The Emerald Gateway (Lion’s Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017)

As more and more energy comes into your planetary influence and thus into your individualised matrix fields you can access more. This enters your own personal sphere as psychic insight, empathy, awareness, connection and memory recall. It is this that is occurring during the time period we speak of, the time period you are in now. This is that which we refer to as the Emerald Gateway. The Emerald ray is the colour frequency for the divine feminine energy. We could present this on a fifth dimensional level …



The Emerald Gateway
(Lion’s Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017)
The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine,
through Magenta Pixie.

A few mornings ago you said to me….
“The Emerald Gateway is now open.”
Can you please tell me what you meant by that?

When we speak of the Emerald Gateway we refer to the time portal or ‘period of time’ you are now experiencing. This began around 21st July 2017 and will continue through 7th August Full Moon into 8th August Lion’s Gate continuing through to the August 21st Eclipse and begin to close between 23rd and 27th August. We speak here of a merge between astrological timings and critical mass awareness, understandings and awakenings within the Starseed communities.

Why do you refer to this Gateway as an Emerald Gateway?

The Emerald Gateway is also that which we could refer to as the ‘Galactic Core’ or the ‘Diamond Light.’ We could refer to this aspect as an energy centre or a chakra, you would know this as the ‘Galactic Chakra’ or indeed the ‘Emerald Gate Chakra.’ This refers to a galactic awareness amongst the starseed and lightworker communities and the construction of the galactic grids. For many years lightworkers have been working to construct or repair the Gaia grid also known as the Earth grid or the planetary grid. Much work has been done across your planet including Earth clearing, healing and the relocating of energies, stones and crystals across the leylines, fault lines and sacred sites upon Gaia. This has included work with pyramids and other frequency raising constructs both natural and created.

Now the awareness of the galactic grids is reaching critical mass. Lightworkers have been working with these grids in conjunction with the Earth grid workings but have not necessarily processed the information regarding what they are doing. This occurs for a reason, keeps you hidden from view if you will as your thoughts can be seen and read. There are those who have been working off planet during the dreamtime and also within non-known locations on your planet including inner Earth space. Much clearing and removal of lower energies, trapping and netting energies has been undertaken.


Lightworkers have been working with these grids

There are many of you who have been aware of the galactic grids. This is like a large construct or web that ‘holds’ the planets and planetary bodies in place if you will. This holds them in place not in third dimensional space but in dimensional time. As you raise your own frequencies and reconstruct the DNA template back to the 12 strand formation, so too do you assist in patching up or reconstructing the galactic grids so that they may hold up the planetary bodies within a higher timespace field or dimension.

As this work is done, more and more energy comes into your planetary influence and thus into your individualised matrix fields for accessing. This enters your own personal sphere as psychic insight, empathy, awareness, connection and memory recall. It is this that is occurring during the time period we speak of, the time period you are in now. This is that which we refer to as the Emerald Gateway. The Emerald ray is the colour frequency for the divine feminine energy. We could present this on a fifth dimensional level by saying that the ‘Emerald Goddess’ walks amongst you at this time and is available for connections and communications. Indeed this is exactly the case for those who work with the archetypes from the grid at the ascended master level, communications from the ‘Emerald Goddess’ will take place.

For those working outside of form, within sixth and seventh dimensional energy you will be looking at the sacred geometric formations and at this time the depiction of the fifth dimensional Mer-Ka-Bah is strong for this depicts that which you reconstruct and is the geometric presentation of the 12 stranded crystalline matrix DNA formation.

The Emerald Ray, seen as a brightly luminescent green ray often perceived clairvoyantly as lime green, is a ray that is being closely worked with right
now amongst the starseeded ones.

The emerald template is the higher grid formation within the crystalline DNA matrix representing the divine feminine energy. This energy has been outpouring onto your planet and into your fields in steadily increasing amounts over the last few years on your planet especially since your year of 2008 and increasing exponentially in 2011.

Now this galactic gateway ‘widens’ if you will or expands to allow an abundant influx of this feminine energy, the emerald ray. Codes within the emerald
ray assist in balancing and supporting the sacred masculine ‘Magenta Ray.’

These two rays the Magenta and Emerald or the pink and the green are the masculine/feminine streams of the heart. We could also refer to these rays as the matter and antimatter (matter being masculine and antimatter being feminine). The merge between these rays creates the ‘divine marriage’ or the ‘alchemical merge’ this is the blending of the masculine and feminine frequencies, the balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the human brain and the merging between matter and antimatter.


the sacred masculine ‘Magenta Ray’

This can be also explained as ‘the trinity’ for when the male and female move into the divine marriage they create between them ‘the child’ if you will. This can present within physical third dimensional manifestation as an actual child yet amongst the activated, aware Starseeds this is usually manifested in the form of creativity between the couple as a stand alone manifestation or in conjunction as standing as the vehicle for new starseed incarnations as ‘the child’.

Speaking of energetic frequency rather than physically manifested humans the masculine energy and the feminine energy move together, crash together or merge together in order to create.

Clairvoyantly and through remote viewing technologies this looks like the waves of the sea and can be either a stormy sea or a calm sea depending on the manifestation being created. Indeed this is the act of creation when looking at the masculine/feminine as the matter and the antimatter. The matter is the masculine energy and the Magenta Ray. The antimatter is the feminine energy and the Emerald Ray.

When matter and antimatter merge you have a new creation, a third energy creating the trinity. Within the universal and cosmic frequencies or should we say particles and indeed anti-particles if you will, we are looking at a joining, a simultaneous flow between matter and no matter…..this mathematically cancels one another out. You then have a universal fabric that consists of neither matter nor antimatter yet simultaneously matter and antimatter. This is the third frequency, the moment where space/time and time/space switch places if you will. This is the ‘divine trinity’ or ‘sacred trine’ and this is also known to you as Zero Point.


the ‘divine trinity’ or ‘sacred trine’ and this is also known to you as Zero Point

The seed point for this most natural act of creation burst forth into your third dimensional reality within your year of 2012 with the culmination point being 21st December, the solstice.

In your current year of 2017 the manifestations of those planted seeds, if you will, are coming to fruition and the gateways open during your July
21st to August 27th Emerald Gateway through the Lion’s Gate and the Eclipse.

Yet we wish to explain something about dates and times. These dates and times are guidelines for energy portals or co-ordinates in time, they are not to be taken as literal, physical dates for the timing of specific events…they are the timings for astrological movements that completely synchronise with the DNA template formations that are occurring within your bodies, for the celestial heavenly movements are at one with the movements of the rivers or meridians of your physical structure.

Therefore it is coordinates we present here and these may present in several different ways….the dates within linear time are just one way of presenting these coordinates and they are not intended to create deadlines. Therefore we would say to you timelines not deadlines in order for you to be able to assimilate these understandings.

Another way these coordinates are presented to you is through the circles within your crops although these are created by both service-to-others and
service-to-self groups due to different agendas for your planet.

The positive frequency crop circles will be no problem to distinguish for the ‘Lightwarriors of Gaia’ for they present as symmetrical and will instantly
attract rather than repel. They will open your heart and you will each feel as if they have been created especially for you and you alone for in the truest reality there IS only you!

Indeed, this is absolutely the case, they have been created for you and you alone and we would draw your attention to a recently created crop circle that
appeared within the vicinity of the place you know as England. This crop circle held the formation of the fifth dimensional Mer-Ka-Bah and within this
presentation are the exact coordinates we present here, specific to this Emerald Gateway and the ‘Lion’s Gate Eclipse Portal.’


This crop circle held the formation of the fifth dimensional Mer-Ka-Bah

The fifth dimensional Mer-Ka-Bah depicts the upgraded crystalline formation of your DNA fields which will balance and harmonise at the point of the Emerald Gateway due to the abundant influx of divine feminine or antimatter frequency.

The result of this floodgate of antimatter frequency moving into your planetary sphere and your physical bodymind matrix is to create the ‘largest expansion thus far’ if you will, within this ascension cycle. Downloads for those who are open and activated will be abundant and creativity amongst you will blossom and be at an all time high.

The release of books, videos, music, dance productions and other media will be part of this deluge of creativity and will be of the highest quality of mind presenting the work of geniuses upon your planet.

The time of the Emerald Gateway is well known by the service-to-self groups upon your planet and they have a technology they are intending to utilise in order to prevent frequencies from the starseeds and awakened ones raising so high that they burst through the control grids and instantly re-group the crystalline grids for Gaia and the galactic grid formations.

They are unaware that in fact, this process has already begun for there have been minority groups of starseeds that have been able to access these higher grid formations for some time.

Now the influx of antimatter material into your reality with the opening of the Emerald Gateway allows all starseeds and all lightworkers and all those with open hearts, polarised service-to-others, positive vibration, regardless of religions, belief systems or faith to access the galactic grids and begin to reconstruct them.

We say to you now that the technology the service to-self groups, whilst having worked for them in the past are no longer sufficient to hold back the grid formations due to the starseed communities reaching critical mass when it comes to the awareness of the control structures.

Critical mass has been reached regarding the great gathering and now the memories of the divine mission for Gaia come online within the starseed communities. They know what they are here to do and they are aware that sacred geometry is part of their mission for they will have been called by living sacred geometric structure for many years. A great many starseeds will have been inexplicably drawn to sacred geometric manifestations since their early childhood. Many will have been ‘stopped in their tracks’ as if mesmerised by geometric artwork and symbol so the mission of the reconstruction of the galactic grids, Gaia grids and the 12th dimensional-12 strand-crystalline-DNA template has been within the starseeds peripheral awareness since their incarnation.

Now is the time for the fulfilment of the starseed mission for the service-to-self technologies are no match for the organic technologies of the entire starseed community en-masse.

Just as they may present their triggers to bring memory into the fields of their sleepers and workers so too do we present the triggers to bring memory into the fields of the starseeds and we may present one such trigger now…..

Open your heart Lightwarrior of Gaia, Starseed of Earth for you are a positively polarised service-to-others individual and are thus an Angel on Earth.

We repeat….

Open your heart Lightwarrior of Gaia, Starseed of Earth for you are a positively polarised service-to-others individual and are thus an Angel on Earth.

Lightwarriors, Starseeds OPEN YOUR HEARTS.

Why do we say this? Why do we say open your

Your open hearts create the emotion of joy, happiness and bliss. This creates a charge within you. This charge creates a certain spin formation within your activated DNA which in turn creates that which we may call a morphogenetic field. This field is that which you know as universal fabric. It is the antimatter, anti-particle, emerald ray force that has been deliberately held back, shut down and locked away from Gaia and your entire galactic sector.


This (morphogenetic) field is that which you know as universal fabric.

The emerald ray is the key. This has been known for millenia amongst the mysery schools, being seen as ‘far too delicate a matter’ to discuss in the light of day. Indeed this is a delicate matter, it is feminine matter – delicate indeed yet powerful in its ability to create for it is the feminine that is the creative force…the antimatter, the emerald ray. Now, this secret information is known to all, it is circulated widely and the truth shines as the light of day. As the feminine joins with the masculine, as the antimatter merges with matter the zero point is created. What indeed is zero point? It is UNLIMITED CREATIVE POTENTIAL. It is the blueprint for all and everything and when you know this and create this! You create worlds!

Your open hearts, en-masse at this time create the frequency of the bliss-charged-love. Your open hearts joined together are that which deactivates service-to-self technologies. Your open hearts joined together create the crop circles that are direct manifestations of the DNA patterning you now hold. Your open hearts create the morphogenetic fields that are the seed templates for the archetypes from the grid, angels, ascended masters and rainbow beings of light.

It is you dear Starseeds it was you all along. Your power together, as one, united, knows no bounds.

Stand together polarised service-to-others team of light. No matter your difference of opinions, no matter if you are truther, new age lightworker, religious follower or scientific researcher. You amongst these groups have allowed yourself to be infiltrated and thus separated pitting you against your brothers and sisters. Stand strong as a united team, put your differences aside and look at your similarities which are without doubt.

Your similarities are fixed, unified and cannot be broken apart for they are all resonating within the positively polarised service-to-others field. They are sovereignty, liberty, independence and justice for the whole planet and beyond.

These are the Gaia grids, they are your open hearts and the bliss spin from the DNA fields. They create the weather, the natural forces, the dark matter, the gravity and the particle spin for the atom and the heart of man are but one.

Open your hearts as one children of Gaia as you bring online the memories within the celestial, solar and galactic points of awareness and reconstruct the 12 strand-DNA template, also known as the 12th dimensional Gateway.


12 strand DNA in a crop circle

The opening of the Emerald Gateway is the seed point into the 12th dimensional gateway, also known to many as ascension.

This is an uplifting experience, a raise in frequency, potential, emotion and creativity but most importantly memory.

It is a reconstruction of source memory moving you into the multidimensional and the multilocational creating a stream or portal into that which we may call the Halls of Amenti. A clear path into these halls brings you into the perspective of the omnipotent, omnipresent self, the god self, fully actualised being. The Emerald Gateway into the Lions Gate and the August Eclipse of 2017 is the seed point moment for the accessing of the Halls of Amenti and the direct accessing of all you know as God or Source, through the memory fields afforded you through the crystalline DNA template reconstruction.

You are the ‘Architects of your reality’ and now, with the abundant influx of the Emerald Codes – the antimatter grid, you create the Zero Point field, embrace the Cosmic Trine and realise your true potential en-masse.

We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine.





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