Darkness and Light

Some oracles and diviners tell of a future Earth of darkness, destruction, lessening of the population and the survival of a certain elect. We sense the truth is other than that of the diviners and oracles, especially those who follow a loving God. Wretched people create a wretched life, and the world of the oracle reflect back what people feel, see, believe. This is not the future Earth. Your life is the product of your choices.


Looking to the Future

When it comes to predicting the future, there are those who see only disaster and darkness, and those who see only love and light. Who is right? We suggest that visions of the things to be come from the inner-sight of those who scry, divinate, foretell, prognosticate, predict, presage, omen and betoken with their good news or bad news. What emerges forth reflects what is within, and what has been remembered or recalled from the past. We put this point of view – particularly with disaster predictions, for many are simply remembering what they experienced in the past, jumping timelines and presenting the past as what is to come. The bad news of yesteryear become the fearful futures of tomorrow.

For example, one such prediction (which has not come to pass) speaks of a small nation had been hurting very important parts of the Earth, which can be likened to the womb of the Earth, for research reasons. Therefore Goddess Earth was angry and this research had become a negative Karma. And this has brought about unfavorable effects in current time” … … and so the prediction goes.

The karma is predicted to be so bad that only 25% of the population of that nation will remain unaffected by disaster. The predictions were meant to occur some years ago and the time has passed. Full 100% of that population remains.

Inquisition Past

The problem with such predictions is that they actually go against the professed faith of the person doing the predicting. If one propagates a God of Love, then one cannot go about predicting that the God of Love is boiling over with anger and punishment at actions which took place over three millenia ago, and is ready to punish people today on account of what happened in the past. Divine Love does not require divine punishment at the actions of man. Divine love seeks to lead man to itself with the leading strings of love. Not anger. Not punishment. Any anger, any punishment, is done by man and his institutions. For instance, there was no gospel mandate for the Inquisition, no divine charter from Jesus to burn people at the stake, nor to garrotte them in public. Jesus taught, “Love one another as I have loved you”.

Love is the basis of divine revelation, not punishment. Love is extended to all – for example, one can think of Jesus telling, “There are many rooms in my Father’s House” … meaning there are many ways to reach the abode of the Divine.

Perfection of humans is not demanded by the Divine. Nor is one required to be exclusive and to shut others out. God does not offer an exclusive rapture for those in the light who have had their karma cleared. Such is impossible, for karma means action, and it is impossible for humans not to take action. It is impossible to be actionless.

There are also claims that certain peoples are “in the light”. These claims state that only those who are of “true light” will be allowed to lead the way into the future… Light is light and has no qualifications. Light from a candle always burns upwards. Light shines, illuminates, and some forms of light are self-effulgent, such as the light of the Soul, and the light of the Sun. Illumination, luminosity and brightness are not matters of truth or falsity. Light is of its own nature, and not qualified by man or woman nor institution. If they seek to qualify the nature of light, then let them produce their own light and let us all be witness of same.

Cellular Consciousness

We suggest that what is achieved by every man and woman and their institutions is the fruit of their own choices. Every person is the sum of the choices they have made for themselves. This is the product of the attitude they have toward themselves, and the choices they make. These choices affect the consciousness in the human form in every cell in the human body.

Each of the countless number of cells in a human body has a consciousness, each knows exactly how to function and how to respond to whatever is stimulating it. Unfortunately, often the stimulation is the low vibrations of fear, anger, bitterness, guilt, jealousy, dishonesty, greed—that is why physical, mental and emotional dis-ease is so prevalent in your world.

Cells respond equally knowledgeably to the high vibrations of love, joy, gratitude, peacefulness, compassion and generosity, and they will do the same to what is communicated consciously. Be mindful that cells react to vibrations emitted by words and intent, which has its own vibration, so what you say must be genuine, from your heart, and it’s not necessary to speak aloud—you can convey your messages by thought.

You can thank the cells for keeping you healthy, for example, or ask them to please keep your blood flowing smoothly, boost your energy level, or help your mind, body and spirit stay in balance. If you are prone to headaches or eye strain—any discomfort—ask the cells in the particular area to show you in a recognisable way what you are doing that is preventing them from functioning properly. And always it is appropriate to tell them you love and honour them for making up the physical aspect of you. We add that talking to cells is not a replacement for seeing a healthcare provider about a condition that has become chronic or is worsening.

In this regard, you do your own divination, scrying, foretelling and prognostication of your own personal future by your thoughts, actions and words. You build your personal future, you build your personal health by what you give attention to, where you place your energy, and what you give out. What you give out by way of thoughts, words, actions, you get back by way of action, thinking and feeling. Darkness and Light, happiness and dissatisfaction, are in your own hands. So also is your destiny.

The Earth of the future that you will experience through the five senses, through your feelings, hopes, desires and wonder is very much the product of your choices, your attitudes, your very thoughts. Think beauty, love, light, wonder, and get beauty, love, light, wonder back. Think gloom, doom, destruction and loss, and misery over money and get gloom, doom, destruction and loss, and misery over money back. Your destiny is in YOUR hands, not those of the fortune teller.