Ravana. Hanuman also has another dimension, that of a divine, a divinity, a star-being who had a role of protector of the Earth over 800 million years ago. He is also of the extinct race of Vanara who donated DNA to the being that eventually went on to become the human. In this wise, we look to ancient stories of Hanuman, and the workings of the Mystery School with its revelations from Jalarm the Atlantean, who gave much information about mankind’s past.

Birthday of Hanuman

On occasion of the full moon of the month of Chaitra, the devotees of the Hindu Religion celebrate the birth of Sri Hanuman of the race of Vanara (now extinct) who served Lord Rama. The story of Hanuman is told in the epic called Ramayana, the story of the abduction of Sita, the consort of Lord Rama, and her recovery, in which Lord Hanuman was instrumental.

A key part of the story was finding Rama’s consort Sita who had been abducted by the Demon king Ravana. Hanuman is given the ring of Lord Rama to take as his auspice for Sita, and told to go to the South, where one encounters the ocean. As Hanuman is son of the wind-god Vayu, he may leap and fly through the air.

The shakti or energy which enables Hanuman to fly through the air is namasmrana, the repetition of the divine name. In this case, Hanuman is repeating the name of Rama, who has given him the ring. The ring, as passport, introduces Hanuman to Sita in that it is testimonial to his sincerity and proof of his identity.

Hanuman was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and very rarely separated from the service of Rama. His total devotion to Lord Rama was recognised when gifts were being disbursed to all who had participated in the great saga. Due his utter devotion, Lord Rama granted Hanuman the gift of immortality; wherever the tale of the Ramayana is recited, there Hanuman may be present.


Hanuman leaps over the ocean

The Mystery School:

The Mystery School is a small group of highly evolved souls residing in the bodies of several women who meet monthly at the direction of the Source of All Creation, the Creator. They work with a sanctified Oracle, and interact with a high being from the Angelic Realms known as Jalarm the Atlantean. Jalarm reveals much of the history of the Earth from its being moved to where it is now in the solar system, and the various races from the stars who have enabled this garden of Eden to flourish. Much history of our planet and the times before the Fall of Atlantis 10,000 years ago has been given. Here, we pick up the narrative about varia races and the Creation of this planet:

Ancient Nuclear Wars

Was there atomic or nuclear conflict in pre-historic times, before the Fall of Atlantis?
The Oracle: The wine glass moved quickly by itself – confirming that conflict did take place in the Indus Valley

We asked the Oracle how long ago?
The Oracle: advised quite strongly that this took place 800,000,000 million years ago. This response was very strong.
Jacqui said that she had a strong feeling about that war and asked “Was it connected to a monkey god?”
The Oracle: Indicated that Jalarm wanted to speak through Valerie.

Jalarm: “It is I, Yalarm, and you are asking about the fighting that took place above the planet and yes, there was a fighting that took place; YES – because there was a disagreement as to who the planet belonged to. And so that was what the fight was about. It was between the Dracos and Hanuman – Hanuman was/is like a Leonine and he went on to be the first human.

At least that was the DNA and the first image that became the first human. He was the one – who loved God the most. But going back in time – there was a star-being that was known as Hanuman. It (the fighting) was over, as I said, who had the ownership of the planet.


The Star – Being Hanuman was the over-sighting spirit of our Planet … and also the Monkey God, Hanuman

Jalarm:Now I would like to say here … … the planet was being formed in this very early time, and I would not say one side or the other, actually WON a war. Because in WAR there are no actual winners. There are only those that appear to have won.

Jalarm:And so, it was agreed by the Hierarchy that the Draco or its eventual … hmm what can I say, … light form, that were created by them to live on this planet. You will find also that there are stories about these wars about the Reptilian beings – and the snake like beings that had wars with each other – that is recorded in the Australian Indigenous Dreaming Stories.

Jalarm:There is similarity there.

Jalarm:But for those that were fighting with technology (which, by the way, is still more advanced than what exists on this Earth planet), there was fire, there was energy released like an atomic bomb. And the evidence of that exists now in the Indus Valley. There is some recording of radiation activity: and it shows just how severe and how dangerous this activity with wars using atomic and nuclear bombs can be. It is very dangerous – and there is no future in it in the long term.


There was radiation activity which turned sand to blue crystals

The Creation of the Human

Thank you. Another question is, “How does the human fit in with the myths about Hunaman/Hanuman and the race of Dravidians who are similar to the Australian Aborigines”?

Jalarm: Well, these evolvement of shall we say MAN – when it became enchristed, which was later – it became a Hu-man that was a man of Light – also to help earth the Divine Source of Creation of All which was Light, Love and Compassion. These are the energies that come with that Source of Creation. These Beings were later blessed with this enchristed Light and became God-like Beings. Before that, all the experiments that took place into something that was up-standing to act as a slave – to the Draconian/Reptilian races were created without permission from the Source.

And these Beings that were created to become Hu-man it is another play of words into Hunaman which was well known to the people who lived in India. But of course the Hunaman or the Light man came long before a lot of these races had come to this planet. Some came from an evolved source and knew and understood well what had taken place upon this place and wanted also to help earth and ground the source of the Divine Light or Enchristed Light. And so these roles were taking place by many races – which I have already told you came to visit this place – some left and some stayed. The land you know as India was a place there is an evolvement of the energy of that point of the planet. Does this make sense? (yes)

Races in the Cosmos

Jalarm: Valerie is asking about the races in the Cosmos. For there are many, many, many races. And at different levels of consciousness also. And to be specific she is asking or wondering about Hanuman*.

Jalarm: Hanuman – does exist – and did exist – long before your planet was created, And so yes the race of Hanuman did exist – and it was, shall we say, a mixture of other races also that came together and produced an image as well as a consciousness that was related to the Vanara consciousness which was monkey-like in its ways but also a mixture of the Leonine and other races also, that melded together. But Hanuman in that race was also, shall we say, the signature for what became eventually the Human – or the Upstanding-hairy-like-ape-creature. Do you understand?

And so Valerie is asking me now “was it created by the Reptilians? … … and I can say, ‘Yes it was.’

Jalarm: Here on this planet – once that had been established and the Reptilian races had taken over the planet. It was a development, even with your own DNA from the Reptilian people. The Draco anomaly was also involved with that to take place. They were of a consciousness which was raised and dominated the Reptilian race on this planet. But they came from somewhere else also. And so the consciousness of man was created and the physical being of the man was created. You could say, yes it was related to and the cosmic image of Hanuman. Or the Vanara race – yes.

So does that make some sense – would you like to ask questions about that?

Jalarm: Valerie is asking me if they were the ones that existed in mythology and the ancient Riga in the Indian time or as it was known as Bharat. And I would say yes it was.

And so there was a a lot going on that was not recorded by hand, if I can say it that way, but it is recorded in an etheric way and it is still there for the knowledge to be drawn upon.

There are many races, as I have said, there are many races that were at war in the Cosmic World and yes, that did influence the human and it still does.

For the war-like ways are still existing in the human and until that changes the consciousness cannot raise into a place where there will be World Peace.



* Hanuman – Valerie uses the term Hunaman for there is a sense of a relation to the Huna peoples of Hawaii. Hanuman was a member of an intelligent race (of monkeys) called Vanara, who was the servant of Lord Rama in the times of the Ramayana. He is often called “the Monkey God” and is honoured at a number of festivals in Hinduism. In the Ramayana, Lord Rama granted immortality to Hanuman, so he may travel the worlds, the universes and through time; wherever the Ramayana is recited, there Hanuman may be present. Bharat is an ancient name for India. You can read more here


 Hanuman is also a being from the Angelic Realms, who played a role in the protection of the Earth