Satkona: English ‘sixth angle’

  • A six-angled figure
  • The thunderbolt of Indra
  • A diamond
  • the sixth astrological house

At this point in time with a debilitated Sun (ego, I sense is weakened) and debilitated Venus (intra-personal support is lacking) these are actually contributing to Ascension: “we have to get out of the way to allow Ascension to proceed within us.” The satkona, the “sixth angle” is in fact the sixth dimension within us. It is an inner dimension of awareness and experience.


Friends and Soul Contracts

One of the topics the Source likes to remind us of is that we have known all who enter our lives before. We have known them in the light – behind the curtain of forgetfulness. We have known them in other lives; we have been married to them, we have been brother and sister, Father and daughter, friend and neighbour, employer and overseer. We have had so many relationships. And when we take birth, we ask them to be in our lives again, as our teachers …

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The Crystal Light, The Adonis Race

A message is given from a large group of light beings about the Crystal Light within the human, and the future race to emerge on Earth, the Adonis Race. The Crystal Light is given in order that the hairy upstanding ape evolve to the hue-man, the one with the light of Source embedded within. The Adonis Race is emergent with those seeking, choosing to be part of Ascension, the body of humans who will cooperate with the star people and rise to live in peace, harmony, cooperation and understanding with their fellow humans.

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Spiritual Telepathy

Much information is coming in this time of love and light about the future life of humans on this planet. The Source has ingested, brooded and birthed the spirit in many hearts and minds and dipped its finger in the sky of the heart of many on Earth. The message is a message of love; the message is a message of raising of energies on many – heretofore unknown – levels; the message is a message of making an important choice – to progress with love in making Earth a place of cooperation, harmony and understanding – or to remain with the status quo. Many gifts are given to enable the little earthling to rise on this Earth. Here, we read about those who have been ourselves in the past and have emerged to show us what we might achieve with a downpour of spiritual light and spiritual telepathy.

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