Narayana Meeting 25th June 2020


LIVE IN LOVE (Don’t be drawn into fear)

3 Oms and we call on Sri Satya Sai Baba to be present, and to bless our session. We also call on our friends from Andromeda, our Guides and the Brotherhood of Light. We ask for everything we do, to be of the highest good for all. In Love and Light.

We ask who is present – Thankyou! GOD makes himself known.

He asks to speak through Jacqui. We laugh, he will have to help me (a lot!) this is my first time channelling (out loud)!

I feel like everyone in spirit are also laughing with us. It feels very light and happy. They want us to know they are all with us. Happy happy happy. They welcome us, and we welcome them.

We don’t really have any questions to ask, but through the week in my meditations, a male came in with our 3 ladies from Andromeda. He told me his name was Daiku. I ask is that correct? YES. He seems to be “in charge”. Helping the ladies – YES.

Does Daiku have a message for us today? …. YES!! Very strong YES.

In my meditation Daiku had told me that their language is vibrational but once it has been used it goes into a vapour and disappears. I asked again was this correct? He said yes and no. Important items are saved or preserved, other unimportant writing vaporises. I’ll have to come back to that!

DAIKU comes in – he greets us – his energy is very straight, strong. Very solid and straight. I want to stretch my back and put my shoulders back. Daiku is here to expand the intellect, he tells me. He is going to work with us and help us build a bridge. A strong bridge. For the benefit of all. He takes my awareness to my ears, feels like an expansion of my hearing ability somehow, for hearing what he needs to say. Also taking my consciousness to my third eye, and lifting it up, lifting it up, I feel like I could just lift off the ground. Maybe he’s making a connection. I feel my eyes rolling back through dimensions. Not so much in words, I feel like he is heightening our awareness or showing us how to heighten our (own) awareness, to connect with Andromeda. And now he is pushing/guiding the ladies forward. They’re very happy, like they’re clapping!

The message (that is coming from all of them) is as though they are all synchronised into a message of God and of Love and of Unity and of Wholeness, and of sharing Love and becoming whole.

I ask for something more specific, but they tell me there is nothing more. Because being part of the whole consciousness is all there is. I’m also being shown the consciousness expanding and expanding in Love.

In my head I’m telling them that previously Valerie used to have a lot of words and I’m getting that its going to be a different way of communicating for the time being. I feel like information will also come through writing. I don’t know yet. Maybe they’ll show us. Feel like we don’t need to do anything but TRUST.

I feel like we are in a vortex, I ask Jill does she want to say/ask anything.

Jill is feeling light and very comfortable. It feels right for her. She feels great trust with the whole process and however they will be doing the channelling with us.

I ask Daiku if I had missed anything he had said to us? NO. They tell us we are on the right track. Seems very natural.

I think they are just taking baby steps with us.

I ask is there a special message they would like to give us today? YES! They would.

I ask Jill to “TUNE IN” – I feel like Jill and I will be sharing this one together I keep hearing the word “WISDOM” and it’s very strong. And I feel like there is a cone of light that is shining down on Jill and myself. The word “wisdom” is coming and coming. I feel like Jill and I have a lot of remberances from many many, many lives (this make me feel an unexpected wave of emotion, I don’t know why) and they say more will be shown to us. We just have to trust, to keep our eyes, ears and throats open. To keep notes and to keep memories. To keep a record for the time being until we all meet again. It will eventuate. (whatever that may mean?)

I feel like there is such a big gateway opening that our human minds can’t comprehend the expansion and the consciousness, the lift in consciousness of humanity that is about to happen, the transition is beyond our understanding. It is on so many levels that we cant take it in, its just too great for us to understand.

I don’t understand, but I keep seeing trees (communicating) and nature, so maybe erm …. Its like even the trees are conscious of this expansion. It may sound a bit crazy, but on another level, it sounds completely normal to me. We all have to keep our hearts open and to be conscious of the changes and to welcome them in. Because it’s for everyone’s benefit, for the benefit of all mankind.

I feel like they’re showing us this planet is overpopulated and the …. humanity. We are at a tilting point where we need to take back the Love and to work in Love and Light and just be in the light, to keep our hearts open for everybody.

I hear the word FEAR, and I see a dark side, I hear “stay away from the fear, stay away. Don’t fear, there is no need to fearWe create the darkness with our fear.

I feel like that’s the end of the message. We ask? Yes. Did I miss anything? No. Thankyou.

Jill comments that too many trees are being cut down. That is causing the trees distress. YES YES, says the Oracle. Causes the Earth distress!! YES YESUpstairs agree!!

Jill “but there’s a bigger plan” …. YES agrees the Oracle!

We ask is there a message from Sai Baba today? YES!!!

Very strong, we both tune in and see what happens.

I see Swami as a huge Light. He is happy happy. I forget what he said!

I feel like we are part of that energy. We are so grateful. Again I feel emotion out of the blue, it must be the Love!

Love All, Serve All. The message I hear often.

I ask is there anything we should be doing differently? He tells us he orchestrates everything anyway, so we don’t need to worry! We laugh. Especially because I had asked for his help this morning and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Thankyou for your many blessings Swami!

I tell him I miss seeing him in the “physical form” as I had on many occasions, but realise again he is the formless. The Light. A reminder that this physical form is temporary. The Light is eternal.

We thank all the beings that were present today, for the knowledge and the love. Many Many thanks for all the blessings, Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.

3 Oms and we close our meeting.