Ascension is an inner process

Just as the sunflowers always turn to receive the light, so do we in heart and mind receive the streams of light of the 5th Dimension from the Creative Source of All. And through discarding limited beliefs and choosing to live from the heart, so also, we may spread this light and love to all who exist, making a chain reaction of enlightened beings all living and creating life on the Earth consciously, for the Good of All. We look to exploring further the nature of Ascension and how the energy of the 5th Dimension may be utilised to transform the Earth.


In an earlier article we explored the history of humanity, the presence of the star-peoples, and how the hairy upstanding ape evolved to the human. There was genetic manipulation by the Reptilians to make the hairy upstanding ape servile, obedient slaves. With the help of the starpeoples, additional DNA was given to the hairy upstanding ape and the light – crystal light – was imbued into the hairy upstanding ape (with permission from the Source) who subsequently evolved to become the human. We explored the procession of the Orion Arm of our galaxy (this is where we reside, this is our Milky Way) across the plane of the elliptic and the release of higher energies into our galaxy, and to our Earth from the Central Sun of All Universes, the Galactic Core. This energy infuses all life-forms on Earth – and Mother Earth herself – bringing the commencement of Ascension on 21 December 2012.

A Dimension of Negative Energies

Ascension is an inner process. We have 3D bodies and attendant senses. We need our senses, plus our common sense and our intellect – the buddhi (which is nearest to the Soul and derives over 80% of its illumination from the Soul) – and our spiritual senses to progress, to follow our Soul blue-print and fulfil our purposes here on Earth. We have the 4th Dimension, the astral plane. The lower 4th Dimension is the field of dreams, the plane of disembodied beings and negative energies. There are more disembodied beings surrounding the Earth than there are beings in human bodies on Earth at the present moment. The lower 4th Dimension is polluted with negative thought forms, free-floating dark energy, negative emotions and feelings, which humans tap into when they allow themselves to be taken over by negativity in thought, word and action. Much of the mass killings, wars, road rage, domestic violence in the family, and the abuse of others, particularly women and children comes from the lower 4th Dimension. This needs cleansing.

The Higher 4th Dimension

The higher 4th Dimension is the dimension of choice, the Dimension where we choose to serve humanity with our talents. It is a Dimension of group energies, where lightworkers of all persuasions and disciplines gather to send positive energies to the Earth, within the Earth and above the Earth. It is the dimension of lifting souls up – souls of all life-forms and ken with consciousness to a higher level of being, awareness and peace. It is the dimension of healing the Earth, healing ecosystem collapse, healing the Environment: the physical environment, the mental environment, the environment of spirituality and the polluted astral environment. The higher 4th Dimension is a dimension of service. Wherever people choose to be a presence of light and love, to act with love, to send light to others, these people are working from the higher 4th Dimension. This is service to humanity, this is service to group souls, this is service to Mother Earth.

We are a wave on the ocean. When we adventure inwards, we create the ocean we experience …

We began with Ascension is an inner process; experience of the lower 4th Dimension occurs on the inner levels within and is brought into manifestation by the thoughts, words and actions of those who allow themselves to react, to be taken over, to be aroused by the enemies of man: desire, anger, greed, infatuation, jealousy and envy. Experience of the higher 4th Dimension is a choice to act from the inner worlds and access the higher energies within: we harness the light without, we may also harness the light of our souls, we re-frame our seeing, hearing, feeling, speaking and tastes of the outer world. With all these with energies from the higher 4th Dimension – we choose to vibrate, radiate, disseminate, send, direct, touch with light, raise up with love. This all comes from within, from the higher 4th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension

Ascension to the 5th Dimension is also an inner process. The light body – call it the sheath, the aura, the kosa, the personal energy field: – this is imbued with light from the stargates, which has emerged from the Source, the Galactic Core, the Central Sun of All Universes. This light penetrates the inactive DNA – over 94% of our DNA – and that newly-activated DNA begins to function. The gifts of the starpeoples (given in the past) and the access to the 5th Dimension returns. People who have no experience of any inner life, who are unaware of any potential within will become confused. It will be as like looking in a mirror and seeing someone else looking back at you. There will be surprise, fear, inner disturbances, perturbation, confusion, worry and self-doubt. Some will think they are going mad. People who have never known psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, healing, telepathy or mediumship will suddenly find these emerging from within. Some will intuitively know they can work with crystals, essences, vibration, light and sound, and energy meridians within the body. This intuitive knowledge emerges from within. Who will help them, who will serve, who will calm those who are disturbed, distrustful, worried and fearful of what is happening to them?

The Ascension Event and outpouring of higher energies stepping down through the stargates surrounding the Earth bring challenges for all life on Earth, be it mineral, plant, animal or human life. All that lives has the energy of the Source within. The principal challenge is transformation: the movement from not living in the heart, not living in the here and now, the present moment. Past is past, leave it in the past; the future is not yet. Live in the moment of now with the Love of Source within you.

The mind is like a camera, it takes the form of what it is pointed at (and this is how we create our world), so take care where you point your mind …

Where our energy is

Mother Earth is going through this transition, along with all forms of life. It is a transition to a higher level of consciousness for Ascension is principally an inner experience. We let go of ideas of how our light bodies might look, let go of notions of teleporting in armchairs to this or that city overseas, we drop our expectations we hold in our heads and move to living in the heart. We examine where our personal energy is … where the mind goes. The mind takes a picture and takes the shape and form of whatever it is exposed to, so mind where you focus your attention.

Where our attention is – is very important for our progress into the higher 4th Dimension, the 5th Dimension. It is time to examine our choices, and to examine the influence the choices we make have on the society we live in. It is time to remember that our Soul Blue Print has no negativity within the its ambit, and we will discover so when we pass over. Hence, we still live in the material world with 3D, 4D and 5D bodies, and seek a life of peace for ourselves and for others. The thoughts we hold for other people, the thoughts we have when we encounter other people affect them. We seek to take care that the thoughts we have for ourselves and for others seek the highest good: peace, prosperity and progress to a world of harmony for all.

Heart, not intellect

We may make this world of harmony by living from the heart rather than the intellect. Now, the Earth and all its peoples suffer from a bypass of the heart energy. Since ages, we have lived in our heads, looked to create a better world and advanced civilisation at the cost of the most vulnerable. We live under a deluge of corporate greed and manipulation, and we may turn our attention to the love residing in our hearts and begin to enjoy a life of our own making. We re-evaluate our desires and needs and what is outside of ourselves that we think might make us happy. We look within the heart and come to peace with ourselves. When there is beauty in the heart, there will be peace in the world.

Peace in the world comes from examining those beliefs we hold that tell us that happiness is outside of ourselves. We may change our beliefs. The world reflects back to us what we believe is true. The seen reflects the seer, is the ancient teaching. When we change our beliefs, we create a better world for ourselves and others – for all thoughts, all beliefs, all emotions, all attitudes create our own lives, our society, our culture, our technology advances, our satisfaction. We may create satisfaction for ourselves and others with our thoughts, words and actions. These add up to true humanness and integrity.

Change Yourself – Change the Collective

Whenever we create our lives from the heart, we also create a better experience for the collective. When we act with freedom from desire, acquiring, greed and lust for material possessions that we feel we must have, we create space for love within ourselves. When we do this, we send out a vibration, an energy of freedom to the collective. We help others to move beyond the past and the future into a moment of now, a moment of limitless choices for the good of ourselves and the good of all. We manifest a higher level of consciousness than we had before.

The world will transform … when enough people are living from the higher dimensions and shine their light … we start a chain reaction and pull the rest of the world along with us …

A New Kind of Chain Reaction …

In the past we manifested the chain reaction in a destructive manner. We may take the principle of chain reaction, that when each and every heart that is living on a higher level within, making choices for the Good of ALL, this energy will spread like a chain reaction to other hearts and minds, and humankind will collectively manifest a better, more peaceful and more prosperous world in a shorter time than we may have thought possible. Thus do we serve those who are confused, disturbed at the higher energies emerging within from the stepping down of the waves of energy coming from the Creative Source of All. In this manner, we create an environment of love, protection, care, and calm acceptance of the changes that are manifesting in so many humans at the present moment.

The Higher 4th and the 5th Dimensional energies herald a great awakening for all on Earth. That which we lost at the Fall of Atlantis is being reactivated within. Ascension is an inner process. Just as we strengthen our muscles and create fit bodies with our care for our bodies and our physical effort, so also, we create the Higher 4th and 5th Dimensions by exercise of our inner spiritual dimensions and encourage, support, help others to not be afraid but to take up their true identity within the Love and care of the Creative Source of All.


Just as the sunflowers always turn to receive the light, so do we in heart and mind receive the streams of light of the 5th Dimension from the Creative Source of All. And through discarding limited beliefs and choosing to live from the heart, so also, we may spread this light and love to all who exist, making a chain reaction of enlightened beings all living and creating life on the Earth consciously, for the Good of All.