Archangel Mikael with Archangel Maria, 2009

The Cosmic Sai Baba – Transcript 1.11.2009

at Nowra Spiritualist Church

Cosmic Sai Baba spoke to me telepathically and said that there was another coming through to-day. I never know what is going to happen so please bear with this for the moment.

He advised that the Archangel Mikael was to make his presence, and then after that Archangel Maria was going to speak, who is the angel Mary, the same energy as Mother Mary. I do not often channel her so it is a lovely surprise. This presentation is quite unusual actually.

(Please view the YouTube on this page to hear how powerfully Archangel Mikael presents himself. He can be very loud and little overwhelming at times so I warned our audience, adding there was nothing of which to be afraid.)

Then very loudly Archangel Mikael presented himself:

“I am the Archangel Mikael .. … do not be afraid. I come merely to show the presence of the Archangels .. …

The ones that you work with so often, to bring healing upon the Earth, and this my beloveds is greatly appreciated. I have just come for a short period of time … to let you know that your prayers are always answered in one way or another … and we thank you for your prayers for the Earth and the peoples upon it.”

He extended his arms around to everyone in a most dramatic way and said, “Just feel … my energy.” And then left.

Then with some of Mikael’s energy in my voice, the Archangel Maria presented herself as her voice gradually softened into a female sounding voice.

“I am the Archangel Maria. I am the other aspect of the energy which is the Archangel Mikael.

In your Earth’s terms, the male and female are separated … in the Angelic worlds they are not. But I am presenting myself as the female … for this energy has worked down through the ages as the evolvement on this Earth of the human, to assist and uplift the consciousness of the Earth and it’s people, with the gentle, loving, caring and nurturing energy that is from the Source of the Creator of All.

Some people refer to that aspect as the Goddess. The God and the Goddess are the same. They are United. This is symbolic of what all of you feel, being separated as male and female, need to come to understand and respect one another … the differences and to align oneself to become one.

I am speaking of energy because you are all energy … you are all beautiful beings. And from whatever the little child that you have come to be, when first born from the Mother’s womb, whether you are a male child or a female child … remember it is always the ONE energy in the beginning.

The journey on Earth of you in a human body is to come to understand and resolve those differences between Male and Female Energy.

These energies do not necessarily mean the human being … you could look upon the male energy as being one of driving force. And you could look upon the female energy as being one that receives and comforts and holds together. These energies represent many things in your world here on Earth.

A driving force can sometimes get out of hand, if it is not softened and nurtured along the way. Just the same as a nurturing female energy … can sometimes be lost because it can become so timid, it loses it’s way also … it is important for the two forces to come together.

I think if you go into your hearts … you will begin to understand what I am trying to say.

The time of war where fighting, hurting or killing … is a time that has to be let go …

It does not mean that you must stop being a warrior in that sense, that you stand up for what you believe in. For be you male or female, you could do this.

If you are female you need to draw upon the driving force, to hold and stand still … … and not be knocked over.

If a male, you can hold on to that gentle energy and let that soften that driving force.

On Earth there is a choice … … there is a choice to destroy or to create. The Creative source is within you … it is the God, Mother Father God within you.

I would like you to think about this. I have been asked to speak this day by the Cosmic Sai Baba … for He wants it to be known that God in essence, is not just male but rather it represents both aspects.

I hope you understand what I am saying … all the Angelic presence, present themselves as female, ready to give love and nurturing … and so my dears be they with you in other worlds or on this Earth, they are with you and they are here to help you, whenever you call upon them, and I hope you will not hesitate to do this … for the true strength is in prayer.

God Bless you my Children, God Bless you.”

Then after Archangel Maria left … Cosmic Sai Baba made His entrance …

I am the Cosmic Sai Baba, and I have planned a little theatre today, if you like, for it will be a little hard to accept the reality of the existence of the Archangels and the Angels that work with you … but I want to assure you that they are very real … and so without any more talk, I would like you to just go within your hearts and feel for yourselves the energy that is in this room … … for it has been said that it was very warm in the room … and indeed it is … from the love of all the Angelic Realms … which I would like to say has no abode at all.

Thank you my children,

I God, Bless you, my children,

I God, Bless you.

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