On the Mystery School:

scifiOn this website you will have read the recent explanation of how everything that exists on this planet and every name and form of the Divine has come from the stars, and the Universe itself. This day is an anniversary of the birth of one of these names and forms of the Divine who has come to guide and guard humanity through the great shift into the Golden Age and the higher dimensions. Other beings from the Angelic Realms have come, and in one instance have been honoured to have teach on humanity’s recent past is Jalarm the Atlantean (pronounced Yalum or Yalarm). On this day, we have made a selection of the early teachings given by Jalarm the Atlantean for your enrichment. Enjoy!


How to work together:


Jalarm: I would like to just talk to you on the matter of the mystery school I would like (the three) (all) of you to sit quietly – not together – and come up with the different aspects that you would like to focus on for that mediation … then … pool your ideas … if that is alright. http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=1

Introduction to Mystery School

Many people will still be a little confused about what has happened and what is happening (21 December 2012 – the Solstice or Turning Point … and there has been talk about Mystery Schools. There are many already set up around this world … but there will be more … there are more that are needed to help people to graduate through the change … the change within themselves …

… for it is time for all peoples to come to know and understand who they really are. And this is how they will know.

“It is Jalarm and I am pleased to be here. I know that Valerie is wondering if it is the same Jalarm that is on the Internet at the time of Sai Baba of Shirdi and in some ways it is – but I am coming from a time before Atlantis Fell and I want to speak of that time. I want to give you information about that time – for there has been much written and much speculation and so if you do not mind I would like to try and reduce this speculation and give you CLEAR picture of how it was on this Earth before Atlantis Fell

… draw upon the records that is kept in the Cosmos but also in the surrounding Ether of the Earth

The goal, if you are willing to do this, is to itemise the information, as to how it should be presented – and also not too much work for you

Jalarm: “The purpose is for you coming together is to release information about Atlantis before it Fell. And as to how the civilizations were on this Earth and the abilities they had. And who they were – not just one race – but many. They were very advanced when Atlantis Fell; much of the records were lost. And this is your purpose – this is why we have asked you to come together. Does this help you? http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=38

Venus – its role, its place, the People from Venus


… if I start saying about frequencies and the different levels of consciousness and different levels of understanding how people live in different worlds it could go into the thousands. I think for the time being it is enough for you to know that there are Beings of Light – and understand the word LIGHT – for Light gives you the different frequencies and there is a lower light, that you can still see and also there is a very bright Light that you cannot see either for it is too bright.

… the Ice Age came upon the Planet before Atlantis Fell completely in a Day and a Night.

(More work with the Oracle – there was another planet in our solar system they called ON. The Oracle also told us that people did come from Mars when it became un-liveable at another time. The people came from the planet Venus by choice and that there are still people on Venus in Light Bodies in a different dimension – they do not eat food as we understand food.)

Two Moons – it was the reason that the whole of the Planet was thrown into utter disarray. So we can talk about this more because I want you to understand that there was an Ice Age (slightly) coming before the second moon broke free. http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=42

The Nords


You ask questions about time – how many thousands of years ago – time is measured very differently from your Earth scientists

The Nords – They were a race that came and they did separate and established civilizations or shall we say various townships in the North – this was all before Atlantis Fell or when the Seas rose or before the Ice Age.

The starpeople from the North actually came from Arcturus. (See http://www.arcturius.org/chroniques/)

The Arcturus – Arcturians – (They) communicate with Earth very much so – yes – there are quite a lot of different beings that are from the generation of the Arcturian that have influenced the Earth and still remain in contact with your Earth so they can overview and assist the peoples who are here now on Earth.

… … Food, light, drawing in of energy. Perception of light vibration is adjusted: When the energy is drawn from the Source of All Creation it is automatically adjusted to the vibration, or the dimension or the colour – that is needed and recorded in the Being that you are from whatever, or wherever you operate. It has a lot to do with PERCEPTION – perception is an important word in meaning and understanding about everything in the Universe http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=48

Junk DNA


… the Starpeople or the Atlanteans did not have Earth bodies they had Light Bodies

Aside from the Nords –there were also the Hathors – that were very similar to the Nordic people. They had similarities – they actually had the base of Arcturians but they were part Earth people as well. And they lived to be able to communicate telepathically – which is why they are drawn on the walls of early Egyptian Temples – with strange looking ears

There are many mythologies held by different cultures or races around the Earth. For once Atlantis went down it was only the people of Earth that remained. The starpeople moved on and they are the ones who come to try and support and help the Earth people

… – you will become more aware now that your Earth has raised into a 4th and 5th Dimension. It has more reality there – it has more form –

… and that so-called JUNK DNA is starting to flower. It is the strength that is within the brain that will release the power that the starpeople have and you have inherited …

Conception between earth people and star people: — The influence of the children comes from what is described as an ‘immaculate conception.’ There was interaction between the male and the female that was actually ‘heightened’ in ecstasy to help procreation to take place. But what took place was the vibration that broke the egg of the mother and began its transformation into the little embryo. But it was also embedded with the Light that they inherited from the ‘starpeople’, the Light Beings.

Karma means action – the action that you take from the emotion that is actually inside you – that is motivating you – so that if it is a loving compassionate emotion – (it is interesting that the word emotion is motion – you are actually putting it into motion) http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=91

Question on the Sphinx


It is meant to be a Lion – a very strong Lion and in some ways a genetic structure of a Lion – and a Jackal is not that different except that a Lion has more hair. So it s true it could be taken for a Lion and it could also be taken for a Jackal. Leonine or Canine – whatever you like. It is symbolic –it is not a true Lion in the sense, it is symbolic. It meant a lot actually to the people who existed upon this planet – long before the Atlantis Fell and if I use those words I mean the time that the Earth nearly died valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=111

The Indigenous People


And so, as I have said, it is a little hard just to create numbers because of DNA interaction and many became brothers and sisters to each other. So the indigenous people understood this – they have a strong knowing and understanding of the different visitations that have taken place from the Reptillian Races and also Reptoid, Draco and Bird-like people and cetaceans. They have moved on since for there was an opportunity for SOULS to come into the Human meaning Light Man … so you could say that the starpeople came into the Earth bodies and evolved and helped civilizations to grow and interact and come to know the feeling of family and marriage and brother and sister behaviour. The Indigenous People understood this very well. http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=115

War between the Reptillians and the Leonines


Yalarm: This is going back a long time, of course, and yes – where the humans were first created there were still many of what we call the Reptilian races that existed and the upstanding ape-like creatures who had been anointed with the Christ Light were evolving into the human – they were in danger, and yes – the beings from Sirius came to help them and there was a war between the Reptilians and the Leonines. And also the upstanding Beings that were tall White and without hair that came from the Sirian Constellation. They were of a more advanced Being and were able to teach and lead the Leonine race. http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=130

Science Fiction


Yalarm: There is much that is received in your way of telling stories in science fiction that is actually true – because the writers in science fiction are drawing from the memory deep within them in their Soul Consciousness or being Starpeople and how it worked at that time. This all happened before Atlantis went down. And as I have said there was much happening upon this Earth for the past 200,000 years – but even before that http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=135

Yalarm: Many of the cities that were created by the star people themselves, had sacred geometry. So there were a lot of circles and within that the patterns of geometry but that also interacted with the functioning of the city or the town – depending on how big it was. There were areas also for a natural ceremony that the star people give to the Source of All Creation. And they see it as a SUN. They see a group of Suns in alignment to the Source of All Creation. And so the Sun, or the Solar Logos is actually what they were giving thanks to and also drawing energy from to help nourish them as Light Beings.

Teaching the Up-standing Ape Ceremonies …

The early up-standing-ape they had no understanding. And so we as Star people came – we returned to teach them ceremony … the ceremonies did not begin straight away but gradually they began to understand … they also came to understand about the fire and the cooking, so as I have said, when the humans were first created and enchristed, they did not have all the knowledge straight away. They needed teaching, so as I have said the star people came to teach them ceremony, how to cook food, how to light fire and also to create a ceremony for their dead so that their Spirit could pass back to the world of Light.


Jalarm: Atlantis went down – and when all the people on the Earth at that time – lived on the Earth and survived only in caves – because a Great Ice Age had finally came to being on the Earth and so they had a difficult time in surviving – the Sun was hidden because of all the ash that had come out of the volcanoes and blotted out the Sun for a long time. Before the air started to clear and the Sun started to reappear and more began to grow back to where it was. It was a major catastrophe that happened upon the Earth and it was only about ten-and-a-half thousand years ago.

The Law of One is actually just that. It is a recognition of the ability of every being upon this Earth to create a future for everybodys’ good – not for the self but for everybody on this Earth. And every body encompasses the animals, the birds the insects and the reptiles. It is what belongs, the energy belongs to you on this Earth. It has had the evolvement of all of those beings on this Earth ever since it began. http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=139

Understand that there are different dimensions on this planet and people can live side by side even though they do not recognise each other. In other words it is possible to live upon the planet and be superimposed upon another life that is taking place upon this planet. It is all part of evolvement – it is all part of the edict of change – evolvement and who is ready to leave into a higher consciousness and who is not.

The Cave Man and Adam’s Calendar


They (Annunaki) went on to create what looked like a cave man. They went onto produce an upstanding ape-like creature which was used with DNA from the animal and this would be what your scientists would say was simply an up-standing ape-like creature. Its brain was limited to quite some degree – the Annunaki had ancestors who were reptillian in form – this I would like you to understand because they also had the influence of the Reptillian Beings as well as mammalian beings and so they had hair – but they also had a spine and even with the earthling now it still has the spine that once held a tail – but this has been dropped – genetically dropped. http://valeriebarrow.com/mystery/?p=201

Getting back to the upstanding ape-like creature that was done a creation that the Annunaki produced so that would assist them in mining gold. While and when these beings were not needed, you could call them man if you like, because they did have a limited brain function that was able to take orders – they were called in when it was necessary and when they were needed to mine gold – other than that they were left to their own devices. They developed very haphazardly – again part of the reason was they were not exactly connected to the Source of All Creation. See Adams Calendar on Galactic Channelling: http://www.galacticchannelings.com/english/abzu.html