Narayana Meeting 13th November 2019

We haven’t been together for quite a while. Good to be back. Jill had the flu very badly, Jacqui travelling and Valerie always busy.

3 Oms, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, and we ask for a blessing for our Oracle today. We call upon God to be present (as he/she always is). Valerie offers her body and voice box to be used as an instrument in service.

We ask who is present – GOD a gentle and beautiful energy comes forward. We ask is there something he (I’m saying “he” because it was a strong and masculine type of energy) would like to talk about today. A very strong “YES” is the response and he asks to speak through Valerie (Barrow).

Valerie Barrow channels GOD: I am God. People sometimes wonder, who and what God is. I would like to explain. It is a force. It is a place, but there is no limits, which means it could be anywhere and everywhere. The indigenous people and the ancient teachings did speak of that in that way, that God is everything. It is in you, it is in every human, it is in every animal, bird, insect and every life form. It is life. It is a layer of consciousness that dwells within all and every thing. And it is LOVE.

Cosmic Sai Baba speaks of Love as God, and of course that is what it is. There is no attachment to any other word. There is no such thing as judgement. There is no such thing as hate. It is only LOVE.

That expression of consciousness exists in everything. However, some have other ways of seeing and feeling and understanding it, and that could be seen as the path. Shall I relate this to the human race and why they are here? They are here to express that Love in consciousness and in action. There are many ways that the Human race can do this. Prayer is the perfect way for it has no limits and will breakthrough any dogma that exists for when you ask in prayer, prayer can be taken and given particularly to others. There is Universal Law that one cannot interfere with another path. However, a prayer can be made and permission can be given. So if you do make a prayer, then it is possible for it to be given. Not necessarily the way you have asked for, but what is known to be “right” for that being, or that particular event, whatever it is that is being prayed for.

Sai Baba has said not to have any desires and what he is meaning is that you are here to serve God. You are here to express that Love. The body that you walk/work in – your Earth body, is serving you. It has a consciousness and you are grateful for that, but you have spirit, a being of Light, that is your Oversoul and it is connected to your Soul that is in your body. It is in your heart. That consciousness of Love and Divine Light takes care of everything that you do in the life upon this Earth, this Planet, which has a reason and a purpose. You have all come here in an Earth body with a reason and a purpose. We can talk about that at another time. I hope you are understanding that GOD, the word God has been misused on many occasions but it is not God unless it is of Love. Divine Love and the divine force that motivates people into activating acts of assistance and help to others, but to hurt never. Thank you my children, thank you.

We all agreed that was such a complete message. Very beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

JJ Is there anything we can do beyond prayer for the wildfires? (we are experiencing in Australia at the moment) also, are the wild fires part of the “end times” of this the Kali Yuga (as predicted by Nostradamus’ prophecy)?

Is God still present? Yes.

Was I prompted to ask that question? Yes

Sai Baba wants to speak through Valerie – the candle light is going crazy.

Valerie channels Cosmic Sai Baba: I am very pleased to be here. I know there is some concern about prophesies and what may lay ahead in so called “end times”. I would like to reassure you that in eternal beings there is no end time, BUT there are cycles and of course I think – well I know, that the cycle is being prophesied as being quite difficult and am I not right, this is what is concerning you?

I can say there is cycle, after cycle after cycle. May we stay on the planet itself, the evolution of the planet Earth. It does interact of course with other planets, other galaxies and with other Universes. However, what is to happen upon the Planet Earth is a cycle that is being replayed and replayed and replayed. Each time it is replayed it moves to a Golden Age, which is where you are heading at this time. There have been prophecies of fires and explosions and dire times of water moving, taking over Earth areas, and the Earth sinking and allowing water to come in other places and water rising and moving away. That type of interference with the Earth Planet. It has happened before but I can assure you it will not happen quite as severely as before, and I want to reassure you – there is an edict from the Source of the Highest Point. It will not allow any dire happenings that would be something of a repeat of what has happened in the past.

This Earth has moved on in its evolution and it is true, it is going through changes. It is throwing off old memories, if you like that it has been holding onto – its construction and its construction has been interfered with by man, who mine from the Earth. If they had left it the way it was it would have evolved quietly and calmly. Unfortunately, Man, without knowing has interfered with that evolution of releasing that the Earth was doing. The Earth will recover. There will be no harm of the planet Earth at all. I have said this before, nothing will be allowed to destroy it, such as an asteroid or comets or anything that is going to harm the Earth.

The movement into the Golden Age is happening and with that there are changes within the consciousness that is held within the atmosphere of the Earth, some needing to be released. It can be released in different ways, one of the ways is a burning off of the old. This is happening now. Other times it can be washed away, as it is no longer needed or washed clean if you like. I do not like readily using these words as it is a judgement. The Earth was created as a Garden of Eden, which is assigned, which would help us all to come together in the technology of what was used to create a planet. So that is being played out, to return the planet to its self as a place of Harmony, Peace and Goodwill in that whatever was taking place upon the planet would not cause harm to any living thing, and creature of life and that includes the humans upon it, for they came much later. I hope I am giving some understanding to you. There is a time needed for the planet to settle, to just rid itself of unnecessary conscious layers that are no longer needed (on the planet). This is being discarded in different ways, but it is being discarded. So I hope you can understand what I am saying. It is an overview, it is releasing unwanted energies that exist. If I can remind you, everything is energy. It can be changed, it can take form, but it can never be lost. It is accepted among your scientists.
Understand what is happening, there is a bigger picture, if I can put it that way, it is an overview of what is happening on your planet now.

Man can help, if he learns and understands and he is part of that expression of consciousness that is part of the Creator. The force that is in every human on this Earth, and they can be lead and guided from the Soul they have been blessed with. It has a consciousness and it is revealed through their heart. Everyone can follow from that place and the heart and the soul of the Planet Earth can match that. So there will be no confusion, or upsetting in any way with any of the energies that exist. It will then become the Golden Age, of Peace, Harmony and Goodwill amongst All. That is my message. Thank you my children.

We meditate – Jacqui visits Andromeda

It was wonderful for the three of us to be back after such a long break.

We thanked God for our many blessings and for his Grace, thanked everyone, every soul that had been present, with much gratitude.

3 Oms and Close.

The Source of All Creation is Love
Help Ever, Hurt Never
Love All, Serve All
Sai Baba