Your Thoughts and Your World

After the Solstice

Summer Solstice 2012

We know since 21 December 2012, that the world did not end. There is more light here upon the Earth, and that light is going to the Earth our Mother herself, and to the different dimensions, and to all the beings that live here : in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the kingdom of mankind, and to the beings in the higher dimensions.

There has been a change, an uplifting, a surge of light energy, and a change in the relationships of humanity, between persons, members of a family, in a town, in a society, and between nations.

There are many light workers on our planet now, who are correcting the misunderstanding about 21 December 2012; instead of the end times, a new energy has come, brighter and lighter from the New World. This new energy – light energy – transmits influence on people. Some are conscious of this new energy in diverse ways; they are taking notice of all the synchronicities happening in their lives. They are aware of how they are creating their lives with their thoughts, words and actions.

Others are unconscious; there are people who are not aware of the new light energy; for them it will be a gradual change, a subtle elevation of consciousness and awareness. Others will experience sudden sensitivities to the higher energies and some people will be confused by the new energy.

The new energy coming onto this Earth is a Divine Energy; it is Light Energy, it is Universal Love — everyone and every living thing receives this. It will cause people to think differently, to look at events and situations with tolerance and sort problems, allowing differences to be.

It will be a time of letting go of the past, a release from the negativity of the past, and past memories. These can be given over to the light, to the Angels, and the past can be left in the past. It is now a time of Live and let Live.

A New Earth

We have reached a turning point in the Cosmos; Cosmic Divine Energy is aligning now with the Earth. The Earth herself will feel the difference, as the energies are being anchored deep within the Earth. The Earth is our Mother, the Earth is available for beings, for people to live, for animals to forage, for plants to thrive, for minerals to form and offer their gifts. Where would we be without our Earth to live upon?

A New Door Opening

With the causation of the new energies onto Earth, there will be a new point of thinking that people will have; it will be a time of adjustments. Many will experience confusions and have a need to adjust to the new energies, the new times, the possibilities of harmony on Earth. They will find ways to live together economically; they will find ways to live energetically, they will find ways to live with the Earth that does not damage her.

A glass of water

We have all come from the one Source; the Creative Source of All – there is really no difference between anyone or anything – for we are all part of the Universe – we are all part of the Light – the light that flows from the Sun and through the Sun; and this is the creative energy from the Source of All. To raise anger within hurts both our own self (a diminution of our life force energy) and anyone – or anything – outside ourselves, for we are all part of the One, the Creative Source of all. So think about this before you reign anger in you – or allow it to rise within you – calm it and drink some water and have another think; and find a way to express what it is that is really upsetting you.

Help is Always Given

We are being helped in unseen ways; there is prompting – for thought-forms arise within us – these given to us by the elementals; they are the unseen light-workers and the Angels. So when we have a thought, a prompting, we also have freedom, a choice whether to follow this or not. All prompting is for our good, it comes to us from the Light and Love of the Creative Source of All, who has many workers and helpers assisting us.

They assist us to evolve, to gain understanding, to be aware of our moods and motivations, and think before we act, and to consider what we are thinking. In this way we can make choices for the good of all, not just for the good of a few:

  • This energy is around you,
  • This energy is prompting you,
  • This energy helping you to live on this Earth, this planet

Whenever we take up the opportunity for human birth, there is a soul blue-print for our life. This soul blue-print has imprints for the roles we will play, the people we will meet and interact with and the soul’s work for this life. Sometimes, with a soul blue-print, there is a change; a change is needed to accept the changes that have been made. This change makes better interactions with others. So our lives follow the path laid out with a blue-print for a life, like a play with a script and lines of drama and sorrow, humour and wisdom, actors and scenery, curtain rises and curtain falls, and make for interactions with other people that will heal.

We are all Light Workers

Through conscious management of our thoughts and feelings we can take up whatever work is needed to release everything that has gone in the past, and move forward; past is past, leave it in the past. We can move forward with our thoughts, thoughts that will bring change. Thought is very, very powerful on this Earth. Thought-forms have energy; so have thoughts that will bring change and growth to everyone and everything on this planet. Our thought forms can and will bring forth change for the better and growth:

  • to everyone
  • to everything
  • on this planet…
  • for all life forms on this Earth will move into the 4th Dimension

We can be consciously are of our thoughts, for thought will affect plants, trees, the birds, our family and friends, a society and a nation. The energy of thought has great impact on:

  • people, situations, conflict,
  • trees, plants, birds, animals,
  • the climate
  • and climate change itself.

So our thoughts, ceremonies, songs and chants can change the energy so that the Earth’s climate, so that the Earth’s energy is not so severe. Our thoughts can make the climate so that it is gentle. When we give thanks for the rain, the wind, the sunlight, the weather patterns, these things which are caused by our thoughts and actions will change themselves.

Self knowledge of our new identity as light-workers is significant; we can take responsibility for consciousness of the thoughts that exist here, our own thoughts and attitudes, we can change the thoughts in a group, in general awareness, in what is broadcast “in the air” as it were. We can move forwards, not sideways, not back; progress, prosperity and positivity is in our own hands, our own minds, our own personal mental broadcast.


What you think, feel and say,
What you text, email and write,
What you send, chat and phone,
What you wear, how you style your hair,
what you say to someone face-to-face;
This is your personal broadcast

Everything that happens to a person upon this Earth is an important transition in their growth. Nothing happens by accident – everything has a purpose behind it.

Divine Light and the Earth Body

Divine communications and promptings come from a dimension where the energy of the Divine Light vibrates at a faster vibration from what we Earthlings experience in any moment and this may be over-powering. There are different energies that exist in other worlds and this is why it is not so easy to communicate with other beings. From that place you would not be able to think AT ALL for communication is in symbol, phases, energy wavelengths, and vibration.

This vibration takes place in light, an infinitely inexhaustible endless effulgence billions of times brighter than our own Sun. This light is divine light, it is the light force that is both in our Sun, and flows to our Sun and through that to our planet Earth and all the life-forms upon her. It is the same divine light that is within you, the reader. You have the heat from the Sun that gives Light to plant life and to other beings, such as yourselves … to human beings, to the animals and the world of minerals. So there is light and light flows on in the Divine Sense of Light. You are a light being as well as an Earth Being

When you, a light being suffused with spirit, take birth as an Earthling, you have an earth body, a spirit in the earth body, and a light body. The light body is in fact a carbon copy of the earth body. The Light Being that you are over-lights your earth body and so the two of you meld together and become one – and so you are spirit—a light being—and an earth body.

A Light Body

The spirit that you are would not last all that long if you were to leave your earth body; the earth body would not survive at all, the spirit body then falls away and moves on to your Light Body. This is worthwhile to think about; make your life worthwhile, meditate and think about the Light Being that you are.

You are light body, earth body, spirit body. At death the earth body does not survive – it falls and becomes dust; the spirit body moves away to join the light body; meditate and think about this …

Your Thoughts, Your Times, Your Reality

It is a time when many events are occurring all around the Earth. Through the media – we have are witnessing many events and we have a situation where a whole lot of information is coming out about change – things appear not good – but they are changing for the better.

It is difficult as an earth body to perceive and understand how things are changing for the better. Our thoughts and feelings go out to those nations undergoing trauma and conflict; nobody wishes to see people meet their end in unexpected ways.

Because as things are aired in our worldwide media, people will influence it — here we mean the changes for the better — by their thoughts and by their reactions. We may feel helpless as we watch civil war, read of car-bombings, floods and famine, drought and the pestilences of child polio and other communicable diseases. As we take in these events through different forms of media, we may influence the outcomes by our thoughts and reactions. Thought is the most powerful energy on this planet.

Everybody, regardless of what they see, hear, or read, can be positive and send thoughts of love and kindness to everything that happens upon this Earth!

At this time it is important in particular to help change—or ring the changes that are happening here.

And it is with your thoughts—apart from your actions—that you can actually help the change for the better, for the good of all rather than the good of the few.

There is much happening in the Cosmos which is influencing our Solar System and our Planet Earth. And in this happening, it is forcing – the Earth to adjust to the new energy that it is coming into alignment with. And when we say ‘force’, we mean that the movement of this planet and the energy upon it is changing – there is no choice.

  • It will move into an energy that is uplifting.
  • It is raising consciousness of everything upon the planet;

So if you focus on an energy that is coming from a lower thought-form, meaning something that is not good for people (and this is a choice) then that will hold back what is actually happening on this Earth now.

world you live in

The changes will happen despite what people think. What you think will help the changes to move smoothly into a lake – a still lake- of calm and peace – and free of the talk of war – and a desire for everyone on Earth to help their brothers and sisters.

All are of the same race regardless of what colour skin you have; or what culture or religion you have – you are the same race and that is what we call the ‘Earthling.’

You should be proud of it for there has been a long road in developing the human that you are; so be proud to be a human but make sure that you hold onto the human values. And you will know that the human values are right; because there will be love in your heart – it is that simple.

So please, please be careful of the choices that you make, and the thoughts that you have and listen – listen to your heart for it is connected to the Creative Source of All and holds love and Divine Love within you.

Many people are feeling pressure for the changes are taking place even though they cannot see it – they are taking place within themselves, and society, and the Earth herself.

The changes are difficult at times and they will be easier at other times.

Be assured that the time is coming when you will be free of all the interactive changes that pull against the Creative Source leaving only the God and Love and Compassion and a feeling of Unity that will exist upon this Earth.

Be of good cheer; this will lead to change

If you view what is taking place upon this Earth, it may seem a little hopeless- but in reality it is giving opportunity to ‘open up’ whatever different issues are – with different societies or cultures – or belief systems within yourself. And as they open up it gives movement and freedom to discard

  • ‘old thinking’
  • ‘old ways’ and
  • ‘old beliefs’

So that changes can take place.

  • be aware of this,
  • rather than be down-hearted about what seems like hopelessness,

Rather be cheerful in knowing that the larger outcome from what is happening upon Earth. It is actually leading to a change where there will be unity and people will respect each other. Societies that may have differences, will agree to disagree, but still respect one another.

This will lead to harmony, harmony upon this Earth

  • – in all its forms,
  • – in its colour;
  • – in its sounds
  • – in its nature.


Music is a wonderful way to find harmony – it connects to the heart and when you feel joyful in listening to music it raises your heart – it raises your emotions – depending on the music that you choose.

And you can feel a lot better very quickly – so we would encourage you to listen to music that is harmonious and lifts that vibration of who you are into a joyful feeling – from the love and the Source of All Creation.

Prayer, Thought and the Times

Troubled times are still with us on this planet – and the great Masters, the Angelic Realms are here also. Those that assist the Creative Source of All from the World of Light are here also.

They are mingling amongst you, or sending messages—or encouragement—you are never alone, be aware of that. The Angelic Realms are with you … always.

All you have to do is to call upon them and they will assist. Spirit, as you would describe it, is very real—It is the essence of your Soul—it is who you really are.

  • So you are readily part of the World of Light
  • You know what to do at a time of crisis.

But ‘times’ are difficult at the moment and there is a need for assistance in many places around the world. If you were asked you would assist in some way. The Creative Source of All is asking you, if you can assist then please do. Remember that prayers and thoughts are the strongest power of energy that you have within you.

It is your thoughts and your prayers that can do the most good for all those around this Earth at this time.

  • Those that are struggling or are confused;
  • those that are hungry;
  • all can be assisted
  • all you have to do is ask and it will be organised.

The energy and the thoughts can be put into the thoughts of those that can make something happen. But you must ask us first, before we can do these things.

  • Thoughts are very powerful – more than you realise
  • Please be careful about your thoughts,
  • They can interfere with good – good for all – good things that are done to assist people.
  • It is important that you look at your thoughts.
  • Think positively – for this is what will overcome, anything that pulls away from The Good or from God.