The Oracle and the Boy from Mars (Part 2)

boriska5We continue with excerpts from the video interview with a Russian youngster who recalls multiple lives on Mars. Using excerpts from The Mystery School, we illustrate some elements of Boris Kipriyanovich’s recall corresponds to the information given to Valerie Barrow and the ladies of The Mystery School.

As we mentioned in our earlier article on Boris Kipriyanovich, The Mystery School was established in 2013 under the guidance of several spirit beings by name Alcheringa and Cosmic Sai Baba. It comprised the revelations of a spirit being by name of Jalarm (pronounced Yalum), who has given much information about the History of the Earth and the beings living therein, before the Fall of Atlantis.

Nearly all records of life before the Flood have been extinguished. Extant records often begin with the Flood.

The Earth was peopled by visitors from the Stars and planets in our galaxy. Venus and Mars have been mentioned, along with two planets that no longer exist. Star People from Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades have all come here to assist the hairy upstanding ape to evolve into the human. The were higher dimensions in those days on Earth before the Fall of Atlantis. Humanity is on a journey of return to the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions – which were closed off – with that Fall of Atlantis.

The history of human life on Earth to a very large degree is a history of interactions and help given by star people from other planets, and light beings from this – and other galaxies and universes – who came to help the hue-man evolve to the human.

Continuing with Boris Kipriyanovich

(Boriska means “little Boris“. At the time of writing, he is aged 20, and maybe he is no longer a little teenager. So we will refer to him with respect and use an age-appropriate name.)

A young Russian by name Boris Kipriyanovich has been interviewed by Project Camelot – and others. In these iterations, Boris recalls information from mulitiple lives on Mars. Boris confirms many things Jalarm and other members of the Hierarchy have given to Valerie Barrow and her friends in the Mystery School.

Boris mentions cross-breeding of humans and reptile DNA

Yalarm: It is a fact that the Reptoid peoples did a lot of experimenting with genetic engineering and they were for a long time creating many different shapes and forms to try and get a being that would be suitable for them to use virtually as a slave to mine gold. We have said this before. And so … they needed somebody … they had a vision in their mind that looked like the Barbarian ape-like creature. To achieve this they used DNA from themselves and also from other beings that had come to the earth and the inter-action of the material needed to have a birth mother and so they chose the Dugong.



The Reptoids used Dugong DNA to create an up-standing ape-like slave

Boris mentions that Atlanteans, Lemurians and Martians were all similar in appearance and all very tall. (9 metres, etc)

We are talking about Arcturians who definitely came to up-lift the human race and it is why they are tall white beings and the look that they have in white hair, white skin, blue eyes, and very similar bodies; it is why they are so close to looking like the human race as the humans look now. But that took a while before Atlantis went down for the evolvement of humans to take place upon this Earth.


Boris explains that the 5th Dimension as a place where light-beings exist and came to Earth

The 5th Dimension is happening right now, it is a stage of evolution; you are all on this planet in the 3rd and 4th dimension and it is moving to the 5th dimension. That is why there is a shortness of time, or what appears to be a shortness of time. Your measurement of time is not the same as it is in the cosmic worlds, but, it is a time of movement, everything is movement and you could call movement – Time – if you like. You could look back, you could look forward but in fact, in another place, everything is happening at once – just to confuse everything (laughs).

BUT, the 5th Dimension is actually coming into being right now. You can call it the 5th Dimension. And until everything on Earth moves into the frequency of the 5th dimension, it will be a “pulling” – shall we say – against the 4th (dimension) and sometimes it will seem like things are very fast – in other words the frequency is moving faster than what you experience in the 4th (dimension) – and when everything settles down it will all seem normal. Everything will adjust and the frequency will not be fast or slow, it will be moving at normal speed. Does that make sense?

Boris then references different kinds of space vessels. He mentions Motherships and Spaceships. Motherships take other vessels within them and have six layers; Spaceships have plasma batteries and ion batteries and some rotating motors and stay in this universe.

Jalarm: ‘We have said that the time that the Pleiadean peoples came to earth on the Mission of Love to establish Light upon this Earth – because this corner of the Galaxy was rather hidden with dark energy – they were sent on a Mission to Earth which we called ‘Mu’ at that time. And I say ‘we’ meaning the starpeople.

It did not go to plan and the Mother Ship was destroyed and it was just a few of the 50,000 people on board who survived. However, they found themselves planted on the area which you know of as Australia – and in the area known as Kariong – this was where the little establishment was first set up and when the first Humans were created.

Now you are asking about the time – and this I have said before, is very difficult for us as starpeople to say a time – that resonates with you as Earth people upon your earth because you measure time in a different way. So I would say it was a long time before the Atlanteans came to this planet. The time will be clearer as we progress. But it is a long time.


He tells that people are going to be living in different spaces and people of a lower vibration will not be able to access important information.

One person’s memory into the future can be another’s that is different and not necessarily the same. Understand that there are different dimensions on this planet and people can live side by side even though they do not recognise each other. In other words it is possible to live upon the planet and be superimposed upon another life that is taking place upon this planet. It is all part of evolvement – it is all part of the edict of change – evolvement and who is ready to leave into a higher consciousness and who is not. Does this make sense?

(See )

Boris has said that he is cognisant about Earth’s future. For example, the knowledge will be distributed according to the quality and level of consciousness. New knowledge will never come to vicious people with petty vices: thieves, bandits, alcoholics, and also those who aren’t willing to change themselves for the better. They will be leaving the planet. He thinks that information will play the most important role. A time of unity and cooperation will begin on Earth.

Yalarm: The Future is ahead, what has passed – is behind. What is important is the now and to live in the now you need to have faith and complete trust. And to know that whatever happens in your life is what is meant to happen to help you – to assist you to progress to evolve into the true Light Being…… because The Law of One is actually just that. It is a recognition of the ability of every being upon this Earth to create a future for everybodys’ good – not for the self but for everybody on this Earth. And every body encompasses the animals, the birds the insects and the reptiles. It is what belongs, the energy belongs to you on this Earth. It has had the evolvement of all of those beings on this Earth ever since it began.


Boris Kipriyanovich Today?

There has been a recent resurgence of information on Boris Kipriyanovich. There is a lot of recent information on the Internet about him, but it is all rehash of earlier information (Pravda report when he was 7, Project Camelot interview when he was 11). He would be 20 years of age now.

There are indications that he no longer lives in a suburb of Moscow with his mother, nor does he attend the School for gifted children. His earlier behaviour indicated a need to live near magnetic regions to recharge himself. It is said (without verification) that his mother has moved to a remote region, and other indigo children have contacted Boris (astrally, whatever). These contacts allege Boris lives in an area that is remote, it is awkward for him, but he is well.

Gennady Belimov, in an article which introduced Boris to the world, wrote the following:

It’s curious that Boriska appeared in the world in the city of Volzhk, in a provincial maternity hospital, although on his birth certificate, in the section for place of birth, it says instead “Zhirnovsk, Volgograd Province” in the place of registration. His birthdate is 11 January 1996 at 8.30 am. That may say something to an astrologer.

Astrologers have cast their charts and passed their observations. We did not see any jyotish charts (vedic astrology), and so we created an astrology chart for Boris given in the information above. It is very difficult to find this provincial hospital in Volzhk where Boris was born, but we are told it is within the Volograd Province and so we accept Zhirnovsk as birthplace.



Birth Chart, Boris Kipriyanovich

This is a very challening birth chart, for the Rahu-Ketu axis is vargottama (in the same signs) in both the birth chart and the career chart. We have to take notice of the challenges this presents, and these seem indicate challenges in his family life (his father is absent) and in his friendships; many will seek his friendship and acquaintance, but there will be no benefits for Boris in any of these friendship. We note other planets in the Rahu-Ketu axis in the D10 chart; Jupiter and Venus conjunct Rahu, and Sun conjunct Ketu. Due the strength of the Rahu Ketu axis, these planets are spoiled and will give mixed results. Venus is vargottama and retains some strength, so there may be opportunities to reach out to those seeking higher knowledge and psychic experience. The Sun is moolatrikona in Leo in D10, and may not lend itself to putting information out there for the benefit of the masses.

The Moon (presiding deity of the mind) is in the 8th house of hidden (occult) information. The moon is also aspected by atmakaraka Saturn, bit of a hidden blessing and a definite challenge when sade sati comes around for Boris. (Sun is enemy to Saturn.) This is also aspected by Sun and Jupiter (strength, and function as preceptor, teacher) Saturn is exalted in the career chart, in the 10th house. As Saturn is atmakaraka (the soul principle), there is every indication that he may function as a great spiritual teacher in his time given the right environment and circumstances and the opportunity to shine. Much patience will be needed.

There are other matters claiming our attention in these charts. The Moon is in the 8th house of hidden information in the Navamsa chart (D9). Whilst the Moon is debilitated and conjunct a malefic Sun in Scorpio, this suggests that Boris will have significant hurdles to to surpass in delivery of information. On the other hand, Mercury is in the first house in both the birth chart and the Navamsa chart (D9). This suggests a role of messenger personality and confirms one of the claims of Boris about energetic signatures and holographic codes in the skies; Mercury signifies an energy-grid surrounding and interpenetrating the physical kernel. Read what Boris’s mother wrote in her journal:

This is what Boris’s mother Nadezhda kept in her journal; it is
what Boris once said to her:

“You are a forerunner. You have cleared the platform for us. In the highest spheres, you are considered a hero. You have the heaviest burden on your shoulders. I have come to the New Time. A holographic code is already visible and is superimposed on space. Everything will come to light in a new fire of thought, very quickly… The transition from one world to the other will take place through the substance of Time. I have brought the New Time. I have brought the New Information…”

We note that Rahu is in the 9th house. This generally indicates that one may change their religion, their teacher, their guru during life. We do not know what Boris has shared vis-a-vis religion or spirtuality nor relationship with the Source of All Creation on anothe planet, albeit, human life with a different form, living in a different dimension (5th or 6th Dimensions). It may be that Boris – while he has scattered memories of life on Mars – may well recall spirituality and relationship with the Divine as lived in other dimensions, other planets and either change to this as practice in this life, or, spread this knowledge and information. It is remarkable that Boris expresses the values contained in the Sermon on the Mount below, for it seems that young Boris has detected the spiritual bypass of the heart here on Earth:

(Boris’s Mother is asking a question: )

“Boris, tell me, what do people suffer from?”

“From not living correctly and not being able to be happy… You have to wait for your cosmic halves, don’t get involved with others’ fates, don’t break or destroy your wholeness, don’t suffer from modern mistakes, but connect with your destiny, finish the cycle of development, and go closer to the new heights,” – these were his words.

“You need to become kind. If they will beat you, you go embrace them. If they shame you, don’t wait for their excuses, but go down on your knees and ask forgiveness from your shamers. If they insult you and lower you, tell them thank you for this and smile. If they hate you, love them as they are. This is the relationship of love, humility and forgiveness important for people.

“Do you know why the Lemurians died? I am also guilty a bit about this. They no longer wished to develop spiritually, drifted from the path, and through this destroyed the wholeness of the planet. The way of Magic brought them to a dead end. The True Magic is Love … ”


The moon in the birth-chart, this is also aspected by Saturn and Venus, and shows that there is much restraint upon him this lifetime and right now he is experiencing some frustration generally. After his next birthday, he will be in a time of communication and ruled by Mars and Mercury (ha!) and he may be telling things (or in communication, one way or another) to the world, come February 2017. (Mercury is fleet, quick, communication, putting things together quickly, disseminating information.)



Boris Kipranovich recalls multiple lives on Mars


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