Narayana Oracle – Our Last Meeting with Valerie Barrow

It’s been a long time since our last session in November, 2019. Bushfires, floods, Corona Virus!! 6 months.

VB: With great love and respect we are calling upon Cosmic Sai Baba to be with us and God the Creator of all, which we understand are the same, to be here to guide us. We are here to serve and we welcome their presence.

Who is present? GOD. [Very strong today!]

We joke between ourselves – It’s been a long time! Yes! (they “upstairs” say) Much laughter. Our unseen friends are here already.

God asks to speak through Valerie.

Valerie Barrow channels GOD: I am God, and I am everything and everywhere. There are words to describe that but that’s basically what it is. It is creation. Creation can come in many ways. It can come from thought, it can come from energies that are attracted to one another and change form. That is creation. It is love for that can also be created upon your planet Earth. Just by being a light being and from your heart, the energy coming from that can attract another and another, and another and very quickly spread around your planet Earth and so .…. there is the opposite as well and that is to help with understanding, to lead away from old ways and open a door to new ways, and that is what is happening upon your planet at this time.

Everyone upon this planet has experiences, some of joy, some of sadness, but with the new energy coming upon this planet and this solar system and the Universe itself the consciousness is lifting and will automatically bring understanding and knowledge to people. If they focus on their hearts it can bypass the brain and you can actually converse with each other without actually thinking. Always with Love. Always with Love. Thank you my children.

(We need to talk to the ladies from Andromeda? Have to talk about Valerie stepping back. She has to work on updating her book, web site etc. Anna had come through to me in meditation and given me clear information and when I had told Valerie about it she was very relieved because it was confirmation that she was to step back and focus on her own work – she has totally surrendered to God.)

We asked about a replacement person? They said a very definite NO.

They wanted us to continue on with just Jill and me. Yes … very strong. They want to speak.

They want to speak through Jacqui. But she feels challenged by speaking today! What she “sees” is – two hands joined together – Its symbolic. Its Sai Baba and Anna from Andromeda. Then she sees a connection between Jill and her and that it’s a very positive thing.

Then Jill and I are literally wrapped in a huge cloak of love and happiness and kindness, we are so enraptured by the love. It was so sweet we are almost brought to tears. It was so strong, like a long, warm velvety physical hug. Bizarre and beautiful. We were both very moved by this immersion in such Love.

Val reminds us that Jesus said ‘whenever two or more are gathered in my name, I am there.’

Val relates how she learnt to channel – supportive and encouraging. Go with the flow.

We’re told I will be a clear channel. I will be guided. I need to work on myself. I want to serve. I need to work on my inner blocks.

As I’m typing these notes my iphone suddenly starts playing the U2 song – “There is No End to Love”!!!!!!! That’s just toooo weird. I hadn’t touched anything! It’s been an amazing day. Plus Eileen Caddy!!!! Coming in while I was giving a friend a healing. I thought she must have been an aunt of my friend as I was feeling Scotland (and my friend is of Scottish heritage). A lovely, kind older lady with short white hair, felt like she had a cardigan and beads on. Until she gave me a message later in meditation and great, great clarity.

Upstairs very gently ask that they can speak through Valerie. They push out the V. They are very keen to speak!!!

V channels: I am GOD and I have to come as a woman to help take people back to GOD and I am Andromeda Val and I am very pleased to be here and to know our dear friends Anna and Daina, and we have been observing what is going on today and we will welcome it. We are very pleased that you both be working with us from Andromeda. Understand that the work that you do is not just for people that exist on your planet as humans, but your work is also used as information for other races in other worlds, but you need not worry about that. I just want you to be aware of that, if that is alright? We thank you for the work that you do and look forward to working with you further. We are very pleased to make the contact. I am from Andromeda – Galaxy M31.

We close our meeting. We will organise a celebration for Valerie. It has been more than 9 years since I was “guided” to ring Valerie Barrow. For two years I had a voice telling me to contact her. I kept resisting!! When I eventually made contact and went to visit her, it was exactly as I had been shown 2 years earlier (why did I wait so long!!). She hugged me and told me we needed to work together. Felt like I had known her all my life! I should say many of my lives!
Together with Jill, Val and myself and our friend Amanda (for a short while) we started doing the channelling in January 2013. It has been wonderful to work with Valerie, she has an amazing mind and knowledge and is a channel of the utmost purity. We worked originally with Jalum, who had never incarnated as a human, he showed and taught us about how our planet was formed and the wars and characters that formed us, the human race. Then in 2016, Jalum tells us we have passed our “initiation” and been handed over to the “highest of the high”. I didn’t really believe. God said I didn’t!. as confirmation. Then when Valerie left the room for a short time. God told me in a very clear way, “I am the good and I am the bad”, amongst other things. I knew it was the real deal. From then on we were speaking directly to GOD. That was the day the vibhuti appeared on the bench when we went for our cup of tea. So much excitement and gratitude for the Grace we received. Later Anna, our Andromedan friend appeared to me while I was cleaning up in my studio and asked me to draw her. Val also had a visit from Andromeda while she was in bed. So now we’re speaking to our three friends Anna, Daina and Val in Andromeda. Our future selves 6000 years forward on our time line. Even though there is no time, everything is happening now. Hard to get your head around. Even if you are a quantum physisist.

It has always been joyful for the three of us to get together. We are really going to miss Valerie…but it’s not the end. She is always available to us for guidance and help. She has work to do now on her books and other projects. Upstairs have let Jill and I know we are meant to take the next steps together … as Val reminded us “whenever two or more are gathered”.