Our Planet is Dying

Our planet is dying. The material world is on a downward path filled with deceit and deception, immorality and rampant selfishness. There are protests and conflict between the ruler and the ruled. Social media spreads the reactions to toxicity in human life very quickly. People begin to wake up and suspect that this is not all there is to life. What is out there, where is the truth?


This is the first stage of Awakening. Other stages include growing dissatisfaction and distress at one’s life, flashes of spiritual perception, a growing unhappiness about the dissonance between social mores and spiritual life, and a growing attraction to spiritual truth, and the impulses to find this. Some become afraid to pursue these spiritual values, for they fear placing their income and material security in jeopardy. They pursue the truth while trying to live in two worlds, the material and the spiritual. Further growth leads to a weakening grasp of material security and more reliance on the directions of the Soul.

In the midst of such an awakening of the soul, one witnesses war and distressing patterns of human migration. Children are the real victims here. There are rapacious fights over the carcass of the old world and its trinkets and trash – especially those of human trafficking, the black markets and the cash economy fuelled by trade in mind-altering drugs. When one adds religious fanaticism to this mix, the daily news actually becomes a noose of the growing horrors of humanity.

In the midst of these dark, labyrinthine pathways is the birth of a higher human consciousness. The emergence of light and love in the soul cannot be hampered by deceit and deception, immorality and selfishness. It is a light that is shared easily, for each soul that shares its light with another continues to shine brightly. The soul is self-effulgent.

As Teilhard de Chardin found, all life is on a slow march of evolution towards its fullness. Cosmic evolution is an ongoing process, and all existence is part of this evolution. The Earth and its denizens once lived in a lighter dimension with finer bodies and existed mainly on energy rather then solid foodstuffs. After the fall of Atlantis, the light beings left and the human was left alone to hide in the caves for thousands of years until the sun shone again and nature began to raise up its green shoots once again.

This evolution continues, and all that is called life will once again have light bodies and a finer vibration in a higher existence. Consciousness will raise and none shall raise any weapon to settle any differences. All will be supported to sit down and discuss their differences, and agree to live with differences. This is what it means to be human, to live together with differences, with harmony, cooperation and understanding. Light and love will prevail among all.



dying earth is by Chase Jarvis
evolution is by Michael Goh