World Peace and Planetary Healing

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World Peace and Planetary Healing will come sooner than we expect. Yalarm goes on to tell when the peak times are to aid this process for groups who come together to do this work.

Yalarm gives a salutary reminder to Valerie and the two ladies who are participating in the Mystery School on this day with The Oracle that extra-ordinary information requires a certain discipline, clarity and understanding that languages in other dimensions – along with time in the other dimensions – do not exactly translate to our 3-Dimensional reality here on Earth. It is true that Ascension is happening now and more energy and more light are coming. But with this, more effort and a certain thoughtful discipline is needed to use The Oracle effectively in order that insightful answers be received. Much of this process with Yalarm and The Oracle are a form of intuition, that is, inner-tuition. It is as if these sessions are the Univers-ity of the Universe, a place of universal learning!

Using The Oracle with a certain deliberate efficiency the questions revolve around World Peace and when this will come about. The Oracle reveals that World Peace and Harmony are about 8 years away: it will be a peace among the races and a peace between the religions of the World. This can be aided and assisted SIGNIFICANTLY by groups coming together to pray and meditate and offer their higher thoughts for World Peace. It is very much like consciously sending love and light as a group energy to troubled places in the world.

Yalarm enters the session and says that any like minded group can be formed; they may assemble around a common point or object (in this case, a rather large sacred crystal nearby Valerie and the other ladies) on the occasion of the full moon. The moon is luminary and reflects the light of the Sun; the energy of the moon is at its strongest when it is 180 degrees away from the Sun on full moon nights. Yalarm explains that prayers that go out at this time – in the daytime or night-time, it does not matter, so long as it be the occasion of the full moon (energy does not switch on or off around these times) – then prayers at these times are very helpful around the Earth.

Yalarm goes on to give details of how to assemble a group, and the help that will be given from “Upstairs” to make these events possible. Yalarm gives an extraordinary promise: We will behind everything that you do in the name of Planetary Healing and Peace and Harmony.

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Prayers and Good Intentions at the time of full moon are always helpful to Earth and its peoples