Spirituality transcends Chaotic Nodes

When water is boiled, bubbles rise to the surface; when water continues to boil, a roiling boil ensues; where the atoms will move to becomes unpredictable, and the surface of the water roils. In these times of transformation to the 5th Dimension – the return of humanity to its state before the Fall of Atlantis, that which is not proper for true humanness comes to the surface and is witnessed. Chaotic nodes are like that; unpredictable behaviour and events occur which dismay us.We are witnessing the transformation of all to the 5th Dimension.

Many read the news, others watch the television and listen to the radio. All have the same question: Where will it all end? The Earth has its path to follow; instead of heaving all the occupants off the planet during the time of transformation and renewal, all get to stay and become transformed as well. The 5th Dimension continues to descend and the energy waves flow through the stargates surrounding the Earth. Starpeople visit and render assistance. Those who are here in the 3rd Dimension have a great opportunity to render to Mother Earth. For, where would we be without Mother Earth?

There is one temple in India, at Varanasi, where inside the temple, there is just a map of India. It is honouring Mother India, but is also honouring Mother Earth. There are no other statues of Gods in this temple; it is completely reserved for honouring the Earth our Mother. This temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936.

Inside of Bharat Mata Temple, India. The Mantra to Mother Earth is thus:

Om pritvi deviyai cha vidmahe

sahasra murtyai cha dhimahey

tanno mahi prachodayat

The 5th Dimension is returning to Earth; this flow of 5th Dimensional energy commenced at the time of 21 December 2012; the Earth has entered the new age, humanity will be transformed. The so-called “junk DNA” – dna that is disused in humanity is being reactivated by the 5th Dimension. Peoples will experience awakening psychic skills, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience. Energies will flow around people. People need help and understanding to transit this time.

With the 5th Dimension, none of the negative energies may go across: wars and rumours of war; disagreements within families and between friends, enmity and jealousy, greed and hatred. All this will go. None of the negative energy may nor will it go – across into the 5th Dimension. People will sit down and discuss their differences and respect those differences. None will ever think to take up a weapon to settle differences. The 5th Dimension is a time of bringing the light to Earth, to all places, to all activities, to all thoughts, actions, emotions. The 5th Dimension is a transformation of Mother Earth and all upon her to a place of peace.

We commenced with the metaphor of water being brought to boil:



When water is boiled, bubbles rise to the surface; when water continues to boil, a roiling boil ensues; where the atoms will move to becomes unpredictable, and the surface of the water roils. The state of our Earth is somewhat unpredictable. Some say there is global warming; others say there is global warming pause. Some are fearful of all that is coming to the surface: disorder in human relations, disorder with earthquakes and tsunami, disorder with an erratic environment; the sea ice contracts, the sea ice expands, El Niño comes as a double El Niño, or none at all. What is needed is a return to order, for this world is light, and Mother Earth reflects back to us what it is we feel, what is we do, what it is we think. However, there is a return to order coming about.

The Universe rests on truth. There is an eternal order in the universe and this is reflected in the behaviour of all that exists. It is the eternal order of an apple to taste like an apple and not have the taste of an orange; it is the eternal order of the Sun to rise and set daily; it is the eternal order of rain to fall down and not to rise up. Everything follows this order, this rhythm of creation, this heartbeat of creation. Humans have fallen out of step with this rhythm, and lost the sense of this eternal heartbeat of creation. This vibration, this flow, this order of creation returns; humans once again sense this order, this flow, this harmony, this heartbeat. We all have a searchlight in our hearts: it is pointed to the way home, and the way home is following this order, flowing with this order – with feelings, thoughts, words and actions. It is these four things we use to create our lives here on Earth.

When our feelings and our thoughts-words-actions are all in harmony, a congruence, an agreement, we are told we are of good character, noble humans. We are embodying the order of the Universe. When our feelings and our thoughts-words-actions are not in agreement, are not in harmony nor congruence, then we are in a state of disorder. We feel uncomfortable, we feel stressed and pressured, we may make poor choices, we may deceive. We deceive ourselves first, before we ever deceive anyone else. Peace and harmony come from agreement of the instruments of action within, the feelings, the mind, the heart, the intentions. These lead us home. We are following our searchlight in the heart: it is always pointed towards HOME.

How else do we go home? How else may we act in order live in peace in these times of unpredictability, the chaotic nodes of human life, the roiling, boiling waters of negativity, disillusionment, disappointment? We may change the world. Right where we are. It all begins with our personal energy broadcast. Thoughts are things; thoughts are powerful, thoughts go out and create our experience for us. After all, the world simply mirrors back to us what is within us. When we cultivate spirituality (please note, spirituality is what works for us, what brings us to harmony and peace with ourselves, with others, with our environment, with our world) – when we cultivate our spirituality and live our spirituality, then we are beacons of positive energy for the people around us, we are beacons of positive energy in our homes, our gardens, our workplace, our recreation, our pastimes. Positive energy, the energy of love, peace, truth, right-conduct and non-violence which radiate from us is a critical part of our transformation of our world to the 5th Dimension. We bring hope, we bring love, we bring security, we bring confidence, we bring assurance to all that is within our daily path we walk.

The Chaotic nodes are there, the dissatisfaction, dissent and disasters are all there. However, with our spirituality, our cultivated presence to the world, we make energy available to others, to Mother Earth, to all that exists for a positive transformation experience and Ascension to the 5th Dimension.



This world is reaction, reflection, resound.

Who we think we are sends a message to others who they are.