Honouring the Earth 1

In this article we commence the Earth Honouring series, where we take a look at the current conditions on many levels of human social, economic and environmental enterprise, examine these spheres of activity closely and look to the outcomes. So many people feel powerless and hopeless in the face of such mangnitude of events careening out of control like a juggernaut towards them. We look to inner and outer remedies for these circumstances.

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Spirituality transcends Chaotic Nodes

When water is boiled, bubbles rise to the surface; when water continues to boil, a roiling boil ensues; where the atoms will move to becomes unpredictable, and the surface of the water roils. In these times of transformation to the 5th Dimension – the return of humanity to its state before the Fall of Atlantis, that which is not proper for true humanness comes to the surface and is witnessed. Chaotic nodes are like that; unpredictable behaviour and events occur which dismay us.We are witnessing the transformation of all to the 5th Dimension.

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Role of Indigenous Women; The Earth Mother as a LIVE BEING

wandjinaThe Indigenous peoples of the Earth – Australia in particular – have lost their sacred ceremonies and their rituals, having been torn apart by settlement of whites in their land, Jalarm tells. On a soul level, the indigenous peoples have come together to recover their past and share the knowledge of caring for the people of the West. It is important that mankind understands the need to care for the Earth our Mother, who has a consciousness – along with an important role in balance for the other planets – in the galaxy we call our own.

Jalarm tells that starpeople have been coming and visiting the Earth, even in human form.

The Mystery School discusses the role of women in ancient religions and the masculine and feminine within. It was recalled that as bodies return to the light and evolve higher and higher, they omit gender differences and become androgynous, which is a blending of masculine and feminine. In a subsequent question to Jalarm, the discussion turns to the role and leadership of women in ancient indigenous culture; and their role in holding the tribal groups and society together. Jalarm reminds us that women, whether they hold any power or not, have an important role in holding the social networks together and exercise that.

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