Honouring the Earth 1

In this article we commence the Earth Honouring series, where we take a look at the current conditions on many levels of human social, economic and environmental enterprise, examine these spheres of activity closely and look to the outcomes. So many people feel powerless and hopeless in the face of such mangnitude of events careening out of control like a juggernaut towards them. We look to inner and outer remedies for these circumstances.


When we look to Earth honouring, we see so many events and circumstances occurring on Earth. The mainstream media of all kinds, print, television and social media do not tell good news. In fact, many news groups look like noose groups, that is, they place a noose around the mind, body and spirit of the viewer, the participant and deliver bad news. Like a gospel of horror, bad news acts like a tractor beam and the dark side of The Force draws people in inexorably, unable to let go and let be. News should be balanced. News is spelled N, E, W, S, and stands for North, East, West and South. Hence, news ought to present a balanced and nuanced presentation of local and world events.

We do not experience any balance in what the media presents. We read, watch and hear – and participate in social media about wars, calamities, accidents, labor unrest, share markets, abuse of womanhood, domestic violence, corruption – we could go on endlessly. In many books, through many vessels such as Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations with the Master, we are told there is much good happening in our world, many people and organisations are doing wonderful things. Look to all the aid for Nepal after the recent earthquake. What we see, hear and read and Skype about affects our minds, our body and our environment. What do we mean when we speak about “the environment”?

The environment is the “totality of surrounding conditions”. It can be an inner environment, this may be a social environment, this may be the environment as it relates to living organisms – i.e., ecology, our ecological environment. This includes the lungs of the Earth, the trees, along with the birds, the bees and the flowers – all part of a cyle of life that nourishes all life on this planet, our home. As Chief Arvol Looking Horse said, “The Earth is the source of Life; it is not a resource to be pillaged and plundered.” We are enduring climate change, and face a time of cleansing – a cleansing of our inner environment of the mind, a cleansing of the external environment, a cleansing of the psychic environemnt of mind, body and spirit. What are these elements of cleansing?

The elements of cleansing are those choices we make that lead to living in harmony. We can live in harmony with ourselves, our personal environments, our external environment, our psychic environment. The lower fourth dimension can be a very gross place – it is the place of accumulation of human thoughts and emotions. Dark, negative emotions build up and can funnel down like a tornado to take over the minds of those having terrible thoughts and feelings; they can take over the mind like a tornado and express such terrible inner thoughts and feelings with horrible results. The world is a world of our vision – what is seen reflects the inner environment of the seer: the seen reflects the seer, as it is taught. We may change our choices – choice is the one power we have that creates our experience, our environment, our thoughts and feelings. How might we change our choices?



We can change our choices …

We can make changes in what we think, feel and do. We can make choices which express our inner and outer integrity instead of “going along in order to get along”. We can make choices to create the circumstances in which we work, recreate ourselves, how we relax and refresh ourselves. These are choices for inner harmony. For example, we can seek to live in harmony with our personal and outer environments by practising reduce, reuse, reduce our consumption. We can be responsible in our shopping, our use of household materials, look for biodegradable products; we can look to our use of water, and reduce, reuse, recycle. Many new homes now reuse grey water from washing and sluicing purposes around the home. We can make many simple choices which result in living in harmony with our environment. What is living in harmony in other parts of our lives?

When there is harmony in the mind, there is harmony in the home; when there is harmony in the home, there is harmony in the society; when there is harmony in the society, there is harmony in the nation; when there is harmony in the nation, there will be harmony in the world. We may make simple, powerful choices for our inner, our personal, our social, our cultural environments and change our worlds. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world“. When we honour ourselves, we honour the Earth our Mother, we can transform our environment on so many levels.

We began by describing our environment on so many levels and how we might be caught in “noose” groups through print, television, and social forms of media, or the social dimensions of our environment. We have full choice over the lives we live, for this is the one, simple, inner power that we have. When we make choices for the good of ourselves, we make choices for the good of all. When we honour ourselves and live in harmony with the Self, the home, the society, the nation, we are honouring the Earth our Mother. One practical form of honouring is to take the time of the Full moon, and sit – by ourselves or with others – and send good thoughts out to all who live on this Earth, on all dimensions, on all planes and levels of existence. Full moon times are times when energy is magnified and may be taken and used for profit – the profit of humanity, the profit of Mother Earth. We may make this powerful choice, and as Gandhi tells,”Be the Change you want to see in the World.



The Full Moon rises over Hawaii