The Leonines and Disclosure

Disclosure of the star peoples (sometimes called aliens) and their starships (sometimes called UFO) is coming. Around Earth, many mystery schools indicate disclosure occurring sooner than expected, and contact-confirmation-conversation will occur away from the dominant, controlling political spheres.

In this series of articles, we look to information gleaned from Murry Hope’s book The Lion People and seek to refine, expand or develop the material further with recent material which gives similar overview in the disclosure context. Much history has gone before the deluge of Atlantis, and much is to be recovered after 22-12-2012.


The Lion People, The Crystal People

The Paschats, The Ishnaans

In this article we look to an overview of the purposes, the tasks and the presence of the Paschats (also known as Leonines) on Earth, and the occasional presence of Ishnaans. We look to the story of their home planet and stars, the different types of life-forms, the evacuation from one planet to another, and the joint exploration that led to the discovery of the planet we call Earth: to them, it was an uncharted, unmapped section of the galaxy. The reason for the discovery is given by the Old Ones, and we look to the nature of time.

A Leonine by name Kaini introduces a race of hairy-upstanding-cat-lion peoples who are distinguished by eye colour and skin colour. They are bipeds and have tails; their ears are less rounded that those of the lions on Earth. Their planet is in the star system we call Sirius. They communicate telepathically. Here, on Earth, they are tutelary guardians performing a Watcher role, similar to that described by Cosmic Sai Baba, here.

On 3 December 2013, Cosmic Sai Baba elaborated on the presence of the Observers (sometimes called Watchers) and that on account of Universal Law, they were not to Interfere. It is up to humans what happens on Planet Earth, and if they wish to engage assistance from the Star People or the Angelic Realms, they must first ASK. Cosmic Sai Baba tells,:

(I want to) reassure them that they are not alone … that there are many, many, beings of light … that are around them – and always have been – and willing to help and assist them.

All you need to do is to ASK.

Because once you ask, the door will be opened, and there will be an interaction from other worlds … and beings that will be there to help you. They have been waiting. They have been waiting for you to acknowledge them. Once you acknowledge them, they will be there, I can assure you. And there is really not that much difference from who you are in a physical body, now. They are emotional beings; they are intelligent beings; they are evolved beings; … and they know and understand the sort of problems that you face here on this Earth.

The Leonines evacuated to the planet of the Crystal People (Ishnaans), where special domed enclosures had been constructed to house them with the air and temperature adjusted for living. There were slight changes to their physical structure and over time, were able to enter the environment of the Ishnaans and stand beside them. The Paschats (Leonines) are principally of Fire/Earth elements, creative, practical and grounded peoples. They had strong bodies, mined their planet and ironed out their differences. The Crystal People (Ishnaans) were an intellectual, cerebral and creative peoples of the Fire/Air element. They had fragile crystalline bodies with powerful minds and they were ingenious.

The scientists of each race exchanged information and after time, joined forces for interstellar travel. One vessel had a malfunction and had to land on a planet in an unmapped, uncharted part of the galaxy; the Old Ones told them that there was a connection between their planet and this new planet, and that matters would unfold. The solar systems were connected, they were told.

There is mention of time. The Leonine by name Kaini tells that we exist in their past, in what they call inner time. Murry Hope spoke of Outer Time, referencing places, beings and events existing in time referentials beyond that of Earth. The reader is told that episodes of time exist one within the other just as there are microbes that you neither see, feel or are consciously aware of.

It has been shared in The Mystery School by Jalarm the Atlantean, Alcheringa and The Source of the Creation of ALL that time is different in different dimensions. In examining past events on Earth, carbon dating may not accurately represent the time period of artefacts being examined, for time moved differently in the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions. Time moved faster before the Fall of Atlantis, we are told.

While we have perceptions of time and distance, and communicate using speech and vocal chords, there are other forms of communication that are not bounded by time and distance, nor space and light years. Cosmic Sai Baba elaborates on time and distance:~

It is Infinite. And that is a word that is a little hard also – for the human – to think about clearly; but I would like you to know that really, it exists. Time and distance does not really exist because with consciousness can reach out – without any interference or without any distance, without any time. I would like you to think about this … although scientists will talk … or astronomers will talk about distance and time and the speed of light. And I can assure you, that is limited. Anything that is limited is not the total understanding of Infinity. (source: )

Through Kaini the Paschat we learn that there are frequencies in the universe that accommodate eternity in that they encompass the past, present and future, but in the state of true timelessness, all exists in the Eternal Now. Those in time zones nearer to the Centre Point can see and understand more than those farther away from that point. All time is one and exists in an eternal now. The Centre Point is not a geometrical paradigm and does not pinpoint a location that we could call ‘heaven’. The Centre Point has no fixed place in the Universe. This is reminiscent of the Angelic Realms spoken of by Jalarm the Atlantean, Alcheringa, Cosmic Sai Baba and The Source of the Creation of the All. The Angelic Realms exist everywhere, everywhen. It is of no location and the Angels and Spirits who respond to our call are not limited by time and distance, nor time and space.

Cosmic Sai Baba gives an interesting explanation of where things might be:

So focus on the Source of All Creation – that is all you have to do – and if you want to call it God – then please do. If you want to call it The Force – then please do. If you want to call it the Angelic Realms – there are beings that work very closely to that Source and they will assist you. So call on them to help you to change. To manifest the creation that is in your mind – it is possible.

We learn than on the planet Ishna (the home of the Leonines and the Crystal People) that there is a form of intelligent plant life that was not limited in movement as are the plant kingdoms on Earth. The “plant people” could take up their roots, move around and put them down in some other place providing the right kind of soil was available. These kindly beings would visit homes and stay, and every home had what was called a “garden patch” where a visiting plant person could put down roots for the night. In return for hospitality the plants would give up fruits, berries, nuts and healing leaves. The trees had personalities, made friends with the Leonines and Crystal People and served as oracles and gave out wisdom. Unlike the plant people, the trees would stay rooted to one spot, rest for long periods and awaken to dispense great wisdom, learning and healing.

There were also references to other species: dolphin peoples and lizard peoples (who were gentle). An example of conversation with angelic realms from the future is found here. Kaini the Leonine spoke about mental telepathy and the objects called time and space. The following is a conversation from beings residing in a dimension which is 6000 years into our future.

Archangel Mikael gives an apt summary:

I come on behalf of the Star People – the Star People that work from the World of Light. They come – they want to make their appearance so that there will no longer be any conspiracy talk about whether they exist or not … …

For they do exist. They have always existed. They were existing long before your planet was even created.

You need to know and understand that. This planet was created by the Angelic Realms – and they drew upon other Star Beings to help create it. It is your Home – it is where you live as a human being. And others … used to come upon this planet Star People visited – and were very welcomed.

They came and they stayed some of them – and others left – they would come and go. But all we are asking is for our appearance to be accepted – so that all the humans upon this Earth know that we exist – and when I say we – I am speaking about the Star People. (


  On Ishna, the trees are friends and serve as Oracles.