Lemuria, Middle Earth and the Future

Inner EarthThe up-standing hairy-ape creature shares its DNA with plant, insect, animal and mineral kingdoms; they were enchristed and had to learn about not eating their own dead. The starpeople taught them burial ceremonies so that their dead might return to the World of Light.

The up-standing hairy-ape creature evolved to the Australian Aboriginals, and was taught astronomy and in the time of ancient Lemuria, and they circumnavigated the Earth. This is in their dreaming stories. The Oracle reveals that there are civilisations in astral form living within the Earth; the Hall of Records is there. The future of the Earth may be known via memories or remote viewing: it is more important for humans to create a future together for the good of the all, as this is part of their collective evolution and their raising of consciousness and evolving to the 4th and 5th Dimensions.

Yalarm clarifies that the first humans were eating flesh at times; like eating dead fish, dead animals, they ate human carcasses believing they were no different from dead fish or animal; they lacked understanding. With the help of the starpeople, they began to understand about fire and cooking, and when they first humans were created and enchristed with the Christ Light, they did not understand about not eating their own dead. The starpeople taught them about burials and ceremonies, so that the spirit of the dead could pass back to the World of Light.

Yalarm continues: sharing that DNA of the early up-standing ape-like creature had a very large selection of DNA material from animal, bird, insects and many other aspects that are on Earth – and it was this that created the up-standing ape-like creature who became the HUMAN. They also inherited other heavy energy, that very-heavy weapon-wielding animal-like approach to life. They needed to understand the human values (non-violence, peace, love, right conduct and truth).

During the time called the Age of Lemuria, the Australian Aborigine had evolved and were very much in tune – telepathically – with the starpeople. They had inherited the DNA of the starpeoples. They had learned astronomy and were taught how to make boats that would sail, and sailed the Earth in a “figure eight” form of circumnavigation and visited other nations. Some stayed, spread and intermingled with other indigenous peoples, others returned home. The Australian Aboriginals have these tales in their dreaming stories. The starpeople helped; however they had to be left to evolve and become the human race with the human values.

Map of Lemuria

Map of Lemuria according to William Scott-Elliott

The human is a race which already has a light body. Humans have inherited the light-being they are from the starpeople, and have starpeople genes within them. It is a matter of remembering. The Earth is returning to the 4th dimension, and this will help integrate all the beings on Earth now – all will be lifted and ascend to the 4th dimension. With the Fall of Atlantis (a major catastrophe – the Earth nearly died ) the Earth went down from the 4th and 5th dimensions; the Ice Age prevailed and there was darkness for a long time; the eruptions from the volcanoes hid the light of the Sun and humans became cave dwellers. This was around ten and a half thousand years ago, depending on how you measure time (time is faster in the 4th and 5th dimensions).

The Oracle was consulted about beings and civilisation within the Earth itself. There are astral dimensions within the Earth; deep within the Earth is the “Hall of Records” (sometimes called the Library of Porthologos); this archive exists and contains the record of evolution and of all life in the Cosmos. There are civilisations in the Inner Earth who possess astral bodies or forms.

A question was asked about the future, remote viewing and matters like that. Yalarm told there is time past (past is past, leave it in the past), there is time future (that time is not yet) and there is time now. NOW is more important than the past or the future. There are those with the skill of remote viewing and have looked into the future of life on Earth. This is not important as different people create a different future. What is important is the creation of a collective future for all, and how humans create a future together for themselves.

Humans are enchristed with the Christ Light and have the light of divinity within; all are ONE, and this is the Law of the ONE. Humans need to recognise the ability to create a future for the good of the ALL and not just for the good of the few. The ALL encompasses all life forms, the mineral, the insect, the plant and animal kingdoms; this energy belongs to all these life forms, not just the humans. This energy has the evolvement of all these beings on the Earth since it began. The future can change – for one person’s memory into the future can be another’s memory and that can be different. There are many dimensions here on Earth; people can be living side by side and not recognise each other. It is possible to live on this planet and be superimposed on another life form and not recognise that.

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