Starpeople from Mars and the end of the Dinosaurs

Mars atmosphereThere were (and still are) light beings – starpeople – on Mars. They were a race of warriors, red-haired, and giants (in comparison to humans of today). They had to leave the planet Mars when war broke out and destroyed everything on the planet. Some came to the Earth; they started civilisations here, and the ancient Vikings – the red-haired Nordic warriors – were related to them.

There were many beings of reptilian appearance on Earth. One race of Reptilians created the dinosaurs – experiments with creation of creatures that got out of hand and threatened the atmosphere and the viability of life on Earth. The race of dinosaurs was brought to an end by way of an Edict from the Angelic Realms. This brought discord among the Reptilians, who were of a lower consciousness and could not understand the reason for that action. Yalarm shares that the Dolphins and whales are a race of starpeople who lived in the oceans, totally separate from the Reptilian peoples. They had a specific purpose and mission.

Yalarm shares that Mars had a population of starpeople; they had red hair and were war-like. They were a race of giant-sized warriors. They had large skeletons, but scientists are not ready to accept this; most people say the photos were “Photo shopped”. There will be more skeletons discovered, Yalarm tells. There are still starpeople on Mars, they are in the 6th Dimension. As everything is energy, the starpeople in the 6th Dimension have form and shape and colour, it is just that it cannot be seen with the physical eye. These beings are well aware of the current explorations on Mars.

There were also people in a lesser dimension on Mars; they had to be evacuated when war was declared and everything was destroyed. They had spaceships they could move around in; they evacuated to many places. Some came to Earth and set up civilisations here. A question is asked if the red-haired Vikings were related to the starpeople from Mars. Yalarm tells that the Vikings were indeed related to and connected to the planet Mars. But the DNA of the human comes from so many sources, with many influences from so many different races. The starpeople from Mars are the same. They have sources from so many different races of starpeople. The influence of the red-haired giants from Mars took a long time to cause changes in evolution, but it is perceptible in the red-haired Vikings and their war-like nature.

hybrid Neanderthal skulls

A question is asked about the appearance of the Annunaki. Yalarm shares that they had a reptilian appearance about them, to a lesser degree than was present in earlier days; they were not reptilians. The reptilians were lizard people who took over the planet at the time of the Dinosaurs. In fact they created the dinosaurs, but things were badly mismanaged. The were simply experimenting and created many reptilian forms and reptilian dinosaur beings.

The dinosaurs grew too large, they were eating too much of the foliage, and took too long to return to the dust; their rotting carcasses were spoiling the atmosphere – destroying the atmosphere in fact – and something had to be done. A solution had to be found. Earth was created by the Angelic Realms to be a “Garden of Eden”, a place of peace and light and now it was spoiled. A bad odour was all over the planet from both the rotting dinosaur carcasses and the defoliation of the atmosphere. An Edict was issued from the Angelic Realms and the dinosaurs were destroyed; an asteroid was brought to the planet to destroy all the dinosaurs.

Yalarm tells that this was not a decision taken lightly; a lot of thought was given to this. The Reptilian race resented this – they came from a lower evolution and a lower consciousness. They did not understand the reason this had taken place. Another war came about – with fighting, arguments, resentment, dissension that was happening upon the planet for quite sometime. The “Cosmic Cops” – Leonines and starpeople from Sirius had to come and help sort things out.

A question was asked about Dolphins. Yalarm told that the Dolphins belong to one of the races of starpeoples. They came and lived in the oceans. They were here to hold the vibration of love and light in this corner of the galaxy. They – and the whales – were here when the Mothership Rexegena was destroyed. Their purpose and their mission was (and still is) to lift the consciousness upon this Earth.

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