The 5th Dimension and Spiritual Common Sense

If one takes the perspective of non-duality, then the entire physical universe is illusory in nature, a holographic projection of light. Your physical body is also a light body and is part and parcel of a greater hologram we call the cosmos. So, there are streams of light that connect you to the universe as well as to the highest realms of light. These connections between you, the cosmos and the realms of light are part of your innate nature. These connections have been growing stronger since 21 December 2012. In this article we look to spiritual common sense and how this may aid accessing the higher dimensions.


Since 21 December 2012 when our solar system crossed the galactic plane of the elliptic, higher octaves of light, fresh energies, stronger magnetism, and the opening of the stargates have all come about to enable the return of planet Earth and all who live upon her to the higher dimensions. The Earth fell out of the higher dimensions at the Fall of Atlantis. This is known in most mythologies as the Great Flood. This catastrophic flood event was caused by man; the Earth nearly died, and mankind retreated to the caves, and fell from the higher dimensions.

Now, mankind – and all who have life upon Mother Earth (and the Earth itself)- will rise once again to its place in the higher dimensions. We know of the 3D reality, we have lived our lives with height, breadth and length dimensions. Now, we are to find new dimensions of time and space, light and vibration, frequency and higher consciousness. Mankind will return to its earlier state from before the Fall of Atlantis. Some call this Ascension. Others call this living in the higher dimensions. How might this come about? Can we help this process, can we do anything? What is happening and what might we do to attain these higher states.

There is common sense, and there is spiritual common sense. We believe that building our spiritual common sense will help individuals to encounter the changes within with assurance and self-confidence; they will not lack understanding. Moreover, they will be able to know and cope with the developing psychic skills within: the opening of the third eye, clairvoyance and clairaudience, seeing of auras and energy fields, and recognising and working with the energies and thought forms around them. These are all elements of the 4th and 5th Dimensions.

At present, humans are very much bound by the world of the senses and its polarities: hot and cold, dark and light, colour and luminescence, noise and quiet, heavy and not-heavy. Simultaneously with the world of the senses is the world of light bodies, holograms, illusions and participating in a larger, vibrant, higher dimension of life. We are both citizens of Earth and denizens of the Cosmos. We share a quality with all forms of life: Oneness with the Creative Source of All.

So how do we develop our muscles, our strengths for accessing the higher dimensions? Is there an higher sense we may rely upon in order to develop skills to enter the higher dimensions? Most people are aware of their surroundings, their feeling, their experience. Very few are not, there are some; but they are few. Some are aware of their awareness. This is the meaning of homo sapiens sapiens. We can be aware of our self awareness. This is frequently found in the work of Eckhart Tolle.

So if we say all people have awareness of some kind or another and it can be developed, exercised to put in service of our life path as a foundation or guide, what can we call upon, what do we rely upon, what is the basis of our living, day to day?


 The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind; by managing the mind and developing our spiritual common sense, we may aid our growth to the higher dimensions with strong boundaries, like the castle above

Spiritual Common Sense

We have awareness
We have common sense,
We have spiritual common sense.

What would be the elements of this spiritual common sense? We suggest these might be:~

  • Mystical Experiences
  • Transcendence
  • Sanctification
  • As a resource to solve problems
  • Ethical and virtuous behaviour

We suggest that mystical experiences might include, but not be limited to:

  • Meditations – your own, in groups, or worldwide meditations;
  • Mantras – chanting on the breath, chanting silently, chanting with japa or rosary beads of any kind;
  • Seeing Divinity in others;
  • Experiencing Divinity – whatever our personal name and form of divinity we use;
  • Miracles – small, big, subtle, unnoticed, all kinds;
  • One on one experiences with others in sacred encounter;
  • Spiritual dreams, presence of sacred – holy for you – objects and other manifestations.

Transcendence means going through, going beyond, above and beyond the limits of material existence. The Divine, in its myriad names and forms, is transcendent and omnipresent. Transcendence is experienced when we undertake

  • Multifaith Activities – engaging in activities with other faith groups;
  • Selfless service – helping those who have less than ourselves;
  • Community service – voluntary service to those who have the same problems as ourselves;
  • Listening to and participating in group spiritual activities, chanting, worldwide meditations and prayers;
  • Drawing, colouring Chakras, Mandalas and other Sacred Arts;
  • Participating in Workshops, retreats – silent and preached.

Sanctification is sum of all the activities we take up to remain in the presence of the Angelic Realms, the Masters, and our Chosen Divine. Sanctification can include, among others,

  • Keeping Divinity at the centre of focus;
  • humble offering of food, blessing of food, etc;
  • Genuine Surrender of actions;
  • Dedication of every action;
  • Ongoing study and reading to enhance understanding;
  • Knowing there are no accidents, all events are planned.

Resource for Problem Solving: all of life presents problems to us. These problems widen our view of life and enable us to see our lives in proper context to what it is we are seeking to reach, to achieve:

  • Spirituality is used to solve everyday problems of living;
  • Handling of stress;
  • Response to trauma;
  • Handling disappointments;
  • Relying on inner guidance to resolve crisis of any kind;
  • Ongoing study and reading to enhance understanding, Company of the Good and Godly, Listening to and participating in group spiritual activities, chanting, worldwide meditations and prayers, meditation and Self-awareness – all supply spiritual resources for solving every day problems

Ethical and Virtuous Behaviour: All virtuous traits provide spiritual uplift. Moving beyond scruples, rigour and self judgement, we live by human values which guide us to the goals we seek to reach.

  • Practising the Five Human Values: Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct and Non-violence;
  • Putting into practice what is read, learned, discussed and understood in our spiritual development;
  • Service Activities;
  • Connection of Head-Hand-Heart;
  • Self monitoring, self regulation, self audit ~ we aspire towards our goals, with continuous self-improvement


 Man is essentially the same nature as the Universe; light streams are one and the same with the Creative Source of the All