Narayana Oracle 22nd October 2020


I just want to preface this session’s report by saying that on 8/10/20 I was finishing up in my studio, tired and relaxed, when I saw a beautiful woman (in her light body – she seemed to be a vision in white) coming towards me, and somehow through my third eye, through communication of thought, she asked me to draw her. As luck would have it, I was kneeling on the floor right next to pastels and paper.

She especially wanted me to draw lines coming from her head, like radio waves. Of course I don’t think the drawing looks much like her… she was ethereal, of the light, kind and full of love and compassion. She had made me go around and around her head with a magenta coloured pastel, and then rub the excess magenta onto her peachy, creamy skin… I thought it was strange, but later would realise why. The drawing was really just a record of our communication more than anything, with the date and the memory. She told me her name was Andromeda. I went straight up to the house and googled “Andromeda”, because at that time it meant really nothing to me. It came up and said that it was the closest galaxy to us (the Milky Way), and that we would be eventually absorbed into it. Also that Andromedan race was here to help us move into the next dimension. Also that they had a reddish/magenta tinge to their skin! I could never find that article again! Bizzare.

Jacqueline Johnston: Is this the lady from Andromeda that we normally speak to? (I was surprised when the answer came “Andromeda” – I didn’t stop to think that it was the lady from the visit 4 years ago.)

Andromeda: Yes

Jacqueline: There is normally also a man we speak with. Is he also present?

Andromeda: Yes

( This is the first time Andromeda has come straight in. Normally GOD comes straight in. We ask if he’s there – he is. GOD tells us strongly that there is a reason for this happening. It is part of our contract. Aspects of our personalities are already in Andromeda – we have a veil over our awareness).

Jacqueline: Do you have a message for us today?

Andromeda: Yes

They ask us to channel the message.

Jacqueline: What I’m seeing is a lot of love and (white) light coming at us, and greetings. Also a huge expansion of awareness, of consciousness.
A strong feeling that we need to make others aware of the Andromedans and that they DO live in love and light, where GOD is the only way for every soul to reach the highest potential that there is.
I feel my throat is changing. I now feel a man is speaking (from Andromeda) – I’m feeling an “M” sound.
Is there another message? I feel the light intensify. They want us to ask a question. We talk about free will.
They seem to speak in a language of Light. Now my solar plexus is expanding.
They ask us to meditate in a pyramid of gold light.

They ask us to meet more regularly to get the connection stronger. We decide weekly is fine. They tell us we will receive training in our dream state.
They also say through writing –ask questions. Be aware of free will. It is all through the Universe.

I get a strong feeling that they want to speak about good and evil. They say we are at a crossroad. I feel that at the crossroads, good will come, we will reach a higher awareness because we are raising our vibration. All these little pinpricks of light will eventually join up.

We ask for confirmation – Is this correct?

Andromeda: Yes.

Jacqueline: Is the whole of Andromeda in harmony?

Andromeda: Yes.

The response was a little weak. If conflict arises they find a resolution.

Jacqueline: Are we still speaking to God?

Andromeda: Yes.

I also feel like there is a council watching us – YES it is being shared on many levels – Like a broadcast.

(Jill and I chastise ourselves – we have been a little lax of late – “Yes” they agree. We can’t expect results if we don’t put in. We all laugh.)

Jacqueline: Have there been wars in Andromeda?

Andromeda: Yes.

It was not their choice. (They had been attacked).

Jacqueline: Are the majority of the Universes – are they mainly peace loving people?

Andromeda: Yes.

Jacqueline: What percentage would be warlike? 20%?

Andromeda: Less.

Jacqueline: Why are we so stupid here on Earth (fighting etc) Greed, Ego, Karma? Why would you keep coming back being greedy and selfish?

Andromeda: Money.

Jacqueline: Do they have money in Andromeda?

Andromeda: Yes.

Jacqueline: Like an exchange – a currency.?

Andromeda: Yes.

Jacqueline: Do most people in Andromeda exist in their light body? Or is it a physical body like us –with blood and bones? DNA and RNA.?

Andromeda: Both – Yes.

Jacqueline: Is there illness?

Andromeda: Yes.

Jacqueline: Do they have disease?

Andromeda: Not really.

Jacqueline: Is their illness created by their own thoughts?

Andromeda: Yes. (but not strong)

Jacqueline: What about pollution; does that exist in Andromeda?

Andromeda: No – no pollution.

Jacqueline: Do you have races with different features and colour?

Andromeda: Yes.

Jacqueline: Is it true if you wish to have a child, you have to go to a Council who decide, and the child is born outside the body in a type of humidicrib? That you have to be really dedicated to bring this child up in Love and Peace.?

Andromeda: YES.

(what a wonderful way to live!)

3 Oms –We give thanks and close our meeting for today.

That was all for today. It has been 4 days since the session, as I write, and
My dreams have been intense. The first was about eating only food with
A high vibration. How important! I need to become more vigilant!