The Outback Cross, the subterranean waters; frustrations and knowing your purpose

doorwayThe Mystery School toils on using both The Oracle and asking questions of Jalarm. The ladies remark that the energies are very strong indeed this day, recalling other occasions and members of The Hierarchy, when they have been present. A question is asked about the plans of Australian Aboriginal Elders who seek to place a huge cross in the Outback atop a hill for the spiritual benefit of all on this Earth.

Jalarm is asked about the great reserves of underground water. This becomes an opportunity to remind us all that the Earth is not entirely solid, and there ought be checks and balances in mining operations. Mining is a great risk for our planet and its stability. The ladies of the Mystery School ask for any important message. A most revealing answer about the presences of the star-people and the purpose of life on this planet is tendered for our reflection.

Jalarm: Is there any other question?

Jill: I recently overheard on overnight radio that Aboriginal Elders from 5 different tribes … they want to build a huge cross in Central Australia on a high hill; and that is going to be the spiritual centre in Australia and go on further with energy flowing out to the rest of the world. Is that really happening?

Jacqui: Interjected and said that was Ken Duncan the artist and …

Jalarm: Because this is man made – that was inspired by us – because we encourage anything that helps anything with change; change in thinking – or attracting people to an area where the energy is very high and will influence people whether they realise it or not. And so it would not be focused so much on religion but rather just a Cross. This is what we hope – but this will happen.

An artist’s impression of Hat Hill with a 20 metre tall lit cross as envisioned by photographer Ken Duncan for the Australian outback

Jacqui: Yalum, there is a question here: Does Middle Earth contain a giant reservoir of water? I think it has just been announced on the news that the Earth has 5 or 6 kms of water in the centre of the Earth?

Jalarm: There are many reserves of water beneath the Earth’s surface – you know this. And they are at different levels. And some of the levels – as they get deeper – are … actually the water is quite hot – because of the centre of the Earth. The centre of the Earth is fire. And so there is Fire, and Water, Earth and Air – Your understand? (Yes) that is the symbol of the simplicity of the what the Earth is made up of.

subterranean water

There is water – yes; there are caves – yes; and there are problems with mining the Earth

Jalarm: The imagination could get carried away because books have been written about this, in the past, shall we say science books or fiction books, and so one’s imagination (and I don’t just mean you), of imagining places that you could sail a boat – but it is not necessarily like this. It is reservoirs, yes – caves, yes; water, yes; so that the Earth herself is not totally solid … and this is the reason why we are always encouraging the little Earthling, not to mine the Earth because it can help—and does—put the balance of the Earth into an uneven state. Does that make some sense?

Group: We agreed

Jalarm: This is something that needs to be considered very carefully.

Frustration; Soul Walk-ins

Jacqui: Yalum, is there something you would like to say to us?

Jalarm: I would like to say that I understand and know that there is a lot of frustration upon this Earth:

  • And the Hierarchy (from the star-people’s point of view), are well aware of the frustration that is being felt upon this Earth.
  • That many people (that are star-people) that have come into the earth body and the frustration of the people who have been born into the earth body; and also of the star-people who have actually manifested upon this Earth
  • (Star-people) walk amongst you and who are not easily recognised as star-people … …
  • That there is quite a contingent of visitors upon this Earth to help the little Earthling to raise in consciousness;
  • (Star-people have come) To hold the new energy that is coming onto the Earth and is affecting everything upon this planet (including the planet itself)
  • That is why there is a decision for the star-people to come and show themselves …

For it must be known exactly who you are and where you have come from.

It is that simple.

Jalarm: Is there anything else you would like to ask?

Jacqui: Just one little question I have. If you are a star-person that has been sent to Earth to help people – do you consciously know that you are one? Oh, No! That is not the right question?


Jalarm: Actually it will do; because not everybody does know – but many do. Because they have come like Valerie—and she is one of many—as she has walked into a physical body. In fact there is an agreement to an exchange of souls.

You understand that process.

Jalarm: It can be very complicated … the Soul thing. But we give answers to any question you have about the soul. The soul is often referred to by man, in classic writing about a human being as ❛being a good soul❜. In fact everybody on Earth is a good soul. But some make wrong choices and they live their lives also influenced by other things that do not allow them to be strong and be exactly who they are from the Source of All Creation.

They digress or are influenced by entities, also.

So it can be very complicated. Would you like to ask something about that?

Group: (They said they were happy with that – but they are sure there is more.)

Jacqui: It worries me about those people who are starving to death or are in such terrible conditions … uh, with cruelty and war … … I just find that so distressing.

Jalarm: Indeed. This is a world of opposites, of conflict, so that you can make choices. Those that live in these dire situations have actually come in agreement to live that way – because it does help others to develop humbleness and to realise how well off they are when they are not in that situation. It gives opportunity for people to help one another. Do you understand? (They agreed) So do not fret or worry, because I have said before, as a Soul in a human body – it is not everything.

You are here for a while … say as a child, a baby, until about 80 or 90 years old, maybe longer … but that’s it. You return to the Source – you return to who you really are – but that is another story.

What happens here is not everything … it is not the reality … as Cosmic Sai Baba has often said.

The reality, My Children, are who you are as a Soul and how you live your life here on this Earth, this planet … can be very difficult but it gives opportunity to grow in character – and this is what you are doing from the way you behave – Does that make sense?

I will leave for a while … …

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