A Thoughtful ANZAC Day

pwlhANZAC Day in Australia was first observed in 1916; it is a joint celebration by Australia and New Zealand of the sacrifices paid in a theatre of war on the beaches of Turkey. It has since evolved into a trans-Tasman commemoration of all who love and serve the motherland in times of international conflict, and paid the ultimate price. It also acknowledges those who continue to serve, and continue to suffer when they return home. All war is horrible, and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder spares no-one. One of our regular writers here – Chris Parnell – shared his experience of ANZAC Day with Valerie Barrow. It seems to be related to the cycles of transformation and the coming 5th Dimension.

Dear Valerie

I experienced a thought provoking ANZAC Day, today.

I was woken up very early to rise, complete my ablutions and trek down to the local Cenotaph. It was dark, and fittingly, the coldest day we have had here so far.

Thousands there. Here at Shepparton. Kids everywhere in their dressing gowns, pyjamas and hoodies.

Our Dawn service attracts more and more each year. This memorial of sacrifice touches something really deep within.

So there I was sitting in the dark, listening to narrative poems, and looking up at the dark sky. I have learned that when I am looking up, it means my consciousness has lifted, raised.


Light on the lectern.

Wing Commander Kylie Green, guest speaker, has spent two weeks setting up the provisions and logistics for the training team to arrive in Afghanistan last year. Says she can’t stand the sound of balloons popping any more.

She breaks down telling her story; she was talking about waiting for friends to contact her. I lift my hand in blessing, call on Sai Baba. Shakti flows out.

Kylie pauses, gathers her breath and continues with her talk, the skies slowly brightening.



I look up at the dark sky – Ganesha and Parvathi (his Mother and wife of Lord Shiva) come into my mind – and I wonder about how these cycles of violence over the Earth, this war on terror we are experiencing today is slowly closing off cycles of violence in our past on Earth.

I think about universal cycles and how everything we do on Earth affects some place else in another galaxy, another planet, another star.

Over 400 million years ago the reptilian beings were trying to take this planet and mould it to their own ends. There are blue crystals under the sands of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and so forth. These were formed when the nuclear war in the skies took place. The extreme heat fused the sand below into blue crystals.

Hanuman fought valiantly to defend the Earth and its divine purpose in this corner of the galaxy.

I think about Hanuman as the skies brighten.

The Dawn Service comes to a close and the catafalque party dismounts. As the catafalque party marches past me, I get this scent of vibhuti.

Back home, I am checking the news. I see an image of the ANZAC Dawn service in Darwin; a simple succinct message: Sun up, Poppies laid. Then I found this: the Southern Cross in the sky above the Melbourne Shrine. Top right.




That one caught me, the stars of the Southern Cross in the skies. Made me think about the Outback Cross we are going to have, one day. It was hard to catch up on lost sleep after that. It was so cold.

The Commemoration:


In warm sunlight I trek down to the main commemoration service. Sit with other community leaders, the Mayor, etc.

It is bright. Sun is warm. There are kids everywhere; I encourage scouts – girls and boys – to come and sit on the grass verge. A baby in a pram sleeps in front of the plaque commemorating the Boer War, and I demur from asking the mother to move the pram. Maybe that child fought in that war, and has come back. The guest speaker arrives at the lectern. Wing Commander Kylie Green tells her story. She does not break down this time. Little children, one, two years old play around the field of remembrance.



The Field of Remembrance: poppies and white crosses

The sun is warm, it is hot. I am holding up the program, to shield the sun off my face.

When I take the program away, something interesting happens. My eyesight changes.

Remember this photo? Sent to us by a lovely girl by name of Despina?




That’s what happens, I am squinting, looking out and my eyelashes have this rainbow streak on them. All I can see is rainbow streaks pouring down.

I wonder what this is … thinking to myself … maybe I have been gifted with what the rainbow children and their parents have?

Or maybe, I have my own little signal that, just as I was pondering in the dark of this morning, one day all wars will end, and that we will sit down and discuss our differences, and never have to raise a weapon again to settle those differences.

Maybe it’s Cosmic Sai Baba or one of the hierarchy, you know, they float things around you to give you an idea, an impetus to action? Perhaps it’s just a wee present from “Upstairs” and Hanuman to let me know that I was thinking right, and that the 5th Dimension will prevail and the cycles of violence in our past will all be cleansed out.

A scent of vibhuti as I get up and leave.




Hanuman and Earth: closing of ancient cycles of violence to make way for a Golden Age

© Chris Parnell. All rights reserved.