The Phoenix, The Earth, The Human

FireThe meetings and the discussion topics of the ladies who come together and comprise The Mystery School are never idle speculation. Beings from many worlds attend and the air is thick with energies from the higher dimensions – other beings from other worlds are present, and learning as Jalarm has told. In this transmission, Jalarm takes up a discussion about the myths and patterns of the sometimes called fabulous bird, the Phoenix. We learn the Phoenix is both real and a metaphor of the cycle of birth – death – and birth again.

The human body has many sheaths; fire, earth, space, air and water all exist within the various sheaths of the human. Air is present as oxygen, and one of the Ladies asks about depriving cancerous cells within the body of oxygen. Jalarm confirms this is correct as a technique of healing. It remains to be seen when science will catch up with spirituality, its long-lost cousin in research about the truth of life on Earth, and life in the Universe.

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Emerging from Source: the Journey of Souls

eyeYalarm explains that human and extraterrestrials have different forms yet some are evolved and some are not evolved. Some seek constant contact and presence of the Source of All Creation, others go on a journey of exploration. All have come from the ONE Source and possess that Source. Yalarm tells that all are God-Beings and would not be here if they did not have that force of the Source within. There are no judgements about the journeys souls take, with form, or without form. Yalarm explains the three different aspects of the Source of all Creation itself that is a thread that holds all of the created worlds and universes together and enables infinite renewal.

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